Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Destiny will push Dust

 We watched the Destiny gameplay reveal last night and wow, what a truly beautiful game. Bungie nailed its look, feel, even the little things like how the weapon was placed in first-person [so that it felt like you were truly holding it] or the great environments and even the birds. A game with this much detail isn't often massive, but what Destiny may lack in size it easily makes up for in visuals. Amazing how a game with so little lore already makes you almost feel its backstory. For all its lore, Dust does so little to capitalize on it or make the user care.

CCP has to be careful here. Bungie is effectively the rookie playing the same position as them who just took one back to the house.

Ive never played a Bungie game before but the emotes, the little things [like character details, great lighting, shadows, water effects and walking thorough brush] sold me instantly. It felt alive. And Bungie showed off a bit too didnt they? Taking the time to look at their environments, showing us the wonderful detail and verticality. It was awesome. Adding things like the persistent crosshair marker [to show you where hipfire will hit] along with functional red dot sights should provide great examples to CCP of how much their core game still needs to improve.

The scene where lights revealed the previously pitch black environment was magical. And showed everyone what a true AAA title is supposed to look like. For the first time that I can recall, a title made Dust 514 look like a free game. It was hard to admit that to myself as a big fan of what CCP is trying to accomplish. But it had to be said nonetheless, we do the devs a disservice when we arent honest with them regarding their shortcomings. Blind fanboysim never helped anything.

Then PVE combat was on display, The Fallen were quick and looked intimidating. Combat was fast, framerate was excellent and even the weapon & power effects were great. Was I the only one who thought 'Thats what a nova knife should look like.' I doubt it. The first boss battle was also well done, and the killshot was amazing. It was also nice to see a revive mechanic that actually worked. Destiny showed us that loot, rare drops, persistence and customization arent things that are specific to any title. They are basic parts of any game claiming to be an MMOFPS.

The beginning of the public event was nothing short of breathtaking from the ground shaking to the darkening of the environment and ship 'warping in' to the blast wave that spewed dust everywhere. We've always assumed Dusts visuals were a result of being massive, but is 16v16 really that different from 16 vs the environment? We sure cant tell. Its fine if Dust wants to keep the level of its visuals but the game will have to become truly massive to make up for it. The Fallen Assault was an example of true immersion, and it made you felt like you were there. It felt real when the Fallen ship was overhead didnt it? The Devil Walker and its weapon effects were even better. We're not going to stop supporting CCP & Dust 514 anytime soon, but we hope they acknowledged the arrival of Destiny and are prepared to counter it by competing.


  1. +1 dust looks like shite compared to destiny

  2. Alot of it is Bungie but also the new console. I think CCP needs to move to next gen as soon as possible. They may also need to partner with a company that is much better at doing this stuff but that is a harder call to make and I could only truly say so once they put a product on the newer system.

  3. The loot system looks the same as Borderlands. Kill enemy --> get random guns

    To be honest, I wasn't overly impressed by Destiny because it was really just a graphics and PvE demo to me. I still know almost nothing about the story, core gameplay, and PvP. And seriously with the Nova Knife comment? It's not that big of a deal.

    Don't get me wrong, Dust still needs serious work and there's a chance its problems are beyond repair.

  4. Privately I think CCP has hired the wrong people for Dust 514. If you watch that Brandon Larino guy on the twitch videos he comes across as a passionless cynic. Hes seems dismissive of other CCP members and rotes out the same old crap. In many ways he beahves like CCP Hammer.

    1. who is CCP Hammer?

    2. A douche that got fired for being crap.

    3. was he the previous Dust exec producer?

  5. From what I have heard the game play is a bland between Fallout and Borderlands, but nothing special. The methods for levels and getting power ups sounds boring, but to each their own.

  6. Two completely different games. Not sure if anyone actually realizes that Destiny is more like Borderlands than an MMO FPS... some people....

    1. I disagree. I think the games are similar enough for destiny and dust fans to be the same.

  7. I think Destiny looked amazing,but with a small caveat.Every developer that's at E3 tries to show us something amazing,and a lot of times,they don't deliver.

    But don't get me wrong,I really want to play that game,and if Dust hasn't overcome it's deficiencies by the time Destiny comes out,I think CCP will be in some real trouble,and not only because of Destiny,but BF4 will be out later this year,and COD Ghosts will poach from Dust's playerbase as well.

    Again,this is all assuming that Dust is still looking like it does,plays like it does,and hasn't fixed a lot of the issues that make it a game that only 6K+/- people want to play on a regular basis.This game has a huge universe that's still not fully realized,and once it is,it really needs a huge playerbase to populate it.Along with that,there just needs to be a fun factor in Dust that it just doesn't quite have yet.

  8. I thought this was a FAN-site. :P

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