Saturday, September 4, 2010

MAG Interviews: Sithis goes In (part 1)

We'd heard many stories about 3C's Sithis, the clan's infamous leader. How Difficult and Ignorant he was, so we half expected for our interview requests to be met with a rude response. Surprisingly, he leapt at the chance to speak his mind on our blog. BE FOREWARNED: This interview isn't for the sensitive or easily offended.

It's been said that people choose their PMC's in MAG based on personality type, While we don't know this to be the truth, Sithis certainly embraces SVER's hated, grungy, dirty and villian role in the MAG-verse. There's little doubt he relishes his role as the top villian in MAG's most notorious clan. In part one of our interview, he spoke on some of the history of 3C and why MAG players everywhere either HATED them, or wanted to be a part of what he started.

MWW - First off we appreciate you agreeing to sit down with us.
Sithis - Not a problem.

MWW- Have you checked out our blog yet?
Sithis- I skimmed a few articles of yours.
MWW - What'd you think? (you can be honest)
Sithis - Honestly, I think its good work and it also surprised me that somebody would take such an interest. Although I guess I’m not too surprised with all of the clan politics this game presents.
MWW - Agreed. Clans are pretty big, no clan wars though. Why?
Sithis - From what I understood from Zipper they were afraid that adding the clan war game type would stifle the que up times of the other game types by limiting the amount of players. They were worried it would cause less activity. But in my opinion it was a very dumb move on Zipper's part to not have them. I know alot of old 3C members were waiting to get back on MAG when clan matches started.
MWW - Ok, so it hurts MAG's longevity with you and your clan.
Sithis - So very much! Especially since I created 3C to recruit only the best players and to create a super group to run people over not only in Domination, Sabo, etc.... but in clan matches to prove we were the best.
MWW - Ok, so tell me about the birth of 3C. You founded it?
Sithis - I did.
MWW – SVER Guy, one of our writers, really dislikes 3C. Even though you’re in his faction, he claims you guys left them stranded in a Sabo, game..any comment?
Sithis – (silence)
MWW – No Comment? Well there are alot of rumors that you guys backed out of attacking games in the beta, and left out of games that were badly in the retail version many times (this was confirmed by two former members) who okayed this?
Sithis – Nobody, being as competitive as we are there is alot of people who hate us and will say anything to make us look bad. When one of our members (DiscardedJoker) won the IGN tournament, we got all kinds of hate mail saying we glitched and hacked.
MWW - I see, he still active 3C?
Sithis - He sure is. We all still play pretty much every night and we are still growing.
MWW – OK, So tell me about El Capitrucho.
Sithis - He was one of the original members of 3C, a great player, but in my opinion a free spirit that doesn't like to be held down in one clan.
MWW - Cotten balls (a member of Raven's STD) and many other notable clans have claimed to see 3C members in game but not in the scores afterwards if you lose, is this a coincidence?
Sithis - If you’ll notice on the forums etc, STD likes to start @$%# with 3C and RG. A few members of 3C have left matches for other issues going on in their lives but we never Rage Quit.
MWW - Do you think Deserter Ribbons should be awarded for people that leave games early?
Sithis - I think that would be fantastic! Shut everyone up about all the rumors they spread.
MWW - Understood. So tell me about Hung_Lo.
Sithis - Another free spirit, he sees no point in clans, and drifts from PMC to PMC. He’s a good player as well.
MWW – That’s a popular answer. There isn’t the chance that these guys joined 3C but just didn’t like the direction of the clan? You guys have a pretty nasty rep for trash talk. Why so mouthy?
Sithis - Because for the first time in the history of trash talking, we back it up!
MWW – Go on.
Sithis - We take pride in our strong WLR and KDR's.
MWW - But can’t those stats be skewed by people who leave early to prevent their stats from showing up? Isn’t it true they can be manipulated, and can’t a WLR that look different based on what PMC you join? SVER for instance?
Sithis - Sure, you could skew a KDR/WLR ratio but you cant skew the amount of games played to hours played.
MWW - We find that hard to believe, but ok, so why aren't Hung_Lo and El Capitrucho 3C any longer?
