Thursday, June 6, 2013

GNN Acquires Secret STB & IMPs Transcripts

Is there a coordinated attack coming on Cronos? Is Kane Spero the mastermind? Was EON strong armed by Negative Feedback? What is STBs role? You be the judge.

[5/29/2013 10:00:39 AM] Kane Spero: So you going all in with Cronos?
[5/29/2013 10:18:34 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": ??
[5/29/2013 10:18:39 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": why everyone ask us that?
[5/29/2013 10:18:46 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we are in Unclaimed
[5/29/2013 10:18:51 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": an friendly with EoN
[5/29/2013 10:18:57 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": at war with ROFL an IMPS
[5/29/2013 10:21:15 AM] Kane Spero: Cronos launched the counter attack
[5/29/2013 10:21:21 AM] Kane Spero: Not STB
[5/29/2013 10:22:01 AM] Kane Spero: You may be at war with ROFL now, but it only serves to make the actual enemy stronger
[5/29/2013 10:23:10 AM] Kane Spero: We have hard choice to make this weekend QG. The future of PC depends on it.
[5/29/2013 10:25:29 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus":
IMPs tell me who signed the atatack order on STB
[5/29/2013 10:26:27 AM] Kane Spero: Your planet is a gateway. Since it wasn't being used to attack it needed to change hands.
[5/29/2013 10:26:33 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": Cronos attacked cause now your at there back door
[5/29/2013 10:26:52 AM] Kane Spero: A backdoor you never used.
[5/29/2013 10:26:53 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": Cronos left us alone as long as we left them alone now u close to them they attacked you
[5/29/2013 10:27:08 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we should meet on comms top talk then
[5/29/2013 10:27:14 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": tell me who order the hit on STB
[5/29/2013 10:28:01 AM] Kane Spero: Your planet is in the way of a campaign. It's as simple as that.
[5/29/2013 10:28:34 AM] Kane Spero: A NAP with CRONOS is war with the rest of Molden Heath
[5/29/2013 10:45:46 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": so Imps attacked in order to try and effect Cronos
[5/29/2013 10:48:13 AM] Kane Spero: You can draw your own conclusions.
[5/29/2013 11:21:02 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": lol your running circles around the fact, you attacked us cronos did not
[5/29/2013 11:21:19 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": if you wanted to secure the back door you could have come talked to me
[5/29/2013 11:21:24 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": like EoN did
[5/29/2013 11:21:35 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": the proper way to handle things diplomatically
[5/29/2013 11:21:45 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": instead of this forcing anonymity
[5/29/2013 11:26:53 AM] Kane Spero: Of course you aren't attacked by Cronos
[5/29/2013 11:27:05 AM] Kane Spero: You are in a NAP with them
[5/29/2013 11:54:18 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": they never bothered me i never bothered them ROFL and STB had agreements. We was leaving everything in the west alone and enjoying the east
[5/29/2013 12:00:24 PM] Kane Spero: Well, your options are lose SVER Prime or make war to the south with the rest of Molden Heath.
[5/29/2013 12:06:53 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": ??
[5/29/2013 12:07:04 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we already are warring ROFL in the South
[5/29/2013 12:07:18 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we was fighting them before you even attacked us
[5/29/2013 12:21:55 PM] Kane Spero: I'm not talking about ROFL
[5/29/2013 12:34:05 PM] Kane Spero: We really only want 4 districts
[5/29/2013 12:34:48 PM] Kane Spero: We leave it at 4 and you guys help us go after Cronos.
[5/29/2013 12:40:23 PM] Kane Spero: This would be an official NAP with IMP. We would also give back the districts after the campaign. Otherwise we will launch a massive attack and clear you by this weekend.
[5/29/2013 12:43:49 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": im leaving i have to go to work the threatening side you try to puff is annoying me. Again you have a terrible way of negotiating. I have left everyone be but ROFL now you threaten me tell me i fight with you or die... hmm that sounds like hitler almost dont it.. how did that war end?
[5/29/2013 12:44:32 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": im off to work ttyl
[6/1/2013 10:05:53 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": so what happend to only 4 distircts?
[6/1/2013 10:06:01 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": thought u made an offer?
[6/1/2013 10:26:12 PM] Kane Spero: 4 Districts if you launched attacks on Cronos. Instead you ran to Sha Kharn.
[6/1/2013 10:26:37 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": o i see so attack them or its my demise?
[6/1/2013 10:26:56 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": ever thought of just coming to me an saying hey can i get these distircts to attack them
[6/1/2013 10:27:02 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": to attack Cronos*
[6/1/2013 10:27:02 PM] Kane Spero: If you aren't going to help then you're in the way.
[6/1/2013 10:27:12 PM] Kane Spero: We knew about your NAP
[6/1/2013 10:27:24 PM] Kane Spero: and the fact that you are in the same Eve-side coalition
[6/1/2013 10:28:02 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i agree if im in the way, my question is thus, is there a way that i can give you what you want location wise save myself an avoid having to fight Cronos, basically i avoid contact with your affliants an enjoy my time with ROFL an OSG u use the meildolf districts to your liking an we both live happy lives
[6/1/2013 10:28:13 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": again i have no NAP
