Wednesday, September 23, 2015

10 Things Planetside 2 Needs to FLOURISH...

We've played PS2 since its launch on the PS4 and while we're in love with the game as a whole, there are some elements that need improvement. The few rough edges in this title must be smoothed out so that it can appeal to a larger audience. While its F2P status is a real benefit, it needs to offer more options so that it maintains a solid population for years to come. Here are the 10 things PS2 needs to prosper.

10. More Lore - Its surprising the great lore of Planetside isn't marketed better, where is the short movie trailer that plays when we start the game? Provide more background so the PS Universe can achieve more depth. Allow Marv Wolfman to continue with official canon. Who are the NPC leaders of each faction? What about the civilians and citizens? What about the notable NPCs on Auraxis? Are there pirate/mercenary factions [great for PVE] or is everyone a member of the NC, VS or TR? Where are the TR assets and facilities dedicated to reopening the wormhole? Why did Vanu Progenitor Henry Briggs kill himself? Where are the Vanu R&D facilities dedicated to achieving transcendence? The lore has a chance to give the game depth and more content, truly expand it.

9. Voice Chat - We acknowledge that the game has voice, we're simply saying it needs to be improved. Right now the game chat is often too low and it seems as if the ability to configure it doesn't work. Lets see this rectified so that we can take advantage of the ability to communicate on a large scale within the game.

8. Prone -In short, its an essential feature in shooters and it aids in hiding as well as providing the most accurate firing position. Snipers can't do their jobs properly without it. Do the already-stellar gameplay a favor and add prone.

7. Game Modes -We get it. Its an open-world where you seize territory, the problem is the monotony of the core rinse-repeat experience will never hold the attention of casual players for long. Why does that matter? Because this game needs casual players, without them it will bleed population...losing population for massive games is akin to death. Game Modes provide variety and they've been a core aspect of shooters forrever...because well, they WORK. And if any title has the lore to support them its PS2. Instanced, timed skirmishes where a faction must get VIPs safely across an area, rescue hostages, secure intel/resources, steal assets or even simply wipe out the enemy forces will bring much of the variety PS2 needs to add to stay relevant. Giving players the choice of open world or game mode is a good one.

6. Social Hubs - If any title must embrace the social aspect of gaming it is this one. In honesty, we were shocked to see the lack of social options. Social Hubs do a great job in Destiny, and they provide a great break from combat while still allowing players to interact with the game. They also provide spaces where the socially savvy and politically engaged players can congregate and concoct their master plans for domination. Upon login, players should have the option of an outfit social hub (provided they have one) and the one that each of the three factions should have. Lets see a social hub with 3rd person avatars, true proximity chat, the obvious marketplace, spaces for outfit meeting rooms [and recruiting advertisements] in addition to bars and a view of the map of Auraxis. If nothing else social hubs provide a place for the game to monetize in a relevant manner.

5. PVE - Why is offering PVE important? Because the game wants to appeal to a large audience. It also wants to break up the monotony of constant PVP and give players other options a la GTA [which has no population issues, btw]. This is also a way to appeal to the subset of solo players that prefer to play alone but like meaningful experiences or small groups that like co-op play. Providing a variety of solo/small group missions where players can battle the PVE environment to the benefit of themselves/their outfit [and earn credits and resources] will bring the PS2 experience full circle.

4. Virtual Training Rooms - What happened to this? Isnt it a feature on PC? Its easily one of the most consistent requests by any competent playerbase, any system that requires players to spend XP to obtain weapons that may not fit their playstyle is asinine. Equally, the ability to practice tactics, hold wargames and practice sessions [without losing assets] in a test environment is a necessity. This was supposed to be a part of PS2 launch, whats the ETA on its arrival?

3. Outfit Territory - Nothing gets players engaged like Persistence and Ownership. Being recognized as the dominant outfit in a battle is great, but outfits want MORE, they NEED more. While territories like The Crown should change hands hourly, why arent the outer fringes of the maps territory that can be claimed? Lets see the territories on the periphery [30% of the map] up for grabs! Give players the ability to possess territories independent of what goes on in regards to continents. Provide mechanics for the more engaged, hardcore members of the community to plant their flags on a region like Hidden Ridge Mining or Ghanan Southern Crossing and keep it until someone takes it from them.

2. Spawn System - The spawning in PS2 needs work. Why? Because it can be confusing and frustrating to new players who don't understand they need friendly assets to spawn in an area. Too often they'll use the quick spawn before realizing theyre being shifted 1000m from the area where they were. Spawning must prioritize the last region players fought and their squads. Let players know when their last spawn has been destroyed and make spawning inside planes easier. The current spawn system causes confusion for inexperienced players, and confused players won't often post on forums, more often they will get frustrated and leave.

1. Economy & Resources - Nothing enhances warfare like limited resources and assets. Something is lost when Galaxy's don't have a real, tangible cost or when we can spam MAX units without regard for coin. Bring about a true economy with credits in PS2 that limits us more, and that makes us feel the hurt when we lose a Sunderer or Scythe. It will be to the game's benefit when battles have more defined rewards in regards to credits/resources, when certain regions reap more tangible benefits and when outfit-owned territories mean compensation.

Those are just a few of the things we'd like to see added to the Planetside Roadmap at some point. we'd like to see this well-done franchise have longevity, and these are the best ways we can see it accomplishing that.