Sithis - Like I said free spirits.We’re still friends but because of no Clan Wars they see no point in clans.
MWW – But isn’t El Capitrucho in a clan now? You recently inquired about joining 6D9, why?
Sithis - There was a point where because of the whole clan match thing, that we were thinking of dropping MAG and starting back 3C on another game. I am guilty for wanting to be in a clan and know what it’s like to have to work with not-so-good members and really have to earn the win. Don’t get me wrong 6D9 has some 3C quality players, but most are not-so-good.
MWW - So why leave 3C for 6D9?
Sithis - It was not so much leaving 3C, alot of our members we all keep in touch but they play different games, it was a “just be for fun” type thing.
MWW – Right, so was it just that 3C’s roster had gotten low at that time?
Sithis – Oh, yes. There has been some horrible drama in 3C's past with certain members, but we got it all fixed and 3C is back and better than ever.
MWW- we've heard...what kind of things?
Sithis - As to?
MWW - The drama.
Sithis - I prefer not to give out any names as not to start up more drama.
MWW – Was the drama one of the reasons El-Capitrucho and Hung_Lo left?
Sithis - Actually no, those are the two we didn’t have a problem with.
MWW - So tell me about Tornlaces, Breezy and Nano.
Sithis - 3C hit a low point where there were more than a few drama starters in the clan (which is sometimes the price of  recruiting based off of talent, the damn EGOS) which cause some of the more loyal members to leave. So I had to rebuild. Thats where Torn and Breezy came in. They were a great help in bringing in new talent. 3C became stronger and the other loyal members came back.
MWW – I see. And Nano?
Sithis - This goes wayyyyy back to the BETA. On the forums 3C's main rival was a clan called DA TRUTH [TRU]. We would smack talk back and forth, Nano was their best member.
MWW - Ok , I see.
Sithis - Well when the day came we had four 3C members against six TRU members and we stomped the crap out of them.
MWW- Dominated them pretty badly, eh?
Sithis - Yes, they ended up leaving MAG shortly after. I have a nice picture of the game if you like.
MWW – That’s ok, we’ll take your word for it. So Nano then came to 3C?
Sithis - Yup, so Nano was like: @#&% my clan and came to 3C. Alot of members were taken from other clans in situations like that.
MWW- Like?
Sithis - Jumpman from R*S, Valkeria from Up$, AngelSunshine from PAY, Jackfifa from Up$.
MWW - How was it done? Did they just want to be part of 3C because you were that good?
Sithis – Yes, This goes back to the whole point of 3C. I built this thing for people who are good and competitive at games and are sick with being with average clans that let in garbage players. So why not have a clan that surrounds you with the same skill level?
MWW - Many valor and raven clans claim they have a winning record matching up with you
Sithis - Like I said RUMORS, we have numerous pictures of us stomping those clans. Also some consider that beating two 3C members in a game as a win, that's ridiculous.
MWW – Ok, Ok..if you had beaten those clans with lesser numbers would YOU have considered it a 3C win?
Sithis – Hmmm…I dunno, I think any person in their right mind knows that it takes more than two members to win a game. Unfortunately these clans are desperate to put us in our place.
MWW - What would you say is a healthy number of clan people in a game?
Sithis - Depends on the gametype, really.
MWW – But it’s been said that 3C only plays Sabo. That you’re never IN any other gametypes.
 Don't forget to tune in for Part 2, Sithis gives his opinions of Faction Loyalty, why 3C is EZ mode and why he isn't impressed with the The Dark Flock.


  1. 3C quits out of games alot, i've seen it 4 times while on sver. And have heard about them doing it alot also.

  2. I can't wait for why he isn't impressed wih ~^~

  3. i don't really care 2 much 4 3C,They wont even try to train rookies or noobs into beasts. Sad. The way i see it some of them are stuck up but they're good competition.

  4. i agree with some of this

    oh yea he forgot to mention legit came from CBK and moejoe form 2ez haha and we cant forget a great member we once had agarwal1 from BXA :)

  5. Stay Classy people. We're watching these comments carefully..

  6. STD likes to start stuff with 3C and RG? Pfft hah! #1 I don't even know who RG is. #2 I simply pointed out a simple fact about 3C and I HIGHLY doubt 6 out of 10 of you left a game because of personal reasons in the SAME losing game. Ya know, Capitrucho is the only member of...oops X member of 3C that I have any respect for.

