Saturday, March 30, 2013

PFBHz Intercepts PRO ISK Shipment

Sources are reporting that last night a Planetary Response Organization cruiser shipment carrying between 300-600M ISK to a holding corporation facility, was intercepted by a striketeam of highly trained PFBHz operatives. No one is sure how PFBHz obtained the intel or intended route of the cruiser, but within minutes they boarded the vessel, killed the entire crew including the protection detail and made off with a considerable amount of currency. Normally this amount of ISK is escorted by a flotilla of ships but for some untold reason PRO chose to go with a skeleton crew and small protection detail of mercs.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glimpse: Into the Breach

'I venture into the unknown, alone. I brave the dark depths, unafraid. I will complete my goals and objectives unencumbered by those who would seek to stop me, and will emerge victorious. None can do my job but me. I procure the information that is not easily attained. I am a Scout. '

--Scout's Creed, Unknown

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GNN: Reflex Enhancer Coming?

- Lai Dai corporations Reflex Enhancer available next year?

The revolutionary drug reported to significantly enhance quick twitch reflexes and reaction time in clones is said to have completed its testing phase. According to Lai Dai spokesmen the highly anticipated muscle enhancer will be available on the market next year. Several mercenary corporations swore by the 'beefed up' early versions of the drug which were available to clones during the first phase of Mordu's Private Trials. Side effects were said to be minimal.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is the Heavy becoming Obsolete?

While 'Heavy Suits are OP' was a popular theme in the first two builds, no one says that anymore. That would be just fine, but now there are complaints of the suit being ineffective in higher tiers. Recently discussion has focused on their excessive cost and low efficiency as they improve. So is the Heavy Obsolete? The very thread that sparked  the discussion here acknowledges that a proper fix to stacking penalties may resolve many of the Heavy's so called 'issues'. As always, player skill will always have the biggest impact, and for that reason developers must tune with the skilled player in mind. Because if the skilled player is given too many advantages he breaks the game. Its quite possible that proper stacking penalties may fix the current damage disparity between heavies and other suits as they improve, but we decided to look at a few other options to keep it relevant but balanced.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Keep Gaming & Reality Separate

Disclaimer: This piece is unlike anything you will normally see on our blog. But in response to a particularly disgusting email we recently received under the guise of news, we felt the need to address the seeking out and publishing of intensely private and personal info by some in the playerbase. This is a form of cyber-stalking and will never be welcome on our blog.

Our blog has often been accused of being a gossip rag and of trying to foster conflict between certain groups. Our response is always the same. 'We report the news of New Eden.' Point of fact, New Eden does not include the personal lives of the people behind the many online avatars. In gaming, there's a line that should not be crossed and it starts with anything that ventures into the real lives of players. Recently we have seen a rash of Dust & EVE conflicts that have spilled over into the real world and we find this both disgusting and unbelievable. Some of you have most certainly lost your way.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interview: Cerebral Wolf

Our first introduction to the man known as Cerebral Wolf was confrontational to say the least. But after he learned our brand of media couldn't be intimidated, bribed or threatened we decided to settle on less adversarial relationship. Well known for his love of all things GSF, In this piece he sits down with us to explain his position with The Goons, his view on KDR, Stats and his promise that the infamous mercenary known as Protoman will get 'schooled in due time'.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lai Dai Mortars coming?

 Lai Dai corporation showed their board of directors their newest combat asset days ago. Apparently they have developed a mortar system capable of use by clone soldiers. While the sound of the device is considerable, and the vulnerability of its operator is a drawback, apparently its accuracy drew high marks during the twenty minute presentation. The weapon has always been popular with infantry for its ability to soften entrenched positions and root out snipers. Many mercenary corporations have already expressed heavy interest in obtaining the asset when Lai Dai starts manufacturing them.

Friday, March 15, 2013

PFBHz leaves ROFL!

