Fan Fiction

Copy of a Psycho Series

Names are strange, they are seen as important, yet tell you nothing about the individual. Mine is Varian Wulf, that name is a memetic relic from the original Varian Wulf, I am a clone, one that inherited his memories and thoughts. Perhaps names are important because it lets us cling to an illusion of identity...

As a member of the newly formed Elite Guard of my corporation, me and my squad have been given the job of guarding the CEO during an important meeting later today. This "promotion" happened after a battle on a desert planet... I don't exactly remember the name, we briefly defended a planetary artillery, and kept the energy mainframe from enemy control long enough for the enemy mobile command center (MCC) to be destroyed. I honestly don't think we did that great, but I suppose taking out an entire enemy squad possessing 3 vehicles, including a heavy attack vehicle is somewhat of impressive...

Upon entering the meeting room of the Maraikhom Alliance’s starbase, the contrast could not be greater. While the rest of the facility has colorful, brightly lit hallways, the room I’m stepping into is dark, cold, and has an odd coziness to it. The massive table in the middle is surrounded with the inhabitants of various organizations, each one protruding a dark shadow along the walls like a children story gone hideously wrong...

I was expecting more ice seeing how this is suppose to be a ice planet, but the Razdalek facilities are located near the equator where its pretty temperate. Our squad deployed, and begun a long journey to sneak all the way around, and attack the enemy installations from which they deploy. We'd been walking for maybe a kilometer, I know that's an exaggeration, but it feels like we have been.

His blade tears through the muscles of my forearm, and nail me against the tall rock behind me. I can feel it sawing through my bones. I watch my knife, what looks like my only hope for escape, hit the ground with a soft clink. I want to kill this fucker so much, I want to make him suffer for this, so I do.

Part 6: Deadly Fun with Deadly Puns
I feel the cold metal of the table on my back as I wake up once again. The harsh blinding light, the tight metals restraints, and the feel of dry blood on my face all serve as unwanted reminder of my current reality;