[6/1/2013 10:28:25 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": they never attacked us an we never attacked them so no open conflict
[6/1/2013 10:28:27 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i will say this
[6/1/2013 10:28:46 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i have no personal quarrel with them which is why i never attacked
[6/1/2013 10:28:46 PM] Kane Spero: Except now we've got SI ringers showing up in some of your fights
[6/1/2013 10:29:00 PM] Kane Spero: Let me take your offer to the directorship
[6/1/2013 10:29:04 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": hired guns really? i had imps asking to ring for me to fight u guys
[6/1/2013 10:29:10 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i had EON players fighting you
[6/1/2013 10:29:13 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i had ROFL guys
[6/1/2013 10:29:18 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i had everyone fighting you
[6/1/2013 10:29:23 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": they work for isk
[6/1/2013 10:29:25 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we all do
[6/1/2013 10:29:42 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": agian
[6/1/2013 10:29:47 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i propose this
[6/1/2013 10:29:55 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": u use the district u have for your benefit
[6/1/2013 10:30:02 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": u see no nonsense from
[6/1/2013 10:30:03 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": me
[6/1/2013 10:30:09 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i dont attack u or any of your NAP people
[6/1/2013 10:30:21 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i play with ROFL an OSG an i leave the forums
[6/1/2013 10:30:46 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": ps are the servers kicking u i cant log in
[6/1/2013 10:35:06 PM] Kane Spero: Let me check
[6/1/2013 10:35:34 PM] Kane Spero: Also, whatever happens between us. Always feel free to come to me about CPM stuff
[6/1/2013 10:35:42 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": lolo...really
[6/1/2013 10:35:43 PM] Kane Spero: like feedback on how PC is going and shit
[6/1/2013 10:35:48 PM] Kane Spero: yeah man
[6/1/2013 10:35:51 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i think i just threw up a lil
[6/1/2013 10:35:54 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": lol
[6/1/2013 10:35:56 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus":
[6/1/2013 10:36:12 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": this isnt personal between me an u its business in game i get that
[6/1/2013 10:36:28 PM] Kane Spero: Like I've said before. I don't care what's happening in game. You've always been good about wanting to help the Dust community.
[6/1/2013 10:36:33 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": dont get me wrong i openly hate the fuckups u employ but hey.. we all have are personal standards.
[6/1/2013 10:36:41 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": agreed
[6/1/2013 10:36:49 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": just keep them away from me at fanfest ok
[6/1/2013 10:37:01 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": when i get to drinking things may get ugly quick
[6/1/2013 10:37:07 PM] Kane Spero: lolol, kk
[6/1/2013 10:37:18 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": again though think about my proposal
[6/1/2013 10:37:28 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": mutually beneficial instead of all one sided
[6/1/2013 10:37:31 PM] Kane Spero: Yeah, I'll take it to the directorship
[6/1/2013 10:37:38 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": it breeds good faith in working together in the future
[6/1/2013 10:38:00 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": my prioirty is STB an Unclaimed nothing else
[6/1/2013 10:38:03 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": no that
[6/1/2013 10:38:06 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": know*
[6/1/2013 10:38:17 PM] Kane Spero: Roger that
[6/1/2013 10:38:52 PM] Kane Spero: Alright, just heard back that other people are having server issues logging in
[6/1/2013 10:39:05 PM] Kane Spero: You still having problems?
[6/1/2013 10:39:14 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": yeh
[6/1/2013 10:39:19 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": my whole corp dcd
[6/1/2013 10:39:24 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": only 1 in corp from 49
[6/1/2013 10:39:29 PM] Kane Spero: wtf
[6/1/2013 10:39:33 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": servers are down officially
[6/1/2013 10:39:46 PM] Kane Spero: I'm in game? wtf?
[6/1/2013 10:39:46 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": they overloaded at 7500 people an crashed
[6/1/2013 10:39:55 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": lol
[6/1/2013 10:40:00 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": ull dc at the end
[6/1/2013 10:40:11 PM] Kane Spero: oh, there it is
[6/1/2013 10:40:14 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": lol
[6/1/2013 10:40:20 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": im baby jesus i told ya so
[6/1/2013 10:40:24 PM] Kane Spero:
[6/1/2013 10:40:36 PM] Kane Spero: shit let me get in touch with CCP
[6/1/2013 10:40:46 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": k
[6/1/2013 10:40:49 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": GL
[6/1/2013 10:40:55 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": pping me with intel if u get some
[6/1/2013 10:41:10 PM] Kane Spero: will do
[6/1/2013 10:41:20 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": ty
[6/1/2013 10:41:24 PM] Kane Spero: How has your performance been in PC?
[6/1/2013 10:41:35 PM] Kane Spero: you getting the frames dropping issue?