Multiple sources have confirmed that the most high profile corp within the ROFL alliance has jumped ship. The timing seems odd as PFBHz just completed dominating the New Eden Live Trials. While we are still collecting details and reaching out to those involved, one source did provide us with an alliance communication detailing the split, which we will print below. Other sources within ROFL seemed to suggest that PFBHz may have been voted out. Could a merger between The Imperfects and PFBHz be on the horizon? Recent speculation has touched on this subject multiple times, and the only barrier in the past was the fact that both groups already had alliances. Veteran EVE corporations must be licking their lips at the prospect of a for hire group with the best mercs in the galaxy to do their bidding. Is this the first axe to fall for ROFL? Are other corporations ready to flee as well? Stay tuned to our blog and Twitter for updates as we continue to follow this story.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Boot Camp & The Assault Rifle

So you grabbed yourself some 514 and thought you'd jump right in and give it a go...

Didn't work out so good the first time, did it? Ahhh well, you're not the only one. Not your fault. Nobody taught you the basics. So we'll give it a shot. Maybe it'll help, maybe it won't but ya can't say nobody told ya...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The War Barge

In gaming, Balance, Consistency and Accountability is key. Its almost a certainty knowing CCP's history, that the craft that mercs will use to move from point to point in Eden [the War Barge] will physically exist inside the New Eden galaxy. The implications there are staggering. Dust Mercenaries won't simply exist in some pocket universe until they arrive in a location and queue for battle. For all intents and purposes it appears that they will have a fixed location and position within the galaxy. Does this mean they'll also have a travel time in regards to getting from Point A to Point B as well? We realize ships in EVE move at faster than light speeds but in the interest of consistency there may also be the opportunity to intercept the War Barge on the way to its destination or perhaps even mount an attack on it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Orbital Strike Tournament Concludes: Video

The first player-run Dust 514 tournament and the first Dust 514 tournament on Tranquility concluded Saturday over Evaulon VII in Placid where the finals took place in District 13 outside the ruins of the city of Rilnais

Monday, March 11, 2013

Address Market Inconsistencies

We dont envy the game designers at CCP. While much of what excites us about Dust 514 is still yet to be released, the depth and detail we have already is very impressive. The marketplace for instance, is littered with details and information that helps you make a decision before you buy an asset or spend valuable skill points. Make no mistake, poor decisions with SP and ISK can have far reaching consequences. Rightfully so, we haven't heard anything about a respec system in Dust, so for all intents and purposes the paths we choose skill point wise are final. This is why it is so important for Market data not only to be correct, but also complete. Dust 514 is 'a game of inches' in the truest sense of the word. Details that can be overlooked in other titles make all the difference on the battlefields of New Eden.

While we have a lot of respect for what CCP has done with the detailed aspect of this game, we took a look at some of the head scratching decisions regarding data, consistency and information that we think could be improved. Lack of consistency and low value insures that anyone with a brain who reads the specs on certain items will deem them worthless. Pointless items will go unused and simply take up valuable memory for no reason at all. Here are a few decisions we'd like to see rectified:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

GNN: Allotek vs Boundless - Competing Deployable Cover Systems

Allotek Industries.jpg VS File:Boundless Creation.jpg

Reports indicate that both the Gallente-based Allotek Industries and the Minmatar-based Boundless Creation are working on competing deployable cover systems designed to protect troops from heavy fire.

Our sources  inform us that Allotek has gone with plasma-based approach. The Allotek deployable cover system creates a wide reddish wall of plasma held in shape by an electromagnetic field to provide protection for multiple mercenaries. The shield absorbs from 60-80% of incoming damage. The Allotek cover system has a power cell that limits it to 2 minutes. There is the nasty side effect of increasing the profile signature of those near the wall of plasma.

Boundless Creation is working on a tougher more compact armor-based deployable cover system which utilizes manufacturing nanites to rapidly produce a metal slab to crouch behind as cover. Though it is smaller than the Allotek counterpart, it stops 100% of incoming damage, and has a built-in repairer that uses nanites to repair damage done to the metal slab. The repair systems are very limited, and can only repair about 50% of total armor before being used up. The slab of cover has a set amount of armor, and can be destroyed by enough incoming fire.

