Friday, October 15, 2010

Raven Strikes at Brazil Again!

Last Sat Com Photo Received of the Amazon River Defense Region
From GNN:
Olivia Darby: "Olivia here reporting live from London for GNN.
Reports have been flooding in since the breakdown of communication to Brazil early Friday morning. GNN sattellites have been unable to confirm or deny the presense of Raven troops in the region due to some new kind of blackout that disrupts sattelite transmission without diffusing communication. So rather than a picture, all we see is garbled code.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Valor Makes It's Name Known

Valor Choppers setting down in unison along the jungle beaches of Southeast Vietnam
GNN: Bringing you the Latest in WorldWide Coverage
Olivia Darby: "Olivia Darby reporting live from London for GNN news. Today we bring reports of escalation of conflict within the regions of Vietnam as well as economic and territorial developments in Africa. First, we begin with Vietnam as the rise of tensions as Valor secured a beachhead early Sunday evening approx 58 miles south of Ho Chi Minh city, the capitol of Vietnam. Cutting off all open communications with reporters on the scene, Valor has not made any public statements regarding the situation. As usual, GNN eagerly awaits an answer from a Valor Representative clan or division.

The Rise of Raven

An Expose' by Shane The Dark

In the beginning, Raven started out as a group with problems, for months they were called a joke for their weapons, maps, and mostly there random players. Only a handful of good clans kept this group from being a total laughing stock. Not too long ago a change came to one of raven’s maps that brought this group back on its feet and contributing to The Fall of SVER, and the DEATH of Valor.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Will "The Clan of Valor" Succeed?

This group of Valor Elites seeks to accomplish something unaccomplished in MAG History. Recently we had the pleasure of receiving their Mission Statement from one of our sources inside this potential major clan event:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SVER .vs. Valor Tensions Heat Up

Shipments out of Brazil Slow due to Military Traffic Monitoring
GNN: Bringing You the Latest in Worldwide Coverage

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Controversial Questions Special : ENGLISHSNAKE :

Well, in short Englishsnake (A prominent forum contributer) went very in-depth when answering his controversial questions, in fact so in-depth that it became apparent his answers needed their own FanBlog post. Please enjoy this insightful segment Controversial Questions.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Valor Destroyers Fire their First Shots
GNN: Bringing you the latest in worldwide news coverage.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

GNN, Bringing you the latest in WorldWide News Coverage.

Tom Bodazian: "Good afternoon viewers! I had the pleasure of meeting with one of SVER's elite troopers over the past week. Stationed in South Africa, I had a great visit with 3C division's Nite Hawk. He had a lot to say with regard to current events, so I'll let the interview speak for itself."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Military Action Near South Africa!

SVER T-80 Charging Across NorthWestern Corridor, Opening Fire
GNN News: Bringing you the Latest in Worldwide Reporting
Olivia Darby: Olivia here reporting Live from London. In today's report, we have shocking information of a breakout of opening firing between SVER and Raven forces along the NorthWestern Corridor of South Africa's defensive perimeter.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Behind The Flock Walls: BloodyKing

The Dark Flock, unquestionably elite MAG clan, but also much more it seems. Few people know about the inner-workings of this mysterious group of black-clad Raven killers. Their inner workings are shrouded in mystery and secrecy and their control over their members can be described as "bordering on the obsessive." Few were privy to our first interview with Bloodyking when ~^~ officers Mudmaster_23 and Ry_Grimace insisted on sitting in. What transpired was an eerie, odd, troubling interview where our subject was fed answers, the interview was constantly disrupted by attempted humor of an Extremely Questionable and odd variety and there was an obvious attempt to decline answering altogether. Fortunately we secured another private interview with BloodyKing and even though it was apparent that the "feeding" of answers was still taking place. The following is what transpired:

