Wednesday, March 6, 2013

GNN: Ishukone developing Orbital Target Designators?

Sources have revealed that megacorp Ishukone may be finalizing manufacture of a brand of Orbital Targeting Designator. In theory these locator devices can be planted on structures or other assets and provide target tracking for capsuleer pilots. While these would have to be activated and planted by clone soldiers, the military applications for devices like these could alter the warfare landscape considerably.

An Ishukone spokeman had this to say, "Planets are enormous locales. Supporting a planetary force can often be a logistical nightmare in terms of attacking the enemy from orbit. The lack of precision can often result in collateral damage among friendly troops. Target Designators would allow surgical strikes on enemy vehicles, command positions and other assets. Their only limitation is a clone soldier competent enough to place them effectively." While corporations are said to anxious for access to this tech, reportedly Ishukone has just entered the developmental stage for these devices.

Ishukone Targeting Designator
Provides target intel to orbiting ships
Amount: 2
Cost: 40,000 ISK

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  1. this could make groups like goons and pl OP!!!

    1. groups like those are OP through hard work, it isnt a game exploit that makes them dominating. we would argue they have earned the right to be OP.

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