Friday, June 15, 2012

We're Recruiting!

That's right! The Dusters Blog is recruiting again! We have a wonderful team here already but due to a big spike in viewership we don't want them to get swamped with emails regarding information from Sources, Headlines, Interviews and all the other wonderful things we do.

Ever thought about working with us? What we do is pretty simple, among other things we craft in-game events into Headlines, draft Interviews and we even have fiction writers that are featured on our blog, so there's a niche for everyone. Interested? GREAT. Send us an email at expressing your interest and we'll see what you got. Please keep in mind that what we do we do for fun, it's on a volunteer basis. But we promise not to fire you when the big bucks start rolling in :)


  1. Well let's see, standard writing fee, hazard pay (for the emotional trauma of putting up with the other "writers"), dignity suppression fee, coverage for lobotomy required...

    You couldn't afford me.

  2. fyi: im a pretty solid writer, just sent you guys an email.

  3. congratulations. saw u guys got featured by CCP. Keep up the good work.

    1. Good work? do you read the posts in this blog?

  4. featured where? can we get a link?

  5. Hilarious. Improve your design, your writing quality, and your overall knowledge and not "what if" and "trolls gonna troll" posts all over - then people may consider writing for you!!!!!