[6/1/2013 10:41:49 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": o hell ya
[6/1/2013 10:41:55 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": especially against u an outer haven
[6/1/2013 10:42:02 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": the frame rate was horrendous
[6/1/2013 10:42:21 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we got like 30 people on standby in a chat to sub in an out when it happens
[6/1/2013 10:43:37 PM] Kane Spero: hmm.. you okay with being tapped for a test PC match with CCP if they run one again?
[6/1/2013 10:45:44 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": yeh
[6/1/2013 10:45:46 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": for sure
[6/1/2013 10:45:52 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we love publicity lol
[6/1/2013 10:45:55 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": good or bad
[6/1/2013 10:45:59 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": were STB
[6/1/2013 10:46:03 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": :)8
[11:09:25 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": servers down again
[11:10:43 AM] Kane Spero: Yeah
[11:10:51 AM] Kane Spero: Eve side as well
[11:40:40 AM | Edited 11:41:03 AM] Kane Spero: Alright the terms are you abandon Meildolf and our attacks against STB will cease.
[12:23:13 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": so we give all of meildof to u we cant keep any?
[12:23:32 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": an if we do give them all up what does that guarantee me? when i take a new home that you dont do the same again?
[6:54:36 PM] Kane Spero: Yes, all of the districts. When we do district transfers we always have a cool off period.
[7:13:04 PM] Kane Spero: So, I heard the rap one of your guys put up. It was . . . interesting
[7:39:35 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": lol yeh i thought it was interesting as well lol
[7:39:50 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": will i be compensated for the districts ?
[7:40:03 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": or should i just continue fighting an forcing you to spend money?
[7:40:27 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": as it cost me nothing to defend but it cost u to attack
[7:52:39 PM] Kane Spero: Actually, we can attack you from our districts now. We get money every time we win a fight.
[7:56:50 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": not if your district gets locked you cannot
[7:57:06 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": you may think u own a upper hand with this, when in fact you entered an isk war
[7:57:25 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i non aggressively took meildolf. I had no agreements with anyone
[7:57:37 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": you an your associates became a target from Cronos
[7:57:48 PM] Kane Spero: That's fine if you don't agree will take your planet anyways.
[7:57:48 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": you got upset that others were not really in the same boat
[7:57:54 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": you recruited EoN through fear
[7:58:00 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": then you try to bully me
[7:58:03 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": well Kane
[7:58:15 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": If you had some sort of fair deal then yes we could agree on something
[7:58:23 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": but at this point you threaten and huff an puff
[7:58:26 PM] Kane Spero: The facts are you have an option to vacate that will allow us to work in the future.
[7:58:30 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": so you can sink in money
[7:58:31 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": then
[7:58:42 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": here is my response then
[7:59:16 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i will continue fighting with ROFL, an enjoying the PC life i choose. You can continue to attack.
[7:59:29 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": if you pressure more then this i will retaliate by allying with your enemies
[7:59:37 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": so push me further and yes i will ally with your reds
[7:59:45 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": currently my alliance is only with Unclaimed
[7:59:55 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": if I must make friends outside if that i will
[8:00:26 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": ps virgin destroyer sent me your convo with her
[8:00:37 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": so be aware many people are planning on working against you first chance they get
[8:00:46 PM] Kane Spero: That's great
[8:00:49 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": you think you can rule by fear
[8:00:55 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": and in fact you only dig your grave
[8:01:02 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i am not afraid of the beta PC war
[8:01:06 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we have plenty of isk
[8:01:08 PM] Kane Spero: Nah, people can attack us
[8:01:10 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we loose meildolf fine
[8:01:13 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": chase me around pc fine
[8:01:14 PM] Kane Spero: that just give us content
[8:01:18 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we will fight and we will endure
[8:01:19 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we always do
[8:01:28 PM] Kane Spero: QG, you don't understand. We want to fight.
[8:01:35 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": no kane you dont get it
[8:01:39 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": u think ur untouchable
