Monday, April 16, 2012

What Social Areas could we see in Dust?

One of the early gameplay features that excited us about Dust 514 was the mention of 3rd Person Social Areas. Why? Its simple really MMOs typically give you a number of things to do besides shoot people, and social areas usually foreshadow the start of players grouping up, developing high level strategy and tactics in addition to displaying a high level of organization.

Give players the ability to engage in a plethora of activities, and prepare to see them spend embarrassing amounts of time in the online worlds you create. The social side of an MMO is easily as critical as features like graphics and shooting mechanics. We anticipate seeing some ground-breaking progress in the social arena. For starters:

1. Casinos - Few things take full advantage of a true economy like the ability to wager huge amounts of money on games of chance in front of your peers. We'd recommend steering away from player-run casinos (could there be a better scam waiting to happen?) but we could really see them being an extremely popular social setting.

2. Bar - The quintessential social setting in our opinion. Usually the best place to relax, recruit, network, inquire about jobs and exchange information. Dust 514 simply can't do without these social area staples.

3. Gentleman's Clubs - As Drizzcat of New Eden Radio found out in an earlier interview, exotic dancers will be supported! (there may even be a tip mechanic) Stop kidding yourselves, You know you want them. Watching half-naked dancers is the perfect way to wind down from an evening of conquering and claiming territory. Don't forget about the networking possibilities! Some would say as many deals are made in the strip club as they are in the boardroom and golf course.

4. Secure Meeting Rooms - So, you're meeting with a rival corp or individual and you don't trust meeting on their turf? Rent a secure meeting room complete with CONCORD officials to ensure no one tries any funny business.

5. Marketplace - Another area we're eagerly looking forward to. Where else are we going to do our window shopping for weapons and equipment we can't afford?

6. Corp HQ - A planetside home base away from the rigors of space complete with boardrooms, barracks, lobbies and other goodies? We'd gladly pay a monthly ISK fee for something like this.

7. CONCORD Stations - A must-have. Even if its just to see all the naughty people in time-out. And where else will all the bounty hunters go to look at Wanted Posters? If all else fails putting some ISK on the books of your favorite behind-bars merc could go a long way.

8. Gladiator Arenas -We look forward to seeing these represented in enormous social areas with massive lobby areas and screens bigger than the one at Texas Stadium. Eat your heart out Jerry Jones.

9. Space Stations - Yes, we saved the best for last. When we first heard about CCP's FPS project linking with EVE all we could think about were the implications of meeting with pilots face-to-face. We don't expect for this to be ready anytime soon, but it's right up there on our wishlist next to ship boarding/looting.

So? Did we forget anything? What social areas would you like to see? Leave your responses in the comments section as always.


  1. it would be nice to see inside Jita (the main trade hub in eve)

  2. would love to see inside Jita as well. like the the Corp HQ idea too.

  3. strip clubs FTW!

  4. walking in stations has always been EVE's holy grail.