Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dust 514 Launches!

5.14 was the day! After over a year in beta CCP finally took the top off and launched the second window into the New Eden galaxy. We couldn't be more excited. PC took off like a rocket as all of the districts were seized within 10 minutes. Don't think EVE players didnt take notice.

Attacks were plenty and the next two days will be full of warfare and spent ISK. Be sure to enjoy it. We will update as much a we can in real time via our Twitter Account if you don't follow us already? You need to.

We also wrote a Metacritic Review. If you enjoy your experiences in Dust 514 you should as well. Its important to support worthy products by giving good feedback about them. Here's the link:

Be well, Mercs.


  1. YAAAY! go ccp!!