Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Honor Among Thieves

"And then the pirates came, when ISK is the motivating factor Men will surely steal from other Men. Some even say some of the top-tier corporations employ divisions within their ranks whose primary responsibility are black (or pirate) operations. It continues for one reason: IT WORKS. Its too lucrative to stop at this point. The most popular methods currently used are salvage or ransom. God help us all if those miscreants ever find a way to subvert shields and board vessels."

The Top Five Pirate Groups 

5. The Lost Souls - One of the more experienced pirate bands, they have been around for some time. Founded years ago by Borg Fusion they maintain a small loyal and effective organization. Easily one of the more secretive and under-the-radar groups, they only rank this low because most of their activities have not been credited to them. Outcasts by the main view of empire due to their lifestyle. A pirate band that is notoriously secretive about their movements and seldom recruit.

4. Mafia - Another veteran pirate organization who only recruits experienced operatives. They operate operate mainly in the Empire borderlines. This group of bloodthirsty thieves has never been known to ransom, but an encounter with them usually results in the murder of all involved parties.Their unofficial corp philosophy is "We take what we want."

3. The Teddybears - Another identified pirate group that is as bloodthirsty as they come, they are known for ransoms, and other Lucrative offers. They reside mainly in 0.0 space and also earn income doing merc jobs. Their leader is Zarqoun Beeblebrox. This group is also is also known for The Teddybear movies, the sick and twisted recording of their exploits that went viral years ago.

2. The Hellcats - Hellcats is a women-players-only pirate corporation and part of an alliance with the group many consider the most powerful pirates in New Eden, The Bastards (see below). Typical activities include solo pirating, small roaming gangs, and preying on targets found in mission/plex/explo sites. In addition, competitive activities such as Treasure Hunts, Demolition Derbies, and Poker Runs are organized regularly to help members improve combat-related skills, build camaraderie, and do a decent job of creating chaos.

1. The Bastards - The Bastards are a low-sec pirate corporation. Typical activities have been observed to include solo pirating, small roaming gangs, ransoming and preying on targets found in mission/plex/exploration sites.The Bastards have no desire to be the next big alliance or gate-camping 23/7 or high-sec war declarations, even if they had the security status to allow them into High-sec They do no SOV wars; little gate camping (time is too precious to waste) or station camping.What The Bastards do is encourage solo piracy and small to medium fleets of between 5-15 ships racing around low-sec.

In addition, The Bastards run fun activities such as themed roams, Bushkazi, and treasure hunts. They are active in the Euro and US time zones. They aim to have fun and no, they are not in the business of working for outside corporations, they're pirates and aim to build camaraderie and have fun while doing it. When asked about this, they replied:

"We leave the so-called elite mercenary ops to others, now where's the loot?"