Monday, April 29, 2013

Fanfest Breakdown

Dust 514 fans are excited for good reason after Fanfest. We received the most information to date and even got to see much of the future road map and things to come. CEO Pyrex did a great job here of breaking down much of what was seen in a short version. CCP already has all of the Dust keynotes on twitch as well and we will link them below, keep in mind its a much longer version.

CEO Pyrex Breakdown

Fanfest Presentations

Some of the things that really excited us were the new weapon scopes, fresh game modes, the information about Planetary Conquest and the variety of all the racial equipment. Here are some other things we really liked.

1. Penetration Gameplay - Imagine the the implications of fighting on EVE ships. CCP Jian remarked that one particular environment is "What looks like the inside of a Titan." EVE players collectively gasped, no doubt. It was also probably the impetus for this tweet by Goon Overload The Mittani Tweet .

2. The Space Elevator - Another look at the growing connection between the new games. We cant wait for things like this, the player trade market and the orbital cannon.

3. EVE players piloting Warbarges - We did a piece about the Warbage not so long ago. This was another hint at connecting the two games. We're not sure Dust players will be totally comfortable with being dependent on capsuleers. Better get an EVE account then. If all else fails see #1 for other options. Imagine a ship full of Dust mercenary pirates who fly through null sec baiting an unwary EVE pilots into attacking them and being boarded....Oh the possibilities! Be very afraid.

4. The Starmap - We got to see the new iteration in all its PC-centric glory. Well done, CCP.

5. The Roadmap - There was so much here to get excited about. Speeders, MAVs, The Minmatar sniper rifle and AR, new heavy suits, fresh environments and how about those fighters? The list goes on and on.

6. 5.14 - Rejoice! We finally have a release date. On 5.14/13 Dust will exit beta and take its place among the truly remarkable concepts in gaming. While we hope to see improvements made to the tutorial, matchmaking and game incentives, the game is positioned to succeed and change shooters forever.

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  1. storming eve ships? sign me up!

  2. those fighters tho!