  7. 3C has a ton of solid players. But all human. As human will take advantage when and where they can.. not all but some. You can not hold one guy responsible for individuals actions. He isn't their dad. DiscardedJoker winning the tourny was an example of taken advantage of that system.

  8. @ cotten

    #1. You guys created a thread on the forums saying you want 3C kicked out of SVER

    #2. You guys in the past few weeks have been team killing and voting out RG members if you have no idea you need to talk to the rest of your clan

  9. Discardedjoker won fair and square if you notice on the leaderboards of that tournament he out killed everyone in the tournament and did not even have the most hours played at the end. You have to give props where props are due

  10. Cotton we would beat your clan easily if you want to Q^ message me. We don't rage quit, why would we?we beat every clan (besides UP$, we haven't ran into them with even #s)with even #s or them having more.

    lol Sithis is a idiot lol he spelled Valkin wrong and Hunglo is back in 3C.

    This Terrorist by the way
    no need for me to hide behind a anonymous name

  11. sithis you have the wrong clan lol. you are referring to quickgloves of STB

  12. Why the hell was El_Capi and Hunglo made such a big deal.. They are good players but not great. Neither of them does one thing "great."

    And Cotten your a fool.. You and your clan have not once and will never be good enough to even compete vs 3C.

  13. @Terrorist, maybe YOU haven't, but in that match (now ages ago) some of you did. And yes, Sithis, you do have the wrong clan in your head,do not mistake us for the lesser STB.

  14. @ the person hiding behind anonymous...I am no fool, we have gone against and defeated 3C, but only once and long ago, you can ask Spades_Ace or Ace of Spades whatever her name is, she was there and saw it through to the end, unlike the other 6 who left.

  15. @ Cotten, How am I hiding? Becasue I dont want to make a log in on this no good site. This is DocJokin.. I dont think so.. The only thing I can think of is the time we were redlining you guys and you ninja'd the win. All of you guys ending with some really really bad scores.. A few of you guys got purple hearts. A few dropped out. I remember your score was somewhere around 21-26? Fuck your whole clan looked like that. You couldnt win vs 3C straight up.. ever.. Sorry.

  16. Ah, Doc, I think you are mistaken, you redlined our blue dots, you did NOT redline us. You are also mistaken about our scores as well. We ALL came out positive KDR wise and none of US had purple hearts, just because you couldn't counteract our tactics in the end, you still have your panties in a wad? Hah, you amuse me, at least Ace was able to admit you lacked coordination that match.

  17. i think after all the original members left the would clan lost its teamwork and sort of became just a hunt for kills now eventually there was an attempt to get it back with some sort of organized event but didnt work there is some teamwork in it but i dont think it will ever be as close as it used to be. now im sorry they didnt mention anyone else other than me and hunglo thats not my problem but i do think i was mentioned because i was one of the original members and stayed in there longer than most, only one i can think of that stayed longer than me was spade i mean actually there the whole time without taking long times away from mag

  18. And so more drama is posted below the interview....who saw that coming? I wonder why he isn't impressed with us, though. What's with these two-parters?!

  19. i've only lost to the dark flock once, and that was in that AQU match i joined way back a couple months ago with all the 3C people in it. Other than that I have never lost to the flock. I always put up numbers against the flock, and have made some of their best players look average. It's never a dull moment against the flock, and I enjoy fighting against players who can actually play the game well.

  20. Cotten, Dude.. most of you guys went negative.. And yes you did get redlined.. And going through the tunnel is still not a good idea.

  21. Doc, have you gotten delusional? No, none of us went negative and the only time we went through the tracks was our initial spawn and we still got into B that time, although we didn't take it completely. Once again, no redlining is keeping people BEHIND the redline, not dying and letting them get to your objective, like I said, you merely redlined our blue dots. Besides, would it matter IF you did redline anyone? You still lost.

  22. 3C is almost as big a joke as the GUN clan is. Both have lag switchers and glitchers, and will talk trash if they take out any 2 mems from any clan saying they own that clan. Sithis is the biggest joke of 3C he just got great players to be in his clan and cant even keep up with them in score or kills. Lets see all this photo proof and maybe he can put up some pics of his abilites if he even has any.

