Monday, January 27, 2014

Fiction - Drop Point.1

While Dust 514 moves towards a more finished and complete state, we dont want to be the blog team constantly bringing up fixes, missing elements and necessary additions to the game. In the tradition of great works like Templar One, we decided to get back to more of our roots and share with you much of the great fiction by players like Denak Kalamari, Sir Ravenwing, Squagga, Galm Fae, True Adamance and Jacque Cayton. They have seen fit to familiarize themselves with New Edens history. We'll post their great works of fiction here and feature their continuing stories in episodic fashion. Enjoy the fiction, mercs. Introducing: Drop Point by Prylar Vecht.

"I understand that sir, but right now we're pinned hard! Ground Commander Tamir Gelen screamed to the MCC Commander, "We need atleast two railgun placements ASAP!, We're in between a rock and a hard place here and the enemy is closing!" a second later the merc next to him raised his head from the rock quarry they were using as cover for a split second, and it immediately exploded with a sickening pop. Out of reflex, Tamir grabbed the nanite injector from his utility belt before wiping the messy mixture of brain matter and dropsuit armor from his visor. Resuscitating nanites weren't going to be of any use here. The situation was dire, and his squad was pinned down between a sniper from one side and a Rail Tank on the other. The three other squads under his command were too far away to assist and the amount of available clones they had was low. One of the soldiers near him inched closer and whispered knowingly "I think its Gemcutter out there." Tamir's heart sank. "Fuck."

Monday, January 20, 2014

Keeping the Sniper Relevant

Understanding the sniper in Dust 514 first requires unlearning everything you have experienced as a sniper in 99 percent of shooters. It was CCPs intention to turn the shooter upside down by replacing casual mechanics with tactical ones in what was first described as 'the most hardcore shooter ever' by the former EP. Most casual shooters that try to implement objective based gameplay find themselves polluted with what we call the 'toxic sniper' simply put, this is the player who is only concerned with his KDR and seeks out the most low risk, high reward gameplay he can find.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Suit Tuning: The Scout

With all of the exciting new dropsuit changes being introduced into Dust 514, the scout may be the most in need of some worthy additions. Most players were excited after seeing some of the proposed new changes to classes. While most of what we saw was great news, the new scout information seemed focused on the cloak. While we hope the cloak is a wonderful new piece of content [and balanced by not allowing firing or even aiming from a cloaked state, dont do it CCP!] it simply cant be relied on to make scouts a relevant class with a legitimate role to play on the battlefield.