Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dust 514 Community Panel

Our blog will be doing a community panel next week where we highlight the community. While we have a few people picked out we do not want this to be an exclusive thing where we only print the opinions of 'elites'. We believe all players have valid opinions and would like to hear from new and old, slayers, support, pilots, drivers and everything in between. It would be nice to get two devs to participate as well. CCP_Eterne and CCP_Falcon perhaps? Make your answers long or short. we will not censor you.We  would like to run this piece next week so please try to have the questions below completed by monday or so. Cheers!

1. Why do our vehicles have a free self destruct device included? Should they?
2. Do games like BF3 put pressure on other shooters to add mechanics like destructible environs and suppression?
3. Is prone necessary?
4. 450% headshot modifier for headshots with the scrambler pistol. Yay or Nay?
5. Is the beginner tutorial sufficient? If not, what does it need?
6. should gun info include the effective range?
7. How often should Dust 514 get new content?
8. Does Dust 514 need different weapon scopes and other attachments?
9. How important is it for Dust to have variety in its game modes?
10. ARs like the Duvolle can be lethal at over 100m with the sharpshooter skill, is this ok?
11. AV grenade damage is apparently classified, are you ok with this?
12. Is being able to manually paint targets [aka active spotting] important to add?
13. Give us your opinions on Friendly Fire.
14. What three corp tools are necessary to you?
15. Is it an issue for the marketplace to have wrong or incomplete information?
16. What piece of equipment would you like to see added to gameplay?
17. should players get points from destroying enemy nanohives?
18. what will cause you to lose interest in Dust 514?
19. Being AFK in the MCC is a hot topic. Resolve it for us.
20. How much real money have you spent in Dust 514?
21. Should gameplay provide you with different types of contracts to choose from?
22. How important are Esports in this game?
23. How important is customization to you?
24. What is dust 514s biggest flaw?
25. We mentioned Battlefield Hierarchy in a recent piece. Are MCC Commander, Platoon Leader and Squad Leader roles and team broadcasts important?
26. what incentives can we provide for dropship pilots to get xp?
27. How many game modes should Dust 514 have at launch?
28. what weapon is in need of the most tuning. why?
29. Should spawns vary more to combat spawn camping?
30. what will keep you engaged and playing this title?
31. Proximity Chat, Yay or Nay?
32. On a scale of 1-10 rate the lag, hit detection and basic shooter aspects of this title.
33. How many simultaneous players should we see in a large-scale Dust 514 match?
34. should ISK rewards between the losers and winners of matches differ?
35. how would you resolve red line sniping and other activities in the restricted area?
36. should dust have bounty, assassin and scout contracts that cater to loners or small groups?
37. Should we get respecs in Dust, if so what should the criteria be?
38. How big should the group sizes in Dust be?
39. Should players be able to join the games of their allies?
40. Do we need different hit markers and crosshair indicators for infantry, vehicles and structures?
41. What features would you like to see in Corp VR Training Rooms?
42. Should the final scoreboard track assists?
43. Chat timestamps, yay or nay?
44. Should the HUD Compass show all four directions?
45. Should we be able to lock vehicles for anyone save the driver?


  1. 1) no my vehicle should not blow up
    3) yes prone needs to be in
    4) 450%? that cant be right
    7) new content every 2 wks
    8) yes we need scopes!!! front grips too!
    11) AV nade does 1200 dmg
    16) smoke nades, flash nades, claymores
    20) two merc packs
    25) we must have pls and team broadcast
    27) ten modes at retail! dont be like mag
    28) laser rifle needs to be lower dmg
    31) yes to prox chat
    33) 64 vs 64
    34) damn skippy! 40K isk when u lose!
    38) 8 man groups
    39) join game FTW

  2. top 4 are less isk rewards for losers, no WP or XP for anything behind the redline, prox and command structure.

  3. NO PRONE.
    Keep that OUT of this game.
    Snipers are already hard enough to spot/kill as it is. Prone will just make it "more fun" for them, at the detriment of the rest of us.

  4. 14. What three corp tools are necessary to you?
    I've been helping to run a 250+ member DUST corp for the last few weeks. Most functions can be handled in EVE for the moment which is fine.

    HOWEVER the tooling gap at the moment is all around communication. DUST players can not receive corp mails, and they can not see MOTD in channels.
    This causes members not to know when important events are happening, when to log on for training, etc.

  5. 32. I rate the lag a 7, hit detection a 2, and the basic shooting a 1. Dust is fail.