Rumor Mill: 3C .vs. ~^~ battle had more casualites than originally reported

After further investigation and intelligence, it seems a 3C attack on a known Mossad ~^~ branch compound had more casualties than originally reported. Although the attackers miscalculated the amount of defenders, and were outnumbered 2-to-1, they were able to plant explosive charges and destroy the entire structure. A 3C operative who's tag displayed "Terrorist" commented first: "We are the best Special Forces unit in the world." he said, "Props to our commander Sithis for securing the first forward base while we engaged Dark Flock forces on the second. Jumpman23 (a 3C Spetznaz officer) had a great plan and was clutch when we made it back to the main compound." When reached for comment, Jumpman23 responded "The main compound was a real meat grinder, and everyone just kept pushing hard. I ended up on the left side of it pushing up the staircase, and out pops several Dark Flock operatives. I knife 2 of them, and then 4 of them began to charge me. Thanks to a smoke cover I was able to knife all four of them, and Terrorbob planted the plastic explosive before reinforcements arrived." another 3C operative (Azr1al) wasn't as politically correct, "I love shooting Big Birds in the face." he replied mockingly. In a first ever seen here, the ~^~ branch of the Mossad had more confirmed deaths than kills.

According to death records obtained by GNN Corporate, BuckyChitown, Altimit84, Nightshade83, Soulbit, Littlecutebunny, PowerExtreme, RLRRLRLL, and Reverence04 were some of the ~^~ operatives among the dead.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Raven, a New Nationhood?

Raven 'State' ID Card

From GNN:

Olivia Darby: "Olivia here reporting live from London. In this official GNN report, we bring you important updated information on the situations between the PMCs Valor, Raven, and particular their events occurring worldwide right now in Brazil, Africa, and the Far East.

MAG Makes PS3 Greatest Hits!

First off, congratulations Zipper. your out-of-the-box-thinking has been rewarded.There were those that said no one wanted a thinking-man's FPS in the days dominated by COD. Hogwash. Continue to support this ip and treat it like the platform you envisioned.

Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW SEGMENT "Controversial Questions"

Controversial Questions is a new MAG-Fanblog segment where opinionated, strong willed, or outspoken MAG players answer a slew of controversial Questions. You can read one player's responses, or them all with the color key. These are Controversial Questions, get ready for some tumultuous answers!

Rumors: 3C Base Attacked?

Reports are piling in that a Spetnaz outpost housing infantry from SVER's notorious 3C regiment was attacked by elements of Valor's VC Delta Force operators. Apparently 3C had accepted a contract on the heads of several VC operators and Valor proactively attacked the SVER base without knowledge that 3C personnel were housed there. All indications are that the base fell quickly due to the speed of the attackers. Unconfirmed rumors persist that 3C operators fled the battlefield despite SVER's "No Retreat, No Surrender" creed. 3C Commander Sithis responded instantly by sat-phone. "Well to be honest [this intelligence could have come from an old report.] its odd that we have several 3C members claiming defeat that weren't at the outpost." Several veteran 3C operators were furious at the loss of life and disrespectful comments after the attack and are said to be looking to retaliate. VC public relations was contacted but had no comment as of press time.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rumor Mill: Raven Alliances Abound!

 As Raven tightens their hold on Domination of the world's Private Military Contracts, new reports are pouring in from sources within their ranks detailing mergers within Raven SpecOps units. Raven operators from AOD and the Imperium Company reportedly have decided to unite under one flag.

The Paradigm Shift of Clan Deploy

 The Paradigm Shift of Clan Deploy

by That_Id

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Africa the New South America?

Distribution of PMC Influence

GNN Update: New Raven Technology?

GNN Reports are surfacing about a rumored Raven Technology that may be allowing Raven Special Forces to elude detection and may have given them the ability to elude damage. "They're ghosts I tell you, some of our soldiers claim it's witchcraft!" claimed several SVER commanders. Voodoo perhaps? No one knows--and Raven isn't telling. At press time there had been no official comment. A SVER commander sounded frantic speaking to us from sat-phone from nearby the conflict. "Our soldiers are running from the battlefield with their arms flailing deserting us, they claim the Raven soldiers have POWERS. They say, they say..they can't be killed!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SVER Responds Big

SVER T-80s Rolling Down Central Plaza, Cape Town, S.A.

From GNN:

Olivia Darby: "Olivia here reporting live from London as the streets of South Africa are filled with scenes like above. Cape Town in particular was militarized by a division of SVER armored T-80s, from what looks like it in preparation for a large military drive out of the country. As most should be aware, SVER established a foothold and trade outpost in South Africa through the ports of Cape Town well over 4 months ago. They took the territory from Valor, and ever since has brought questionable economic growth to the region (with some areas seing lots of benefit, like Port cities, and others seing disaster, like inland townships).

