Monday, October 21, 2013

EVEVegas info a good first step

We may be on the cusp of some good things in Dust 514. As long as it doesnt take 6 months to implement them. Dusts core mechanics still need upgrading, but it badly needs some real new content. EVEVegas revealed some interesting new developments.

EVEVegas revealed the game itself may finally be doing many of the things we recommended all along in terms of content and incentivizing. We've often criticized the fact that friendly fire was left out of many of the aspects of Dust 514, hurting the tactical aspects of the game. But instead of adding it and giving griefers everywhere a green light, its being balanced by making Standing the single most important aspect of Faction Warfare. Want good standing and better rewards? Win, avoid team killing and show loyalty. And there couldnt be a better idea than a loyalty store where unique items are located. Most of all it gives players the options for more varied experiences [sort of, were still only playing skirmish] and finally moves the title towards a more meaningful connection with EVE. If done well, EVE players will finally be able to work with mercenaries and have real impact in New Eden.

Some of the other things we will likely see are:

Better Grouping - With a better goal comes motivation and organization. The ability for large groups to pre-form and go into battle [in FW especially] as a unit is a must.

EVE Green Light - Here again we cant limit PC players to watch from the sideline, we like the things we are hearing in terms of them having their own objectives and being active participants. Take it a step further, give them multiple ways to affect battles from space [orbital scans and other abilities] and dont tie their ability to act to performance on the ground. Use mandatory cool downs and incentivizing if necessary here as well. No EVE player wants to kill friendlies with orbital strikes, especially if it results in significant loss in standing. Perhaps Dust players can utilize the Orbital Targeting Designators we suggested months ago to foster cooperative gameplay.

Orbital Weaponry - It sure would be nice to finally see antiship weapons in action.

Player Trading & Market - About time.

Complete Racial Suit Library - Long overdue. We wrote months ago regarding how the logi suit needs a unique frame different from the assault. Do away with the bumblebees please and thank you.

Cloaking - We suggest the devs take their notes from the 'uplink problem' [that still exists] regarding balancing items that are too powerful. The CPU/PG cost must be excessive for the cloak and it should make a recognizable sound when a person cloaks or uncloaks. And please don't let people move, fire or line up a shot without disrupting it. The cloak should be an active module [with a time limit] that must be actively held to maintain it, switch to a weapon and the field disappears.

Drones - We saw this item in a screenshot and were excited by the implications. Could we see bigger battles where drones are used to supplement troops? Could we see the smaller ones that hover around our dropsuits and provide bonuses in combat? [faster shield regen for instance] The potential for high level gameplay is huge.

PC 2.0 - Heard some nice things here but first gameplay needs to stop giving away so much information. Where is the guesswork? The game simply has too many 'tells' that could instead be used to make the game less predictable and deeper. Why can everyone see the infrastructure on our districts and even clone counts? Thats priceless info. Dont give it away, instead provide mechanics for those interested in obtaining it. Attacking is one of the worst tells in the game. One clone pack? Restricting the size of the attacking or defending force isnt good. Why not instead allow attackers and defenders as many clone packs as they can afford and reveal the size of the enemy force when the game starts? We also need more game modes. Veteran players are simply tired of playing Skirmish variations. We need to see the stealing and sabotage of resources and even the ability to protect resource convoys, the ability to recon districts [to get the map, troop size and infrastructure intel mentioned above] or even capture or liberate NPCs. Give us the variety that a game set in New Eden deserves. Also larger battles and warbages as actual EVE assets. Having people acquire info rather than giving it would actually create an information market, which Dust sorely needs.

More MMO - This was mentioned but not specifically. We dont know if it was suggesting free roaming, interacting with stations or ships, the ability to see locations in EVE or more things to do except fight but social areas and the ability for corps to designate headquarters at a real location would be a good start.

We have to mention that as exciting as many of the ideas mentioned at EVEVegas are they are only that. Ideas. Most are pre production so there hasnt been any implementation yet. CCP has too often been the developer of great ideas without any execution or follow through. [as evidenced by the lack of any info regarding gladiator arenas, virtual training areas, new game modes, PVE, fighters, medium assault vehicles, speeders or penetration gameplay] Content is the most important element of gaming and without it 'soon'™ eventually becomes codeword for NEVER.

As always, we'll continue to attempt to help promote and publish ideas that help establish, enhance and grow the Dust 514 community as much as we can. Have any ideas that need sharing? Would you like to join our staff as a writer? Be sure to contact us at


  1. Always thought the game gave away too much info in certain situations "you have just been scanned" really? dont tell that! don't like "the enemy is hacking the supply depot either" c'mon I can see that on the map myself if I pay attention. Stop showing who's attacking a district too. The district owner and under attack is fine.

    I've always wanted to do PVE scout missions and then sell info like "What infrastructure and how many clones RND has on Osvetur 5" or "who was attacked them two days ago" along with a map of the district in a player market as a way to make money. The game doesnt support anything for people not in corps or willing to sell/trade information and thats a shame because those things are New Eden.

    1. I like the scan notice. It freaks me out and I don't even know if it is a legit squad, a vehicle, or some solo moron doing the scanning.

    2. If your dropsuit can tell you that you've been scanned it should be smart enough to see what your squad mates see without a scan.

      I don't think there should be a notification for the scanner or the scannee

    3. agree with this. would like 2 see less tells too

  2. good points, but PC irrelevant until they counter people locking own districts with alt corp.

    moar game modes pls!

  3. i love ur idea about letting people buy as many clone packs as they like and not showing it until the battle starts but itd be sweet if EVE ships could scan warbarges and tell u how many clones they were attacking or defending with. more ways to connect the games and sell good intel too.

  4. We forgot to mention the devs mention of the ability to forgive friendly kills that were obvious errors. We are big supporters of common sense mechanics like this.

  5. The OB mechanic they talked about will very likely be coming to FW first, as it is very similar to the complex capture mechanic already in place. You wouldn't have a chance to shoot friendlies as the militia you are fighting for would have to control the "button" before OB's become available. The other side won't be able to request one until they have control. As for PC, they seemed to imply they want anyone to conduct OB's, not just in the same corp/alliance. We'll see where they go on that.

    The thing that has me excited is they may create new professions in EVE if DUST needs them for transportation.

    1. this. cant wait to pilot my own warbage or blow up an enemy one. hurry up ccp!

  6. I believe it when i see it

    As ive learnt from CCP they promise ALOT OF STUFF that never happens

    Id bet most of this stuff wont happen or wont happen for years yet

    1. Oh that stuff will happen, its just a question of when. The game won't last much longer ( few more months) without anything new that'll keep players interested.