  23. WTH..... you all need to get out more

  24. LoL i feel somewhat important now XD. Meh cant say i agree with everything.

  25. comment xX_TeRRoRBoB_Xx he only speaks the truth
    and as for calling us rage quitters, i can confirm that when i joined the clan over a month and a half ago, some members did rage quit.
    but that slowly stopped and we can say we're clean for a little bit over a month.
    @ cotten balls i told you to stop posting that we rage quit and all this other bs
    i told you to message me so we can q up and i still havent gotten that message (its been like 3 day, but still he keeps posting all this bs)
    @ cotten balls stop bringing up the game from over a month and a half ago, we lose some so get off the subject. i know its been that long cause you say doc was in there and he hasnt played MAG for a really long time.

  26. lolz at being called lagswitchers and glithcers
    i guess some people cant admit they've gotten owned.
    you sound quite ignorant calling us lagswitchers. lol

  27. sithis is a beast and a good leader.
    he rarely plays for a long period of time and he's still a beast
    hes outkilled me many times and IMO i am one of the top killers in the clan

  28. calm down terrorbob i think these accusations go for the entire history of the clan cuz as far as i know they have been like this and the rage quitting part was true at some point dont know if it went on after i left but it was there when i was in 3C so if they mean that this stuff happened recently then i cant comment there i wouldnt know

    as for the lag switching take that as a compliment haha

    i also say 3c has had many good leadership figures joker,spade,legit all took the leadership role for some time :)

  29. All of you guys are retarded if anybody rage quitted they were kicked from the clan

    Glitching and hacking ya were insanely good but we don't hack or glitch

    3C right now is the best its ever been the drama starters and rage quitters have been kicked or left we are back with an elite squad that are on a lot we just got done beating Up$, flock, arx, gun

  30. @TerrorBob, Doc seemed to be in need of a reminder of what happened, maybe you guys have gotten those issues sorted out, maybe you haven't, if so...good and if not....oh well.

  31. @Dread Father: I haven't seen you guys in a few weeks, don't know when that happened. Also, 3C themselves aren't gltichers as far as i have seen, but I have been in a game with Terrorist and a certain ex-member who hops around where said ex-member was begging a glitcher to stay inside C on Darien so that he wouldn't lose in 2 minutes. And I haven't seen them rage quit in over a month. Ask Nite-Hawk about the other Darien Network games. all 3 of them stayed until the end when outnumbered, and the other one was a close match with nearly even numbers.

  32. @capi
    yea at one point there was rage quitting but im not one to lie on forums, it has stopped a little bit over a month ago

  33. @cotten balls
    we'll maybe he forgot, why would he even care about a game that happened over a month ago.
    you got to stop bringing up a game from long ago that no one cares about.

  34. We played the flock twice about a week and a half ago with victories. I went on a knife spree on the little landing going up to darien on the left that won us one of the games, and got a quad knife on four flock members. It was a fun match, and was down to the wire.

    3C never glitches, but i have seen people do the elevator glitch, and it really is stupid.

    I also like how people try to say 3C rage quits. I've seen flock,GUN,ARx,Up$ players rage quit matches.

  35. Cotten, I still think you are a idoit.. Terroirst was in that game with me and I think Nite-Hawk was also. You guys were not good and you guys have never really been good.. Fuck the only reason people know about your clan is because of the forums. The game was awhile back.. But I know what happened and I know how it turned out. It had a similar outcome to the time when we smashed on ARx.

  36. Its funny to say that 3C dont lag switch or glitch when i was told by a former member that he was asked to use his switch all the time. This was when i was on SVER and played a game with this person. They may have kicked him and or gotten rid of the cheaters but they are there. There are some decent players too. The biggest problem with 3c is their attitude. Some of their mems are dicks and assholes and it looks bad on them all as a whole.

