Friday, April 25, 2014

NPE Template: Iron Wolf Saber

Though he is sometimes handled roughly on the Dust 514 community forums due to his activity level [he posts regularly] Iron Wolf Saber not so long ago made as critical a contribution to the development of Dust as any CPM has ever made. He detailed a step by step, idiot proof method of exactly how the NPE should be designed. Rarely has any player CPM or otherwise, contributed this much detail into resolving a core weakness inherent in this title.

He essentially does all of the heavy lifting for CCP and even avoids walls of boring text by adding a visual element that makes his vision obvious. More importantly, it is just the kind of tutorial that eager to-get-started FPS players need as it provides them an intuitive learning experience that never asks them to do anything more than play the game. Below are links to one of the best contributions any player has ever made to Dust. Enjoy.

1. Intro Screen
2. Movement
3. Combat
4. Death & Rebirth
5. Living Space
6. Academy Days
7. NPE Wrapup


  1. "He essentially does all of the heavy lifting for CCP"

    Great now all CCP needs to do is... (pardon I'm taking a rough glance here)

    Create the new menu screens and any necessary art
    Create the new 3D models for the necessary assets such as the soldiers, the jet, the drones, the maps, etc
    Create the new cutscenes as well as interacting cutscenes
    Record the new voice overs and likely have a professional re-write it all (no offense)
    Program the AIs for the flying drones, though I noticed he correctly avoided anything walking
    Create the mentioned living space
    Create the mission system

    and then the rest of the game just needs to be changed so that the NPE doesn't give a false impression of the game overall.

    1. or we can just keep what we have since thats working so well showing new players how to play the game and retaining a large player base.................oh wait.


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