Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ten Groups we can't wait to see in PS2

 With sincere apologies to the many individuals and FPS clans we have encountered while blogging like GUN, DocEroc, Plymco Pilgrim, JLongshot, Geirbiscohn, Alyoyo, AimFix, El Capitrucho, Englishsnake and the Last Ninja, there are some well-known groups we just can't wait to see on Auraxis.

All are FPS Luminaries for different reasons, but the prospect of seeing them all in a huge landscape is inviting to say the least. To be clear, its simply one of the things that excites us most. In the past 5 years many games have promised an environment where FPS clans can wage war in the massive social, political, violent fashion we all love so much, but all have failed for one reason or another. Planetside 2 could be the title that finally delivers on the promises of so many titles before it. Imagine for a moment great FPS mechanics, hardcore gameplay, a complete library of vehicles and other assets, with battlefields bigger than MAG and Dust 514 combined, but in a legitimate polished and thoroughly tested AAA title. Add to that a developer willing to listen to its playerbase, all wrapped up nicely with the all-are-welcome nature of F2P. How can you not be excited about Planestside 2? It may well be the one place where all roads that lead to a true MMOFPS converge.

Recently we took a moment to list the ten groups we simply can't wait to see wage war [like only they can] on the planet of Auraxis:

10. PRO - Any mention of large scale battles will eventually result in mention of ContraBanJoe. Love him or hate him, his ability to recruit, organize and oversee large groups of people is legend. Rest assured that PRO will have a legion of warriors ready to storm the launch of Planetside 2. It could quite naturally, be the title they've always been waiting for.

9. Nyan Sain -While many point to their connections as their chief advantage, this group has dominated in every landscape they have ever fought. Few would deny that the japanese-dominated roster of Nyan Sain is a force to be reckoned with. Highly criticized for their use of gameplay loopholes and 'flavor of the month' tactics and weapons Nyan Sain has an enormous group of players that have to be eagerly awaiting the PS2 launch.

8. Pink Fluffy Bunnies - Another group that fizzled out early in Dust 514 due to internal strife and general displeasure with the countless unfinished aspects of the game. Blessed with as much skill as groups like the Teamplayers, Imperfects, The Dark Flock and 3C, it will be interesting to see if Planetside 2 has a slightly pinkish hue after launch.

7. STB - A relative non-factor in MAG, the loquacious QuickGloves and STB made their presence felt by combining their forces with EVE power and defining themselves as a force. Another group with a bevy of players, we fully expect STB to have a large contingent ready to go when PS2 goes live.

6. KEQ - Another large FPS community that garners respect in any game they play is the well-known Kill Em' Quick. According to twitter they already have a large contingent on the PC version. They will certainly be a formidable challenge if already familiar with the game's mechanics.

5. RND - Many doubted us when we declared this unit of elite status before the launch of Dust 514. Few do now. The subject of an initial alliance bidding war they eventually joined EON to the chagrin of many. Thoroughly criticized for riding on the coat-tails of a superpower, it will be interesting to see who YDubbs81 & Co. side with on PS2.

4. Teamplayers - No group of players in an MMOFPS has used talent to their advantage in a persistent game better than this collection of mercenaries who took districts virtually at will in Dust 514. The driving force behind EON's domination of PC during Dust's short heyday could well be a factor on the battlefields of Planetside 2. Though detractors point to the ever-so-tiny Dust battlefields as a reason this group simply won't be factor on a large scale. A source inside Molon Labe scoffed at the notion 'In 8v8 or 16v16 settings they can dominate, add vehicles, tons of players and their average tactics get exposed. Winning in PS2 is more than a good KDR in deathmatch. I can't wait to see them in game.' We'll soon see.

3. The Imperfects - An early Dust powerhouse to be sure, the organization that won the Mordu Challenge fizzled out long before major PC battles rolled around. It would be very interesting to see elements of their initial roster on the battlefields of Auraxis.

2. The Dark Flock - This group was one of the most feared in MAG before two much-publicized losses to 3C dulled their mystique a great deal. Still, well skilled and blessed with a large roster, seeing the well known ~^~ symbol would be a great addition to Planetside 2.

1. 3C - If there was ever a group of players more willing to wear the black hat we've yet to see them. The mouthy villains of every landscape they touch, it would be easy to ridicule or discredit if they weren't so skilled. Though traditionally a small team of players, we shudder to think what The Closed Casket Crew would add to the game/metagame aspect of Planetside 2. Woe to any group that gets in their way.

Without a doubt there will be  well-schooled groups from titles like BF, COD, Halo, Counter Strike and PC PS2 clans that we may be leaving out but the list above represents the bulk of the organized, elite teams that will surely rain down carnage and dominate Auraxis. We look forward to bringing you the highlights, history, surprises and stories of how it all takes place.

See you on Auraxis.


  1. If all of our guys get this game.....we're going to be a real problem on the PS2.

  2. SOE arnt much different then CCP to be honest

    All talk no action!! get used to being disappointed cos SOE promise so much but never go thru with it........heck they still havent added things into the game they promised in 2013!! also they add features into the game half done with promises of finishing them at a later date but never finish them

  3. how does one make a list filled with mostly dead clans and consider it a list to look out for? its always nice to come to a website for a good laugh.

  4. Dang!!! Very nice fellows! I have been out of loop for a while! What is PlanetSide2?! Should I check it out?!

    Doc Eroc

    1. its the game mag was patterned after. like mag just bigger and better.

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