[8:01:45 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": this is a long term game
[8:01:55 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": an u will burn your cords fast with your actions
[8:01:59 PM] Kane Spero: Of course it's a long term game.
[8:02:07 PM] Kane Spero: PC is just a distraction.
[8:02:15 PM] Kane Spero: We already have our plans for Null.
[8:02:22 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": well then understand u had a chance to work this out diplomatically and fair yet you push and bully
[8:02:41 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": a bully in real life hayday is small term and short and that translates into meta gaming as well
[8:03:00 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i will be there to snuff the flame of imperfects from this game dont you worry
[8:03:07 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": keep an eye on your wallet kane
[8:03:10 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i am coming for it
[8:03:19 PM] *** Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus" blocked Kane Spero ***
[8:03:30 PM] Kane Spero: That fine. This is a game that should be about conflict.
[8:03:44 PM] Kane Spero: Not sitting on districts that were unearned collecting money.
 [6/2/2013 8:10:12 PM] Kane Spero: What you want as compensation for leaving the districts?
[6/2/2013 8:11:03 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": u can purchase them off of us if they are only for your campaing why not just buy them
[6/2/2013 8:11:13 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i can sell my clones an charge the ddiffernce
[6/2/2013 8:11:19 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": so 300 clones is 30 million
[6/2/2013 8:11:37 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": u pay 50 an we sell the distirct
[6/2/2013 8:11:58 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": otheerwiese as i said i peacefully took those districts causiing no issues with anyone
[6/2/2013 8:12:03 PM] Kane Spero: 50 for each district then?
[6/2/2013 8:12:07 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i had my thing going an u felt that u need them
[6/2/2013 8:12:13 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": so the attack to u is justified
[6/2/2013 8:12:15 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": fine
[6/2/2013 8:12:21 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i cannot argue a leaders chocie
[6/2/2013 8:12:31 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i can argue your course of action as unprofessional
[6/2/2013 8:12:41 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": yes 50 for each would be fine
[6/2/2013 8:13:07 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": then i can move you can have your war with Cronos
[6/2/2013 8:13:11 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": an we all live to see antoher day
[6/2/2013 8:13:47 PM] Kane Spero: QG, I like what you have done for the community. Despite what some may say I don't want STB all the way out of PC.
[6/2/2013 8:13:58 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": or we go the smae way we are, at one anothers throats with no chacne of diplomacny now or later casue we will have fought to the death of one side
[6/2/2013 8:14:16 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": o dont worry even the falling of SVER prime is not us out of PC
[6/2/2013 8:14:44 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": that is why i am offering a solution sale
[6/2/2013 8:14:52 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": we fought hard for the first few an lost most
[6/2/2013 8:14:55 PM] Kane Spero: Let, me talk it over. I'll get back with you an aswer in a couple hours.
[6/2/2013 8:15:02 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": now we wish to either cut losses or die trying
[6/2/2013 8:17:21 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": an understand that my assoicates all have access to these talks so no one thinks i am back stabbing anyone
[6/2/2013 8:17:47 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": i am an open leader an encourage transpanercy in my corp an alliance
[6/2/2013 8:18:02 PM] Kane Spero: That's fine
[6/2/2013 10:03:06 PM] Kane Spero: Alright, the deal is accepted. 50 million per district. The money gets transfered once all the districts are in hand. You need to have an alt apply to Spero Escrow Services to recieve payment. Once the servers are up of course -__-
[6/2/2013 10:23:28 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": k look for ze duke
[6/2/2013 10:24:01 PM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": now this means that u will not target further STB distircts ? or least come talk to me first
ps i hacve to jet ill tty tommorw
[6/2/2013 10:24:30 PM] Kane Spero: Make sure you have someone in place to do the transfer in case the servers come back up
[6/2/2013 10:25:11 PM] Kane Spero: ttyl
[9:00:17 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": im online now
[9:28:27 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": why would u an your guys be so stupid to lock all those distircts.. i mean wtf we just agreed that i would tranfers them over an noew they are all locked ..
[8:08:11 AM] Quickgloves aka "Baby Jesus": so tell me kain how do u expect to run a escrow service when you renege on a deal made an agreed upon in full contract terms. WE agreed i would sell the districts to you an you agreed yet you renege and fail at actually being able to live to your word. No honor in that an hopefully others will see your terrible business ability an avoid contact with such a shady character. IT goes to prove that even when you agree on something you are nothing more than trying to steal or snake. I am glad to know that we have a dishonest CPM rep that cannot even fulfill a simple transaction. Enjoy being on the rock you think u sit because i will be the one that knocks you off it.

