Monday, March 28, 2016

What Game Modes would fit PS2?

While the open world nature of Planetside 2 is very well done, the game simply needs more variety. There's no question we're certainly excited about the Sanctuary and ANT ideas, but casual players consistently point to the rinse/repeat nature of attack/defend territory as the reason the game lacks replayability. Game Modes might not be part of the history of Planetside but they succeed in gaming overall because, well....they work.

Casual players are accustomed to the timed, more structured aspects of game modes and when its an option its not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes players don't have time for a 2 hour battle...these are the instances where say, three Convoy matches, which will take a maximum of 30 minutes--fit into their schedules. The open world nature of PS2 and its organic battles won't be hurt by also offering evenly matched, timed conflicts instanced away from the main conflicts. The essence of PS2 is large battles, and that can easily be replicated in a game mode offering with maps the size of the VR area.

Skirmish - A battlefield where Vanu, TR and NC platoons fight to the last man. 48v48v48 with each faction having 100 tickets/reinforcements. The one caveat here being that you can only respawn from Sunderers, Galaxy's or Spawn Beacons. Each faction has a rear command center that can be destroyed. With no spawn points your faction is limited to the soldiers that are on the battlefield. 15 minutes.

Decimation - Two factions: 48v48: Two platoons, the attacker tries to overload two of the three base generators to set off a chain reaction that will destroy the entire facility. The defender tries to prevent the base from being decimated. 15 minutes.

Occupation - Two factions, 2 platoons 48v48: The attacker must take over the base [which has 5 objectives] in the alloted time period. Like open world gameplay, each objective controlled shortens the tie limit. 20 minutes.

Convoy - Two factions, two squads 24v24: The objective for the defender is to get a convoy of 5 specially marked sunderers carrying resources from the starting point safely to 1 of 3 escape routes. Atleast 3 Sunderers must escape. 10 minutes.

Acquisition - 2 factions: 24v24 The attackers must steal vehicle a random vehicle and get it to an extraction point, the defenders must prevent its theft. 10 minutes.

Rescue - 2 factions, 24v24: The defenders try to secure civilian hostages from their faction, the attackers attempt to get the hostages out and back to a rally point. 10 minutes.

Assassination - 2 Factions, 12x12, One squad must protect the player-controlled VIP in a secured facility complete with automated defenses. The other must eliminate the VIP. [no respawn] 10 minutes.

Dogfight - 2 Factions: 12x12 The defender tries to protect a transport [ a Galaxy] while its loaded until it can leave the target area and travel to its drop off point. The attackers intent is to destroy the transport. 10 minutes.

Escort - 2 Factions: Two platoons 48v48, the defenders must get the VIP to one of three extraction points. The attackers must eliminate him.

Recovery - 3 Factions:  12v12v12, A package is located at random location on the map but is easily recognizable. Each faction must locate it, get the asset to a transport and escape the target area. 15 minutes.

These are some of the ideas we think would fit nicely into making game modes in Planetside 2 feel authentic and fit in with the lore. Also, these would add much-needed variety to the PS2 experience instead of the rinse/repeat of attack/defend territory we have currently.

We hope the devs are open to adding them and broadening the PS2 player base and experience.


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