Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Planetside 2 Whiteboard

The PS2 Whiteboard is quite simply, THE BLUEPRINT. Console players are eagerly anticipating the massive battles only Auraxis can offer. Castoffs from MAG and Dust 514 are understandably excited about joining the PS2 community as its the only game remotely close to providing the scale they are looking for.

Much of the fanbase thats coming is also interested in influencing development. These players are accustomed to hardcore mechanics and a high level of Persistence and Customization so a game that doesn’t offer much in terms of variety won’t hold their attention for long. Still there might not be a more motivated, passionate and hardcore community in gaming. These are the players that want to lose themselves in your game and its options. They want to play it a great deal but also must have the opportunity to make decisions and feel the advantages/consequences of the choices they make. They want tangible ownership of land and assets, the opportunity to acquire resources, accumulate power, have a real impact on the game world and the ability to build empires. In exchange, you’ll gain a core community that will fill your game for as long as its servers are up.

This community-led project’s first effort is to create a whiteboard of the important features to this community and organize them into a hierarchy of needs. Anyone can add to this open document and take part in the ordering process that will eventually determine what features have priority. We look forward to seeing the great suggestions members of the community have to offer.

The PS2 Whiteboard is a simple priority list for the developers based on the the desires of the hardcore community. All we ask is that you add a short description after your contribution and that you not alter the input of others. The White Board is about giving PS2 a proper foothold so it can succeed and become an experience unlike any other.

Without further ado, The PS2 Whiteboard


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