 Quickgloves also had this to say: 'That's the full story outlining how the IMPS service is a fraud an a scam they have no honor or business ethics. They think they can bully the school yard an that may be so for now, but every dog has its day an I have been the punching bag from these guys ever since the dog days of MAG an 3C. 5 years STB has had its name an never waivered. Yet 3C died GC died <# murder service died an many others all while trying to slander assault or destroy me an all that is STB. Yet here we stand atop the leaderboards and still thriving in over 12 games 2 platforms. The IMPS to will fail to destroy us, just as they have for the past few years with different names they are all the same. They slander STB yet many of there top players have worn STB tags before. Look at all the old MAG videos or early Dust videos. they talk so low yet focus on pulling players from our ranks. They aim so hard to defeat me yet I rise again and again. People wonder how I got the nickname Baby Jesus. From just this. I have so many people that knock me down yet I rise an rise. I am taller, I am stronger an I am much smarter then all of them seem to believe. STB will always survive as long as there are people willing to fight for a true cause. Honor Loyalty an Brotherhood. A mans word is only good once. And Kane Spero showing that he cannot live to his word shows his true colors. It is a shame to know that in the CPM we have a man of no honor and no respect.

'This is not a rant but a statement to those that think they can overcome me. I will stand tall with my Brothers I will Defend my Brothers an I will AVENGE my Brothers. I have done so successfully for almost 5 years now. Sver Prime is a small loss in the large scale picture. It gives us a clear picture on what we need to do in the future. When it goes to 0.0 is when it all really matters. Until then its all practice. The isk is the only real drive for any corp to PC but being the way molden heath is right now with so many corps ignoring the real issue of IMPS because they are all so focused on Cronos PC is a massive isk sink. As always I will be here an intend to take more districts. the community can watch us grow an remember these days, heed my words. The imperfects will die before STB just as all the other elite clans that attacked us before have.'


