Saturday, September 29, 2012

EON Insider Leaks Secret Transcripts!

A week ago we weren't even aware of the EON alliance, but its been a busy couple of days for the GNN. After being contacted by an unknown member of EON for a short interview early in the week, now intel has started pouring in about the alliance that has been secret until now. Now it seems an inside source has betrayed the group and provided us with secured chat transcripts from inside EON.

Read below for chats between the notorious Hivemind and EON leader Mavado Noriega, hints at an association for a coordinated attack on ROFL, and even discussions about betraying the EV after achieving their goals.

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Secret Power Forming?

Is there a growing, secret power in the galaxy? Apparently So. Imagine the looks on the faces of our staff when we were contacted (apparently without the clearance of their leadership) a representative from an alliance we had no clue even existed. While their ability to stay hidden should concern many, so should their roster. Admittedly a little top-heavy with groups like CBK and R*S, the full roster is respectable. For only the second time ever, we conducted a live interview by a person that would only identify themselves as Agent M. Below is the interview that followed.

Monday, September 24, 2012

"DUST is just an Add-on" (an opinion from GoonSwarm)

By: Nameless514

You would say that “you have to learn to walk before you learn to fly”, but with the DUST 514//EVE Universe it is flipped to “learn to fly before you learn to walk.” EVE online open to PC gamers back in late 2003 and introduced them to a Sandbox set in space with starship’s and pod's filled with immortal clones. This one-shared universe riddled with Crime, Corruption, Grieving, Scamming, Politics, Alliances, Corporation that number in the thousand and all based around an economy fueled by Conflict. 10 years later one Alliance has brought itself to stand above them all and they are known as Goon.

Power Rankings: #7 Tritan Industries

 The #7 Corporation on our list is one that makes it their mission is to provide the best in planetary management services.  To accomplish that mission, Tritan Industries is made up of specialists from all walks of life that can shoot, communicate, and move.  They shun mindless drones and only recruit motivated and dedicated personalities. We took a minute with a group from their membership to highlight some of their core beliefs and motivations.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Power Rankings: #8 Bounty Hunterz

The #8 Corporation on our list is one that needs no introduction. BHZ or The Bounty Hunterz, is an organization at the early forefront of large scale alliances. The lead dog in the rather large ROFL Alliance, the influence that BHZ wields is unquestioned. While many would contend that ROFL is a collection of corporations with average talent, few dispute their level of organization and attention to detail as one of the first collections of affiliated capsuleers and ground forces in New Eden.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Power Rankings: #9 Tactical Combat and Defense

The #9 Corporation on our list is no other than TCD (Tactical Combat and Defense) an organization at the early forefront of the politics between capsuleers and mercs. They have shown themselves an early entity to be reckoned with. The TCD and their CEO ZionShad has also been one of the driving forces behind many of the hi-level closed corp meetings that have taken places outside of space owned by Mordu's Legion.

Friday, September 14, 2012

1st Annual Dust Corp Power Rankings

We'd like to announce our newest venture: The Dust 514 Corporation Power Rankings. As time passes in New Eden, we believe it is important to gauge the power and influence of Dust Corps. We intend to track the ebbs and flows that follows power in the New Eden galaxy. And while we did the initial corp rankings, its our intent to use the opinions and votes of New Eden luminaries in the future.

Beware of Imposters

While its sad that we have to address the silly business of Imposters in this day and age, sometimes we do what we must. It has happened to Google, McDonalds and countless websites and now apparently our blog as well. Apparently we've arrived, as imitation is said to be the purest form of flattery. The GNN can be contacted through our correspondence emails here: and here: Our Twitter feed is @NewEdenGNN. These are the only three methods. Its recently come to our attention that a former writer from our MAG period has made the decision to not only copy our format (which is fine we dont own the rights to Dust fiction or New Eden news stories) but also is attempting to steal our very moniker and name by calling itself the Galactic News Network to catch people unaware when we are in no way affiliated. While this is more amusing, sad and pitiful than anything else, after an interviewee mistook them for us we felt it needed to be addressed.

While we wish all former affiliates the best when they use their own ORIGINAL CONTENT, we simply have to address imitators and copycats who are in no way affiliated with the GNN or the DustMercs Blog in any way.

Again, The GNN is not affiliated in any way with "Josh Morris" or any email account not listed above.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A price on the head of Bad Furry?

Members of an corp who chooses not to be named are not happy with one of the long-time veterans of Mordu's Private Trials. Apparently a merc by the name of Bad Furry has rubbed some powerful people the wrong way. GNN Reports are piling in about a contract being taken out on his life. The contract stipulates that the contractor provide visual evidence of Bad Furry's multiple slain clones.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Want Your FeedBack!

Our team of writers has been hard at work for the last 30 days not only testing Dust 514 but also listening to many of you in-game regarding your likes and things you would like to see done differently. We've also been compiling a list of the top suggestions for making Dust 514 better from the player's POV that we'll release when the NDA is lifted. While we have plenty of great feedback from our team, we know this list can''t be complete without input from you, THE PLAYERS.

We invite you to send your suggestions, no matter how long, short or intricate to our blog at we'll add the best to our already massive list so that we can make a sincere effort to get the Devs and the Community on the same page in relation to the direction of this could-be great title.

We look forward to hearing from you.