Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dust 514: Enhancing the New Player Experience

As a result of its complexity and massive differences compared to most FPS games on the market, Dust 514 can be quite a difficult game to understand. But it doesn't have to be that way if new players are given the proper education before being thrown into battle with veterans. This blog entry will outline ways to improve the comprehension of Dust 514 among new players without dumbing down the game. Improving the existing tutorial, adding an in game tutorial, and doing changes to the starter fit system will make new players understand the game much better.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Imperfects routed near Stain

Although no one is sure what prompted the conflict, reports are pouring in about a PFBHz, IMP engagement near Stain. We've recently procured rather grainy recordings of what appear to be a decisive defeat. You can view the tape here. It cuts off suddenly after constant bombardment from planetary and orbital forces destroys the Imperfect Mobile Command Center and they are forced to retreat.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gathering Forces Trailer

CCP kicks off the open beta with this new Dust 514 trailer. The trailer features action packed combat, as well as PVE rogue drones. Enjoy.

Dust 514 Gameplay Fixes 1.0

The long closed beta period is officially ended and we can now talk about Dust 514 in a more open setting. We can take a good look at gameplay as a whole. Dust has the potential to be a genre bending game and 70% of what it offers is a nice break from the casual shooters the market is saturated with, and for that it deserves applause. Still, the last 30% needs just a bit more tuning and polish before its just right. CCP has to be commended for many of the game mechanics they're utilizing. But some need work, lots of work. For months we've been working on a list of items that we think need addressing for the sake of gameplay. We're confident many of these tweaks to gameplay can be made and with one look at CCPs history at addressing loopholes (swarm launcher, knife, tactical assault rifle and most recently, grenades) its easy to understand why players believe in them. Exploits that drag on for months with other developers, last about seven days in New Eden.Without further delay, here is our list of proposed Dust 514 Gameplay Improvements.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Return of 3C?

 In the annals of the MAG Border Skirmishes there was no group of mercenaries more despised, hated and also feared as the group known as 3C. During the MAG Border Skirmishes they were accused of some of the most heinous acts in the history of the conflict. Started by the notorious Sithis, while talented, this group left behind a legacy of controversy and before the border conflict was over, they prevailed over members of  the now-defunct Dark Flock in a brutal attack as the conflict came to a close. While they have gone unseen for months it seems the demise of 3C was greatly exaggerated. In this piece our source speaks on Protoman, Sithis and what surprise 3C has cooking that will surprise New Eden.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Take-a-Merc-to-Work Event

A funny thing happened this week, we got a good taste of how truly powerful Twitter can be. In our previous piece, we pondered about things that would help make Open Beta a complete success. One of the things we mentioned was to make a sincere effort to make sure gaming journalists have a good experience with Dust 514. Their positive reviews of the game could make all the difference. The force of the RETWEET is powerful it seems, and no less than four publications contacted us asking to be involved. Our 'suggestion' had taken on a life of its own...we were all: *Gulp*.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Haiku Hut 1

High above the ground we fly,
Watching ants play and die
Missile incoming, good bye.


ISK is the reward
And execution the goal;
Lulz are free for all.


Things to do and see,
Laziness takes over me
I play dust bunny.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hoping for MORE in Open Beta

Unless you've been under a rock for the past few weeks you've heard rumors about what CCP officially announced yesterday. The long awaited Public Beta for Dust 514 begins on 1.22.13 and we for one can't wait. We're eagerly anticipating the moment when the masses get their hands on this game. While some will consider Dust too complex, what semi-casual players open to this kind of experience think of this title is very important, because if players on the fence aren't intrigued by it, the game may never reach the critical mass necessary to field a large and diverse community. There is a faction of players that are looking forward to the kind of gameplay a true MMOFPS offers, we need to make it our business that these people see what Dust is all about, by word of mouth or otherwise.

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Ode to the Heavy"

 A Dust 514 poster by the name of  Thranx 1231 wrote a piece recently on the forums that really caught our attention. It addresses the criticism that a few players have directed at the Heavy Dropsuit lacking skill, and being little more than a tanking spammer.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Use ISK as Motivator

 One of the early lowlights in Dust 514 has been one of the same FPS behaviors we see the world over. Players putting individual accolades before what should always be the ultimate goal: VICTORY. We already see it in the form of snipers never leaving the spawn, players putting KDR before winning and players disengaged as a whole. Too many matches end up one-sided the moment one side strikes a hard blow early. It has a lot to do somewhat with the persistent nature of this title. While we wouldn't trade its depth for anything, the simple truth is that there's a point in too many games where players say "I'm dying too much" or "Screw this, i'm losing too much good gear." At that point they make the choice to cut their losses and we see the aforementioned spawn sniper behavior and other foolishness. CCP has already introduced a paradigm shift in the minds of gamers by tying your compensation to your ability to finish a game. It has gone unnoticed to some, but it strikes a blow deep into the hearts of quitters and exploit abusers everywhere. Leave early to preserve your KDR or prevent the loss of assets and you get nothing. Its simple, effective and beautiful.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dust 514: More than Guns

Dust is essentially an MMOFPS but we've really all played the FPS part of that equation before, the game is something very different because of the MMO part. MMOs have a social element that goes way beyond shooting guns and shooting swarm launchers at tanks. Many players can't wait to delve into the meat of New Eden and buy salvage from mercs and suddenly become the go-to guy with the best price on Balac-21 Assault Rifles in the galaxy. The anticipation is growing for us as well. We can't wait for the time when we're able to login and watch Empress Jamyl deliver one of her rousing speeches in full third person glory in a social event or visit the Jita Marketplace. We're sure spies are eagerly awaiting the chance to skulk around taverns and space stations in close proximity to strangers, with their ears open for information spilled from the mouths of those without the good sense to make their conversations private. MMOs are more than shooting, more than throwing grenades and more than waiting on the tiny replenishing machines in the nearest nanite injector. They are also about visting another Corp HQ to talk alliance, putting salvage we dont use in our Corp War Chests for corpmates who do, talking strategy with our corpmates in the War Room or training new recruits in the Virtual Reality Trainer. Here are a few other things we're eagerly anticipating.