  1. rule #1 QG. never trust an EVE player

  2. ur word is your bond. Kane has neither.

    1. Kane is loyal to the people that serve him

    2. serve? is like the emperor of the imperfects or something?

    3. He's more like the king of the douchebags

  3. "People wonder how I got the nickname Baby Jesus."

    I always though you gave that ridiculous name to yourself because you fancy yourself "hood" and are a sociopath.

    Actually, I still think that.

  4. I like how quickgloves totes around like he has any diplomatic say in anything when he is 100% powerless in planet conquest. Its like Sudan trying to go to war against NATO or something. effing stupid.

  5. Why would anyone pay a dying corp for what they could just run over and take?

    1. Probably because it takes time to fight, time that would be better spent fighting Cronos. Its like having to push through Italy to get to Germany.

  6. He says PC is a money sink... not if Imperfects can just show up and take districts without a fight. Sounds like a money maker left and right to me.

  7. Kain is a liar and an asshole.

    He pretends to be all noble and honorable but behind closed doors, hes as much as an asshat as any of the other imp vets. I also heard rumors that he has been abusing his CPM position.

    1. Its New Eden HTFU...

      I dont get how this is a scam? Its IMPs paying, not STB, so its not like QG paid for something and was backstabbed... before the deal had followed through imps had merely decided it wasnt worth it, and they'd rather fight a corp. Bad business ethics sure assuming QG wasnt warned about the change of heart, but really not that big of a deal, and does not undermine the escrow service...

      although i wouldnt trust it personally...

      But i understand new eden.

  8. Haha Your tears are delicious QG.

    Love how you leave out all the tidbits from your internal forums how you were basically spitting in Kane's face and you will just jerk him around until the opportune moment. Our intel network pulled that and your lolfail Rapper talking a lot of trash and then you want us to honor an agreement founded on a false premise. Yea buddy we all know how terrible you are at this game. Fact is Kane was being nice, you chose to "spit" in his face and when he wouldn't stand for it you decided to go on a smear campaign.

    Yea everyone knows you for the incompetent leader you are and you actively behaved like the two-faced tool you were. Don't hate us because our intel networks were so good at pulling info from your internal sites that you felt the need to shut it down.

    P.S. Love the change in message that PC is just the "warmup" for the bigger game, lmao way to stand resolute you tool.

    -Gunner Nightingale

    1. well, tbh, for such a 'incompetent' leader, he sure has had a good run. at least 100 members for how long?

      last i checked, that run is still going strong....jus sayin

  9. I believe this.

  10. So how was EoN involved in this again?

    1. they were dumb enough to believe kanes lies too. they even gave up territories to the imps without fighting. Dumb!!! gotta give it to kane spero hes playing all of you

    2. Y tu eres un idiota. Kane Spero is a scrub ingame, and merely a pretty muneca for Imperfects, solo una fashada.

    3. STB is a joke

  11. losers will always be losers
    haters will always be haters

  12. Imps are loud mouth nerds. Even after picking up the campers from PFB that don't even play. Learn to camp more or stay off the game and preserve your fake stats.

    1. hmmm sounds like you are one of the scruby PFBHz members that is butthurt that all the good players left.

  13. STB is neither dying nor will they be removed entirely from Planetary Conquest. Everyone, including STB, should know that STB has friends who are actively planning to thwart any attempts of STB's eradication.

    - Friends

    1. Super secret anonymous squadJune 6, 2013 at 11:50 AM

      We have plans to do the opposite and have spies in your ranks for months now. The question is, who is it? That is my only hint.

      - STB's secret pact of enemies.

    2. Good luck with that you foolish children. It seems everyone is upset that IMPS aren't just a FPS powerhouse but a master of the meta. Scrubs unite under your banner we have a Lannisteresque way of thwarting even the most resilient of pests.

      -Gunner Nightingale

  14. What's really ironic about this is that STB attempted to pay us off to leave our planet when they started pushing an invasion force, claiming to be "diplomatic". We politely declined the sale offer and asked for a peaceful co-existence, but STB refused and insisted that they would take the planet from us.

    Sounds like a very similar thing is happening to them now, other groups trying to invade while they try to ask Imperfects for a peaceful co-existence.

  15. DRDC - dont read, dont comment

  16. kane is trash at this game... i dont even see how people follow him.. i mean have you even played in a match with this "asshat" he has no gun game what so ever lolz

  17. spies lolz... dont tell them where our safe spots are.. come really like you have anything to gain from spy in dust

  18. i heard g-slick aka god nova applied to stb.. fail