Monday, January 27, 2014

Fiction - Drop Point.1

While Dust 514 moves towards a more finished and complete state, we dont want to be the blog team constantly bringing up fixes, missing elements and necessary additions to the game. In the tradition of great works like Templar One, we decided to get back to more of our roots and share with you much of the great fiction by players like Denak Kalamari, Sir Ravenwing, Squagga, Galm Fae, True Adamance and Jacque Cayton. They have seen fit to familiarize themselves with New Edens history. We'll post their great works of fiction here and feature their continuing stories in episodic fashion. Enjoy the fiction, mercs. Introducing: Drop Point by Prylar Vecht.

"I understand that sir, but right now we're pinned hard! Ground Commander Tamir Gelen screamed to the MCC Commander, "We need atleast two railgun placements ASAP!, We're in between a rock and a hard place here and the enemy is closing!" a second later the merc next to him raised his head from the rock quarry they were using as cover for a split second, and it immediately exploded with a sickening pop. Out of reflex, Tamir grabbed the nanite injector from his utility belt before wiping the messy mixture of brain matter and dropsuit armor from his visor. Resuscitating nanites weren't going to be of any use here. The situation was dire, and his squad was pinned down between a sniper from one side and a Rail Tank on the other. The three other squads under his command were too far away to assist and the amount of available clones they had was low. One of the soldiers near him inched closer and whispered knowingly "I think its Gemcutter out there." Tamir's heart sank. "Fuck."

Gemcutter was well known to most mercs in the cluster as a marksman of the highest order. The situation had gone from bad to worse. Minutes earlier, he had sent a group of three from alpha squad to take out the tank, but their plasma cannons and swarms barely scratched its armor before the railgun blew them to kingdom come. Meanwhile, the tanker was still firing suppressing charges at the area in front of their cover, the railgun was a terrifying weapon. Every impact was deafening and resembled a lightning strike. On the other side, Gemcutter was known to be as patient as he was skilled. They needed help.

A second later assets came screaming down from the heavens. Rail Turrets landed 20m to the left and right of their position. The tank would have to shift his attention as the turrets could punch through tank armor easily if they were armed. He had his opening. GC Gelen quickly sent out a broadcast to the entire platoon "This is your GC, a sniper has me and alpha squad pinned down. We think he's firing from an elevated position to the southeast..his call-sign is Gemcutter." Ten seconds later a beacon flashed onto his UI. A member of charlie squad had painted the marksman, he was 150m away and in a static position. Seconds later one of the tank's rail rounds tore into the turret to his left. Tamir rolled to his right, quickly painted the tank and switched to the dedicated MCC Channel. "Both targets are lit, we need that bomber NOW."

On cue, the behemoth aircraft did a brief free fall as it exited the MCC. Then it leveled off and lurched forward in search of targets. It wasn't fast or agile and would have been a sitting duck if any fighters had been deployed, but what the bulky aircraft lacked in style it made up for in raw power at the point of attack. The pilot smirked as he looked at the two flashing beacons below. Bomber payload was next to useless via dumb-fire or on moving targets but it was frighteningly accurate when targets were lased and stationary. He got within range of the drop point and hit the execute command.

Gemcutter's brow furrowed as he heard the unmistakable high-pitched whine. Every merc worth their salt knew the sound. He has just enough time to curse silently before the world exploded.


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