SVER Red Guard Troops Marching the Streets of Cape Town

Not even Raven was able to comment on their operations North of SVER in the Congo before Priya Khan made her opening statements regarding SVER's new initiative;

Priya Khan: "We will not wait. We will not sit around and allow Raven to take advantage of certain situations. We will show our defensive force and we will use it to the utmost of its capability."

The situation between both Raven and SVER has heated up over the past few weeks over various issues. From Great Britain, to Brazil and now to Western Africa, the agitation between these two PMCs seems to be unsatisfiable. Many of us here at home in Britain are now beginning to question the motives of PMCs in general, aside from their desire to unite governments. At this point, it's really about how you'd like to see the world end up, in order to pick your side.

Brazil has seen a complete shut down of military operations, despite it being the most overt border between SVER and Raven. Brazil reached minor economic trade agreements with Venezuela, and as such has begun to open up political ties to Raven-represented nations. The military however, remains extremely cautious of all materials that cross the Amazonian-border. Ruthless 2-mile checkpoints can take up to 3 hours to get through, and without papers from both Raven and SVER representatives approving the transportation of goods, there is no chance of crossing the border. Mines, anti-tank traps, and a multitude of machine gun and sniper emplacements cover the "no mans land" that is the Amazon River. SVER and Raven troops can even occasionally be seen flicking each other off. The area for now however, remains a neutral non-combat zone.

With one side of the world in a stalemate, both Raven and SVER are eager to see how the situation in Africa develops, and more importantly, if Valor has any input. For now, all we have are unanswered questions. This is Olivia Darby, out."

Raven Invades Western Africa!

Photo Taken of a Raven Fleet near Cameroon

From GNN:

Olivia Darby: "Olivia here reporting from London. The Collective was put on high alert today as news was spread about Raven's territorial acquistion of African coasts through Cameroon and the Congo. Utilizing tactics almost identical to how SVER invaded Brazil with the aid of the Amazon, Raven was able to take over moderate regions of the Congo through the Congo River and by establishing a series of military base camps along its banks. The bulk of Raven's forces however remain in their naval fleet, and a full-scale invasion has yet to take place.

Raven Troops Stand Watch

It seems that the question of why Raven's fleet was coasting down past Moroco earlier this week has been answered. Whether or not their actions are in the interests of themselves, or of the territories they are anyone's guess. Raven leader Antoine Jeannette was heard over international broadcast stating that,

Antoine: "If the SVER Collective can invade territories with the perspective of progress and social harmony, then we can invade territories on our own support and defend our representative nations and to prop up a true social hirearchy."

One thing that is expected of Raven by most military strategists is the deployment of their new technological super tank, the AP-2 Thunder Tank. With just one shot from it's cannon, the AP-2 is capable of destroying entire bunkers through the utilization of it's new unique hollow-tipped explosive armor piercing shell, designed to fragment targets and cause a massive disarray of fragmented metal. In response to this new weapon and their territorical occupation, neither SVER nor Valor has made any statements. The situation in the world however, is changing rapidly. Raven poises to set itself as a new record holder of territory, most likely looking towards the oil-rich and gold-rich mines of Central Africa.

On the other side of the world, Valor has reached its final agreements with the People's Republic of Korea and has set up defensive positions along their border. They have not however, made any increased effort to stabilize and occupy the regions outside of Korea, which would bring them closer and closer to the SVER Collective's massive East Asian barrier, also known as the 2nd Great Wall of China. But at this point SVER could still be interested in removing Valor from what is questionably 'their' continent.

The AM-50 Sniper Rifle

In more pressing news, above you can see pictured the weapon used to assassinate our late Prime Minister Joseph Edwards last month. The weapon was found stashed along the coast of Dover underneath some rocks. The weapon had been disassembled in order to confuse authorities, but the shell casing left at the scene was the marking evidence that confirmed the weapon style. The rifle was an AM-50, one of the upgraded sniper rifles used by elite snipers from Raven Industries.

Mi6 released their information after they had received reports from undercover agents that Raven had attempted assasinations before but had never found the key target that would cause SVER to pull its forces back as opposed to continue throwing them forward. No direct link has been made to any directive given by a Raven commanding officer, but in light of this news regarding the weapon used I think that the entire world is waiting for a public response from Raven.