  37. The only reason im impressed with 3C is because they managed to hold onto their clan after drama happened, It is true that they backed out of attacking matches in beta days, and they had a lot of arguments with a lot of clans in those days, They do have good players, but anybody with a gun and a decent connection can beat these guys, after all 3C is only as good as the weakest blue dot on the feild, and when clan wars comes out the only competition for these guys is maybe GUN, and one or two other clans i know, mostly because i know half of the guys as decent players, however Sithis i do not not admire in anyway, all he does is sit back and let his clanmates do stuff for him

  38. Dark Flock was terrible in beta use to own them by myself, then they became beasts in the game and was great competition but lately the flock isnt as good idk if its new members or what but they use to be impressive for months then lost their touch, but they still have some good members mainly the original one

  39. Agree with above^ also Greatest clans (Top 3) I see now are Up$, 3C, and PPH. Wished we had more great clans on Raven tho our top 2 is Flock and IMP

  40. Agree Up$, 3C, and PPH, and PPH is new to me. Why is Pro on the poll below (Pro, S!k, and TBA) should have their own poll for which clan is the worst.

  41. 3C ain't what it use to be to bad no clan wars

  42. 3C the bad asses of MAG. Yup I said it.

  43. see people can think what they want i'v been around since the beta with 3C played just about every player in the game and have seen everyone lose 3C dose lose not often but it happens sometimes people have bad games i havent been playing in a little bit due to my disc breaking but im still hear and still reppin 3C

  44. And to all you ~^~ and 6D9 members stop voting for your clan on the best clan poll. Be honest. You all know that you guys are inferior clans.

  45. The only clan that could honestly stand a chance against 3C is O)o since it's mainly comprised of 3C players. All other clans have proved to be inferior in combat, and their best players have been easily crushed on the battlefield.

  46. 3C best clan no doubt

    To the guy that says we lag switch cause some old "member" said we did lol. Does this old "member" have a name or is this some more BS?

    Cotton balls Lets Q^ stop hiding dork

  47. only old member i remember telling lies was kicked from the clan early in game release haha name was something like CSI, now i have no problem telling the truth about everything that happened but im not gonna try to make 3c look bad by telling lies about the clan

  48. Didn't Legit run things at one time? He was active on the forums recruiting and handling problems I remember him being good friends with alot of us Dark Flocks, and sppoke highly of alot of clans on the forums then he disappeared for awhile, even left 3C before his departure of MAG. What happened? 3C started to go down hill from there. Also with his return will we expect to see a rise in 3C numbers?

  49. 3c already has a rise but we don't want high numbers anyway

  50. me and legit had a falling out so he vetted out of sver he didn't really leave 3C just had to get away we have since got everything straighted out and he is back. not to mention that the kid works like 60 hrs aweek

  51. I dunno about glitching, I haven't been in a game, so far, where 3C has glitched and to my knowledge they haven't.
    @Doc, yes the game was a while back and it was a good one too. I honestly did not expect to win that one, going against so many 3C, but we did. And no, people knew about us before the forums as I'd hear, "oh STD is here" in matches. We may not be elite, but we are far from not good...just remember it was you who failed to stop us that match, failed to a few "not good" players, no wonder you don't play MAG anymore, if I were in 3C I wouldn't want you to play with us anymore either, compared to someone like jumpman or TerrorBob, you are simply mediocre.

  52. 3C just makes me think of IGN beta tourney and them in Sabo B, being point whores and TKing anyone who was near them.

  53. we only tked when we were getting tked we won the ign tourney legit people were DQ and we were not so get over it there was no rules saying that you had to have x amount of kills and x amount of attack match's not to mention joker probably still had more kills then 90% of the people in there

  54. Watever guys...its a game. 3c is legit so stop making excuses. You guys are in denial. ARx is same compitetion against 3c ;). -chriswrockstar

  55. Why you guys did not mention my name Im sad but 3C is a good clan and everytime i played with them i never hear they trash talk, but i do hear a lot of rumors about them doing so.

  56. LEts be honest. ARx made 3C unbeatable. RIP MAG-


  57. Cotten-Balls you weren't even talking to Docjokin because I never made those posts lol. You'll probably never see this though.. Shits from like ten years ago. Ill never probably be back here lol. I sort of remember STD.. They were really bad.. I don't remember Terror much but Jumpman was a god. If I was mediocre in comparison to them then you must of been straight dogshit lol.. I honestly don't even know who you are. I always wondered if people new I was like 12 or 13 in those days. Oh well, MAG was awesome. 3C is number 1