Friday, March 8, 2013

GNN: Creodron testing IPEs?

Sources have revealed that weapons manufacturer Creodron is testing Infantry Proximity Explosives near the Catch Region located in Stain. IPEs have long been a device feared and despised by all manner of infantry, as they are extremely lethal and notoriously difficult to spot. These explosives charges autodetonate when unfamiliar dropsuit signatures are detected within their scan radius, but are also notorious for injuring friendlies within their kill zone. When asked about the development of IPEs, One spokesman replied that 'Creodron does not comment on rumors of any kind regarding our forthcoming products.' But according to one tester, one of the downsides appears to be a long arming procedure on the device. Rumor has it some models may take as much as five seconds to arm.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Copy of a Psycho 6: Deadly fun with deadly puns

Part 1Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

I feel the cold metal of the table on my back as I wake up once again. The harsh blinding light, the tight metals restraints, and the feel of dry blood on my face all serve as unwanted reminder of my current reality; I'm being held captive by CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department. The same well dressed man with Caldari features stands in front of me holding a datapad. His perfectly styled hair, white suit, and polite mannerisms mask his brutality. He hasn't been sleeping for these past 3 days of interrogation, his calm indifference has been turning to frustration, and he's been really stepping up the torture the past few hours. The mask is starting to crumble; he's becoming more dangerous.

"Mr. Terrorist, you're awake again. She must be some woman to make you endure all this. It's pointless really, do you really think you people can get away with this? How did you think it would end?" Asked the CONCORD interrogator.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dust 514 Community Panel

Our blog will be doing a community panel next week where we highlight the community. While we have a few people picked out we do not want this to be an exclusive thing where we only print the opinions of 'elites'. We believe all players have valid opinions and would like to hear from new and old, slayers, support, pilots, drivers and everything in between. It would be nice to get two devs to participate as well. CCP_Eterne and CCP_Falcon perhaps? Make your answers long or short. we will not censor you.We  would like to run this piece next week so please try to have the questions below completed by monday or so. Cheers!

GNN: Ishukone developing Orbital Target Designators?

Sources have revealed that megacorp Ishukone may be finalizing manufacture of a brand of Orbital Targeting Designator. In theory these locator devices can be planted on structures or other assets and provide target tracking for capsuleer pilots. While these would have to be activated and planted by clone soldiers, the military applications for devices like these could alter the warfare landscape considerably.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CCP: Embrace the Social

Social Aspects are the gift that keeps on giving and the key to longevity. Literally. One look at the explosion of Social Media is an example of how vital the ability to encourage social interaction is. Especially in gaming. Games that lack social aspects might as well be single player. As they make players feel cut off and alone. They block the ability to form bonds, relationships and any connections whatsoever. The question needs to be asked: What's the point of any teamwork oriented game where you can't communicate? Titles that deny the social are a dying breed, and lets face it they should be. The PS4 Announcement focused a great deal on social interactions and CCP must embrace this in Dust 514 as well.

Monday, March 4, 2013

GNN: SOE Condemns Federation Nanite Weapon Tests

The Sisters of EVE condemned what they see as unethical experiments by the Federal Intelligence Office on "criminal" detainees of the Intake Syndicate. SOE intercepted transmissions from a secret facility operated by Duvolle Laboratories that included reports of new infantry grenades being tested on prisoners. From the reports the grenades explode in a cloud of hostile nanites that attack any organic material, but are unable to penetrate advanced shielding.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Perfecting Skirmish

Currently Skirmish is a very flawed mode. The ability to spawn on objectives not only doesn't make sense with the lore, but it also has a lot of negative consequences for gameplay; the value of CRUs, drop uplinks, and dropships are diminished by the ability to just magically appear on objectives, and it makes defending objectives require little effort. Despite the "mobile" in "mobile command center", MCCs are static, and contribute to one-sided stagnant and boring battles. Skirmish itself is very uninspired "capture the objectives" mode without much to make it special. There are 4 proposed changes I found on the official Dust 514 forums that can be implemented to make Skirmish a truly great game mode.