Monday, March 4, 2013

GNN: SOE Condemns Federation Nanite Weapon Tests

The Sisters of EVE condemned what they see as unethical experiments by the Federal Intelligence Office on "criminal" detainees of the Intake Syndicate. SOE intercepted transmissions from a secret facility operated by Duvolle Laboratories that included reports of new infantry grenades being tested on prisoners. From the reports the grenades explode in a cloud of hostile nanites that attack any organic material, but are unable to penetrate advanced shielding.
The gruesome process blinds and disorients anyone within the cloud. The nanites then eat away at a person unfortunate enough to remain in the cloud resulting in an unpleasant death. The power units of the nanites are only able to be maintained for a short duration resulting in the cloud becoming inert after a time. The reports included praise from a Black Eagles officer for the weapon's "area-of-denial" capabilities and the "shock value" of the device.

Even more controversial, the Sisters of EVE claim that the prisoners are actually refugees that were attempting to flee the recent fighting in the Intaki system. If the SOE is to be believed, the refugees were intercepted by Black Eagle operatives in Brarel after requesting assistance from the Gallente militia forces patrolling the area. The Intaki captives have been conveniently branded as criminals by the Federal Intelligence Office. A request for a statement by the FIO was left unanswered.

Nanite Grenade*
Blast Radius: 12 Meters
Damage: 30-60 per second
Duration: 15-30 seconds
Secondary Effects: Vision disruption
Grenade Count: 2
Cost: 12,000 ISK

*These are fictitious weapons on the Dusters contributors' wish list.


  1. would kill for these!!

  2. got a camping scrub heavy problem u cant get rid off? nanite grenades to the rescue!

  3. Is there actually any evidence for these, or is it just something you would like to see?

  4. all of the GNN posts are wishlist items our writers see a need for. they've tried their best to suggest useful and relevant assets.

  5. these would be good +1

  6. yes! yes! give me these!