Sunday, March 10, 2013

GNN: Allotek vs Boundless - Competing Deployable Cover Systems

Allotek Industries.jpg VS File:Boundless Creation.jpg

Reports indicate that both the Gallente-based Allotek Industries and the Minmatar-based Boundless Creation are working on competing deployable cover systems designed to protect troops from heavy fire.

Our sources  inform us that Allotek has gone with plasma-based approach. The Allotek deployable cover system creates a wide reddish wall of plasma held in shape by an electromagnetic field to provide protection for multiple mercenaries. The shield absorbs from 60-80% of incoming damage. The Allotek cover system has a power cell that limits it to 2 minutes. There is the nasty side effect of increasing the profile signature of those near the wall of plasma.

Boundless Creation is working on a tougher more compact armor-based deployable cover system which utilizes manufacturing nanites to rapidly produce a metal slab to crouch behind as cover. Though it is smaller than the Allotek counterpart, it stops 100% of incoming damage, and has a built-in repairer that uses nanites to repair damage done to the metal slab. The repair systems are very limited, and can only repair about 50% of total armor before being used up. The slab of cover has a set amount of armor, and can be destroyed by enough incoming fire.

Analysts speculate that  the Boundless cover system will be more useful for snipers and anti-vehicle mercenaries since it completely obstructs the line of sight, while the Allotek deployable cover system will be very useful for cohesive squads of mercenaries.

This image on the left is supposedly from a Minmatar lab center shows a newly nanite-manufactured metal slab being transported to a testing room for impact testing. The image on the right is a close up of the Allotek deployable plasma cover system in action, supposedly captured from a Allotek headquarters.

Allotek plasma cover
Protection: 60%
Duration: 120 seconds
Width: 7 meters
Signature profile multiplier: 2

Boundless nanite wall
Armor: 2,400
Width: 3 meters
Armor repair rate: 10 (up to 1.200)