Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Tom Bodazian: "Good afternoon viewers! I had the pleasure of meeting with one of SVER's elite troopers over the past week. Stationed in South Africa, I had a great visit with 3C division's Nite Hawk. He had a lot to say with regard to current events, so I'll let the interview speak for itself."

 Tom Bodazian: Thanks for taking the time to do this, by the way. First off..let me ask you what it is you do for the S.V.E.R. Collective; both yourself and your unit?

Nite: Hey tom. Its always a pleasure. 3C is a very talented group of soldiers. We used to focus on communication relays alot . Reason being its the easiest to see what kind of talent we are playing against and with Because there is no mortar strikes and gay stuff like that. Its stright up shooting. But as of latly we've been playing a lot of domination and directives. As for myself, I go wherever I'm needed. If no one in 3C is on, (which is rare) then I join friends' teamups from either S.V.E.R. or other pmcs. I personally like seeking out enemy oil the most.

Tom: So if seeking out oil is what you enjoy best, can we expect to see 3C pushing hard from SVER to try and beat back Raven's control of oil surplus?

Nite: Well.... for the time being, yes. but most of us are getting ready for other military opportunities outside the Shadow War. We are in talks about possibly setting a few days each week aside to play mag. but until then, you can find me mainly in domination.

Tom: That should play out interesting on the battlefield! Do you have any comment on your particular desire to move onto other military opportunities; Does this reflect that of most mercenaries do you think?

Nite: i can only speak for myself, but i do know that most of us are moving onto other games such as MoH, Socom4, KZ3 and maybe even COD black ops. i think alot of people that are currently playing mag are moving onto other games as well. i think if they went back to the way MAG was when it first came out, then more people would still be playing it today. i hate how they always cater to the whiners and casual players.

Tom: I see. Were you involved with the recent incedent between 3C and Raven's Dark Flock?

Nite: No i wasnt. i definetly heard about it though. LoL. i have no problem with the dark flock but ive been hearing some interesting things about a few of there members.

Tom: Do you think it was the Dark Flock who could have been responsible for some of the recent attacks in the news we've seen regarding Africa; and thus the control of oil distribution?

Nite: Its very possible. Although it seems since the new raven map everyone wants to go there.

Tom: Good intel! Final question before we head off, and after you answer you're free to leave us with any final comment..on the war...on SVER...on anything. What would YOU like to see out of SVER in the upcoming weeks?

Nite: I would like to see more clans grouping together. Even though we have no problem taking on two or three clans at a time, we'd like to see the support from other clans. There is to many clans in the same pmc hating on one another. Also if anyone would like to challenge us, send me a p.m. I hate when a group of 7 or 8 beats 2 or 3 of us and talks mad crap like they rolled over us. Even though we always have more kills and less deaths. I like facing good clans and usually its never boring. I also want to put the whole "3C rage quits" thing to an end. We don't rage quit and I never have. As an officer if I see someone has rage quit, then I will handle the situation on a case by case basis. Since I've been in 3C for over 6months now. (I think) I've only seen someone quit twice but that was for family reasons. I'm usually straight forward and to the point

Many clan members and leaders from all three PMCs would be wise to listen to the words and advice of this veteran soldier of the Shadow War.
Tom Bodazian, reporting for GNN news.

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  1. The reason yall are accused of rage quitting is because it does happen with some of yalls players. I was recording a match last week where one 3C was in there (im_Havoc-). We won the match in about 4-5 min and at the end he wasn't in there.

    There are many other clans that have the same problem. But yall are a well known clan, so people recognize when theres a 3C in the match and if there not there in the end.

  2. With all due respect V-C Representative, I think there are way too many things that can occur that are quickly attributed to Rage Quitting. I received a flood of over 15 PMs from stupid players who sent me messages telling me that my members (RG) rage quit from a game when I know for a fact that it was because they DC'd (Disconnected) from the PSN server. It had nothing to do with them physically removing themselves from the game.

  3. I never accused him of rage quitting, i just said he wasn't in the game at the end.

    DC'ed is a possibility, but with the clans that are accused frequently,i find it hard to believe that DC'ed is the problem every time.


    "The reason yall are accused of rage quitting is because it does happen with some of yalls players. I was recording a match last week where one 3C was in there (im_Havoc-). We won the match in about 4-5 min and at the end he wasn't in there."

    You would not of posted this, if you was not accusing him of rage quitting.

  5. Gotta agree with Legit. It seems like your words were accusatory.

  6. Wasn't intending for it to sound like i was accusing him. With a four minute game, i assumed it was a rage quit. So my wording may have been leaning towards my opinion, but i will repeat my second comment:

    "DC'ed is a possibility, but with the clans that are accused frequently,i find it hard to believe that DC'ed is the problem every time."

  7. You know how many times I've got DC'd from MAG.... I get 5:5 maybe 10-15 times a day. Then i get the random disconnections from server message like 20 times. We are accused of quitting out because all these people lose when we leave, and when people that are actually looking for us happen to find us with bad lagging situations.. it happens.9/10 times players quit out causing the lag of the current game not to be so bad, when u got 2 clans going up against each other no one is leaving, meaning the lag is a peak, some people will not be able to hold connection with all these players in one game, You find 3C in sabo because of this reason. Finding us in Dom/AQU is rare but happens, 3C members don't have the best connections, Most of us steal connection from neighbors cause more lag for us.. MAG's Servers have only gotten worse since release. I do see lag dropping however when these new games come out this month. 3C is switching to MoH, Zipper cannot provide a competitive environment enough for 3C members to continue to play.

  8. V-C hurry up and get your super group so you can get raped again.

  9. super group lol and bob who are you saying that and not even having a tag to back it up also the reason the whole 3C rage quit thing started is cause of a number of reasons the 1st one is people just being @$$ holes cause they not as "good" as them and people will make tags that are the same as 3C and then leave making you think that they rage. (This happened to us the most notable is when we played a bunch of people with the ~^~ tag but ended up being part of a clan called "The Darker Flock")

    V~C officer