Many had speculated that the assasination could have been an inside job, or even done by deceptive terrorists who betrayed the SVER Collective. While those suggestions are still possible, it now seems as though the event was in someway directly related to Raven Industries.

GNN Released this video with footage recovered from Raven's invasion into Africa early yesterday...

In ligher economic news, SVER has managed to free themselves from a sattelite blackout, and has resumed their economic sanctioning towards Northern African territories. Northern Africa had previously benefitted from close economic relations with Italy and Spain, but now considering the threat level prestented in Africa, SVER has obviously chosen to corner the interests of African nations so they cannot easily bend to the economic will of Raven.

In economic news, Korea and the American Republic have seen substantial gains in resources following the opening of trade negotiations between Valor's American Republic and Raven's New Mexican Republic; but principally because of gains made in the field by Valor armies. For nearly 2 days Valor shut down the communication sattelites of SVER, making it nearly impossible for their armies to communicate short of using Morris Code. Likewise, the emphasis on new technology has broken down in both Valor and Raven divisions and thus international contracts have been taken and claimed by the SVER Collective. Hopefully within the next few weeks we can hope to see some technological shifts.

Lastly, our political anaylsts have found some interesting traits about the 3 PMCs in general. They all share a common goal, but they do it with 3 unique perspectives. Here is how the political team at GNN have broken down the three PMCs:

Valor - With it's strong desire to reunite the former United States, and protect the Americans for foreign influence, Valor stands as one of the most defensive organizations in the world. While not caring much for the nations they represent, they also do not pressure hard to invade and conquer other territories. They are more concerned about their own well being. Valor most closely resembles a libertarian military Republic, like early Rome.

Raven - With a tightly knit economic and political system, Raven's method of organization most closely mimicks that of an international trade organization, or to put it more a Fascist dictatorship. Capable of amassing any amount of funding for military expenditure, Raven is set on conquering the world through force in order to benefit the homeland territories of their founding nations.

SVER - Bound by strife and continuous struggle, the SVER Collective stands in opposition to any government or power that sees itself as the arbiter of mankind. SVER nations are given national political independence with modern demands for military spending. As such, SVER has some of the weakest weapons, vehicles, and defensive positions out of all 3 PMCs. They do however have numbers; The Collective Itself encapsulating over 22 billion citizens, stretching from Eastern China to Europe to Brazil. SVER most closely resembles that of a confederated socialist state.

That is all for now. Olivia Darby, out."

Suggestion: In-Game Notification of Leadership Change

This great and long-overdue suggestion is courtesy of Plymco Pilgrim. How many times have you been selected as a leader by a Quitter or by someone that was disconnected and been totally unaware? While being given leadership mid-game should never affect our W/L stats as an OIC, Platoon or Squad Leader if someone is unprepared for one of these positions they should have the option of declining it immediately, or at the very least, being aware of their new responsibilities.

Plymco Wrote: I've had it happen a lot of times where our SL either gives it up or quits and then I end up being SL and have no clue for several minutes...usually someone either yells at me or votes me for not doing anything which is how I find out.  

MAG is an ever-changing game and for the most part Zipper makes a sincere  attempt to make the game as user-friendly and intelligent as possible. So we're hoping to see changes like this in the near future.

Suggestion: Team-Killing Fix

After a long search and countless questions we finally may have resolved how to eliminate rampant, disruptive team-killing as a whole. In our interview with The Last Ninja he mentioned how Uncharted Two where after the first team-kill, the victim has a Kick or Forgive option. This is brilliant in its simplicity--it means that people who seek to ruin games only have one opportunity to do so. After the first instance (which could have been a mistake) the griefer can be booted out of the game immediately.

We can't think of a better system, and quite honestly we're a little surprised and disappointed that Zipper didn't implement something similar at launch. We can only hope they're reading and can resolve this major gameplay issue ASAP.

Monday, September 20, 2010

MAG Interviews: The Last Ninja

The Last Ninja - The name alone can give a person chills, but many have characterized this mysterious SVER character as a suppression farmer. We sat down with him and got his take on "noob farming", why haters gonna HATE, japanese players and how a patch can be a "ninja" as well.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fresh Perspectives: Xx_Stykyr_xX

Here's our most recent newb interview. Our guest this time is Xx_Strykyr_xX (the husband of Soviet Girl) he chimed from a newer perspective on many of the central issues in MAG--including what its like to get knifed by your wife :)

Give us your first Impressions of MAG?

