Thursday, December 29, 2011

Advert: The Seraphim Initiative

In the coming months, an Eve and Dust 514 corporation with solid foundations that is willing and prepared to hit the ground running will be difficult to find and access. As one of the online community's most future oriented and capable corporations to full spectrum warfare on the Eve and Dust 514 platform, Seraphim Initiative serves as the foremost military styled corporation catering to the specific combined arms needs of our clients.
Intro Video

We are seeking top performers who appreciate the opportunities that come with being part of the growing defense industry of Eve online. We look for more than superior credentials; we need innovative team players who thrive in a fast-paced, galactic operations environment and operate at their best when expectations are high.

Seraphim Initiative is the only corporation that has fully pledged itself to the equal and full integration of both space and land warfare. Whereas Eve-centric corporations, that hire Dust-centric corporations in the future, may see Dust mercs as second-class citizens, we make no value-of-worth distinctions between the two because our corporation understands the value of all.

These are just the beginning of what our corporation will be able to offer you as we keep rapidly growing, multiplying your ability to have fun, and expanding the scope of which you can be proud of your accomplishments and the corporation you've chosen in the coming months leading up to the retail release of Dust 514.

If you are an alternate party interested in joint ventures and collaborative growth within Dust 514, and Eve as a whole, we have an embassy section on our forums where you can communicate with us.

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  1. i'm SI and i support this message.

  2. From what I have seen of these guys, they are really dedicated. They have their shit together and it's impressive

  3. I like there closed selective recruitment policy not to mention there silence and getting job done without drama and showing off, kudos to such organized community.

  4. Im SI we are ready for the future, are you?

  5. They way they own noobs is so impressive...

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