Saturday, January 8, 2011

3C .vs. Dark Flock Aftermath

In a game that will be remembered more for what it didn't have that what it did, 3C easily defeated The Dark Flock winning two sabo matches in succession. But questions persist, 2.5 hours to queue up for two games? The efficiency of this (through no fault of the organizers) was pedestrian at best. Without a Clan Wars system the ability to get clans into matches is a crapshoot. Why wasn't the Flock able to defend? The randomness of the queues simply wouldn't allow it.Wouldn't a system where each clan defended once and a tie-breaker (if necessary) awarded defense based on some other criteria? We tend to think so.

3C/Dark Flock Round 1 Video (~^~point-of-view)


Friday, January 7, 2011

Will The Flock .vs. 3C Live up to the hype?

It's what many have wanted to see for some time. CLAN WARS. But not just conflict between clans, in this instance, two of MAG's most notable and controversial.