Big, complex, and fast.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beta Patch 1.04 Live

The MAG Beta's most recent patch is now available for download. its a 276MB download so you're looking at about 20 minutes for the entire start of download to plug-and-play. We've got our fingers crossed for a balanced knife, balanced Sabotage, Acquisition and Domination Maps in addition to a Clan Deploy that is fully functional.

MAG Interviews: Melov315

Our latest interview is with DOA's Operative and forum poster Melov315. Read on to hear some of his views on Clan Wars, the REAL problem with blue dots and why MAG needs new Domination Maps.

When did you first notice MAG?

Back when I went on the main PSN forum I saw someones MAG BETA signature and I wondered what it was, haven't turned back since.

Monday, September 13, 2010

now THAT'S a commercial.

Anyone who's watched TV recently and has seen the ingenious live-action campaign that Halo: Reach is promoting itself with. Just in case anyone at Zipper was curious how you properly market console-exclusive games. ENJOY.

MAG Interviews: V-C's Bodymore

Recently we had the opportunity to interview V-C's Bodymore. A long-time clan officer. He spoke pretty bluntly about MAG's future, what he likes about his clan and why appealing to the casual fan hurt MAG.

Clan Deploy and Beta Impressions

Recently, one of our sources chimed in with some of his beta impressions and helping Zipper "test out" Clan Deploy.

MAG Beta Times Extended

More BETA good news. Recently the hours were extended to full 12-hour segements. here's the official times from the people at Zipper. Now all we need is the notorious knife to be better "balanced" and we're Full Steam Ahead.
  • Hawaii: 5am-5pm
  • Alaska: 7am-7pm
  • Pacific: 8am-8pm
  • Mountain: 9am-9pm
  • Central: 10am-10pm
  • Eastern: 11am-11pm
  • GMT: 3pm-3am

Friday, September 10, 2010

MAG Interviews: El_Capitrucho sets the record straight (Part 2)

Here's Part 2 of our interview with El Capitrucho. He gives us his opinion of Clan Wars, Snipers and how to stop team-killing.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MAG Interviews: El_Capitrucho sets the record straight (Part 1)

 Based on the immature nature of most of MAG's so-called elite players, we have to say we were taken aback when El Capitrucho revealed himself to be one of the more thoughtful, educated and ego-less interviews to date. We can't think of a better player to represent North America. In our interview, El-Capitrucho shares some pretty interesting views on leaving 3C, the little-known Team-Killing Wars and being ranked #1 in North America.

Suggestion: Brand Team-Killers as Traitors

Team-Killing is easily one of the most debated and hot-button issues in MAG. Many argue team-killing is the singular, most disruptive, enjoyment-draining activity threatening the game right now.

BearWalken1982 suggests something a little more aggressive and deep:

Suggestion: Negative XP for Bad Strikes

One of the better suggestions we've seen over MAG's history has been would-be consequences for calling in Air-Strikes when the AAA is up. If the bomber isn't going to abandon his bombing run (another suggestion) there simply have to be some form of punishment for wasting precious leadership abilities.

A forum poster, Zero_Absolon was the best suggestion we've seen put into words related to this. Here's a link to his thread on the MAG Forums:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sources Inside 6D9 Dispute Zade86!

While we fully intend to get to the "bottom" of things in our second interview with 6D9's Zade86, two sources inside 6D9 attest that not only did everyone NOT vet over to Raven (many, like Omnico left the clan because they felt like they were going for the wrong reasons) the sole purpose of the move was that Zade didn't want to lose his best and most popular player: Yamomoto.

MAG Interviews: Sithis goes In (part 1)

We'd heard many stories about 3C's Sithis, the clan's infamous leader. How Difficult and Ignorant he was, so we half expected for our interview requests to be met with a rude response. Surprisingly, he leapt at the chance to speak his mind on our blog. BE FOREWARNED: This interview isn't for the sensitive or easily offended.

It's been said that people choose their PMC's in MAG based on personality type, While we don't know this to be the truth, Sithis certainly embraces SVER's hated, grungy, dirty and villian role in the MAG-verse. There's little doubt he relishes his role as the top villian in MAG's most notorious clan. In part one of our interview, he spoke on some of the history of 3C and why MAG players everywhere either HATED them, or wanted to be a part of what he started.

