About Us

Dusters is the brainchild of the castoff MAG & DUST 514 community. Our goal is to see Planetside become the ultimate MMOFPS experience. We intend to record the history of PS2 as it relates to the PS4 and will record all the major events in historical context. However, we need you, the players, haters, pvpers, loners, good, bad, and ugly to push SOE management and the teams behind them to develop and publish a game world that could very well change everything, while also making sure they do not over-extend themselves.

As such, we have two divisions. Dusters is for fan fiction, PS2 updates, and other pertinent PS2 information. The Galactic News Network (GNN) has the in-game newscasters, where they look in depth at Auraxis dynamics, relationships, and, of course, battles.

Welcome to Dusters, and enjoy the journey towards Auraxis. We know we will.

If you have any tips, info etc,
Email us magww@live.com


  1. my email is secretinformationman@gmail.com

    contact me.

  2. hey bro, youre breaching the NDA that dust514 still has in place.

  3. Hey check out the job board at CCP I think blam was fired, at the very least heads might be rolling at ccp looking at the job openings.