MWW - First off we appreciate you agreeing to sit down with us.
Sithis - Not a problem.

Friday, September 3, 2010

"Valor Perspectives" by that_id

The first of our "faction columns" is reserved for none other than KEQ's that_id. A Valor stalwart, You can read his thoughts on various things in the MAG-verse here, every friday.

"Why Faction Neutral Sucks."
A Valor Perspective.

The Truth about the Breakup of Valor Elite

Our first Editiorial Piece is courtesy of AutumnWindz. As a Forum regular and charter member of Valor Elite, he felt it necessary not only to eulogize but to help people understand the history behind VE--Valor's FIRST flagship clan, he talks about VE's Birth, challenges, accomplishments, and finally, their demise.

"VE never had big egos or a spokesman talking it up anywhere, there was no trash talk coming from VE, and there were no forum sigs for VE, but VE was a great clan and I feel it was overlooked sometimes while it existed, it never got the kind of recognition that its greatness deserved. So here's VE, from my eyes, as an officer and original Valor Beta Vet."


Fresh Perspectives: Peanut_hh14

Our next newb interview is with Peanut_hh14, again our criteria was simple. Interview a player who had been playing MAG for a month or less to get their opinion on the game as a whole.

Give us your first Impressions of MAG?

Well I cant consider myself as an experienced online gamer. But the first impression I got is the immense amount of players. You feel little compared to the other games.

Comments and Feedback

We'd hoped that giving people the ability to post under "Anonymous" would promote honesty and for people to leave their opinions without fear of reprisal and scrutiny (we also hoped it would prompt people to respond without going through some lengthy registration process). Want to comment and or leave criticism of the interviewers? fine. We simply won't allow flaming back and forth between readers.This blog WILL NOT turn into the foolishness that is the MAG forums. If we can't have a basic level of interaction and healthy dialogue we'll simply turn the comments off, or on the registered setting so that you'll have to sign up to have your voice heard. We think that's unnecessary, but we won't have the total anarchy that is the MAG Forums here on the MAG WorldWide Blog.

*All the previous flaming and unnecessary comments have been deleted.*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

MAG Sales almost at 1M

Thanks to forum poster deenice619 we've learned that MAG is almost at the 900K mark in Worldwide Sales. This is really good news. The 1M mark is usually seen as successful and virtually guarantees support/a sequel from a developer. Since MAG is billed as a "platform" we're hoping that Zipper's support continues at an increasing rate. We're not certain if this puts MAG in the "Playstation 3 Classics" category (which would bring about a price drop) but we can hope.


6D9's Zade86 Unfiltered (Part 1)

If anyone doubts our resolve here on the MAG WorldWide blog to get to the bottom of a story and to be 100% uncensored the proof is here for all to see. We solicited 6D9's Zade86 with plenty of interview requests so that he could respond to our earlier interview with Yamomoto, and both our stories about the clan he's the leader of. Our IM interview started off pretty animated initially, to say the least:

Best. Post. Ever.

"Wouldn't this cover of OPM be a dream come true?"

 Recently DocEroc posted a suggestion that we've been preaching since the beta came out. (our article: Make it accessible over the PSN to potential new players without the MAG retail version. MAG is in need of an influx of players and we can't think of a better way to bring it to the casual player's doorstep than a demo disc inside the  Official Playstation Magazine.

here's the link to the thread:

for the love of MAG, lets make it happen.

Insider: Yamomoto was LEAVING 6D9?

What happened to 6D9?

MAG Interviews: Thagmor

Thagmor needs no introduction, go to the MAG Forums for two minutes and expect to see his organizational skills on full display. He was the first person to find a viable way to make MAG easier for newer players and to try to give them the "forum training" that MAG never provided. In our interview he chimed in on MAG's Training dilemma, evolving to an MMO and his thoughts on Weapon Balance.

When did you first notice MAG?
Jlongshot sent me some emails shortly after it's announcement.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MAG Interviews: Soviet Girl

While Soviet-Girl may have flown under many people's radar recently, her thread on "The State of SVER Weapons" has sparked much debate in the MAG Community (15 pages and counting) we'll comment on weapon balance on a later date, but read on to get the SVER-die-hard, First Lady of BHD's views on getting swamped with Friend Requests, Snipers and why she sometimes Quits Out of games.