  6. 6. Yes it should. All info should be available when making a purchase.
    9. Very important. More options in choosing game mode allows the game to appeal to a wider crowd. Letting people find what they like best.
    10. yes, and if anything all gun ranges should increase. Balance does not mean everything is the same. there are other light weapons that are also quite deadly at range.
    11. No, I want all available information when making a purchase.
    12. Yes, and I like how it currently works. I like the idea of the TACNET showing on our map only what members of our side can see. I like that I do not need to hit a button, I can just look at a guy and that puts him on our TACNET.
    13. Friendly fire is a very important feature when it comes to balancing the game. if I can fire indiscriminately without worry about collateral damage then I am not using that weapon in a realistic fashion. I am reminded of back in MAG when they removed friendly knifing. this caused small rooms to become blenders as a team could swing knives wildly without worry of killing team mates. Many powerful wepons would be used more carefully if people had to worry about collateral damage.
    14. The ability to join an alliance. We are currently limited by only being able to fight corp vs corp, and not make full use of allies. Bigger game modes would be much easier to populte with alliances than with just corps.
    17. Yes, and we should also be able to hack them.
    18. Lack of alliance support.
    20. $140
    25. Very important, and it should be done very similar to the EVE fleet mechanic. It would be a lot easier and better for the UI if i could make an advert and have people join instead of having to invite each person.
    26. Pilots should get WP when someone spawns in theri vehicle, just as you do with a Drop Uplink.
    27. 5 or 6 at least.
    28. They aint broke no matter what people say, so don't fix them. Maybe increase the effectivness of small turrets. I can almost stand and shoot an LAV gunner while he tries to kill me with that pitiful turret.
    30. Fighting along with the other corps in RISE of LEGION alliance, and Pro hic Immortalis corp. I came for the game, but am staying for friends.
    31. I think no, only because of the lore. Private comms are normal. i don't really care though. I might start playing soundclips when I get near people if there is proxy.
    33. 500+
    34. YES! You should always get paid for showing up, but you should not get paid as much for losing.
    35. Don't... Let people play how they want. If it is suppossed to be a sandbox, then let people play how they wish.
    37. NO! Not ever in any way shape or form. They would be a horrible idea, and I can already think of exploits.
    42. Yes they should. This is needed very badly. People need to understand the value of an assist. it is not stolen poionts, it is more points for your squad. The squad that gets assists together gets more orbital strikes together.
    43. So badly needed. Even if it is just like in EVE where it is an option. I hate coming out of a match and responding to a message that it turns out came when i started the last match, and no longer needs a response.

  7. 1) No, has to be something you buy and fit into the vehicle as a trap for enemies. Also, I do get why its there since it frees up space for more vehicles since there is a quota.

    2) No, a lot of shooters are still successful without those mechanics. Destructible environments are cool, but doesn't really add much.

    3) I'm indifferent about prone.

    4) YAY, seems absurd, but I like it when certain weapons have certain perks to make them special.

    5) No, I cover it on here:

    6) Yes

    7) Every 3-6 months as already planned seems fine to me, it would be unreasonable to ask for more frequently.

    8) I wouldn't say "need", but that would be nice, and they confirmed weapon customization is coming. I think its really important that weapon attachments are not just generic shooter things like sights, but to have truly unique scifi attachments. Ideally weapon modding should be deep enough to replace the need for variants, basically tweak the gun to how you want it, like set it from automatic to be a 4 round burst in a weapon fitting menu.

    9) VERY! There needs to be modes with objectives besides capturing cannons, there needs to be a multi-stage attack/defend mode. Game mode variety is crucial to keeping players entertained over a long time.

    10) Not really sure, but seems fair given its prototype, and the sharpshooter skill has to be maxed out. I would feel better about if if the guns weren't hitscan.

    11) I want to know the damage, or at least how its calculated. Not a big deal to me though.

    12) Kind of, I want it.

    13) Yes to team-killing since its part of the dangerous backstabby sabotage-filled world of New Eden. There should be a -50 WP penalty for teamkills, and if you get enough teamkills than you should be marked and labeled as a team-killer to your teammates, and killing a marked player should not make you lose war points.

    14) Corp-wide mail or bulletin page (some way to announced to all corp members), corp 3D hangout room, and a corp armory.

    15) Yes

    16) Charge up short range teleporters, and deployable cover shields.

    17) Yes, for all deployable equipment.

    18) Lack of maps and lack of visual variety.

    19) Not really a real issue to me, but just don't factor time spent in battle in SP.

    20) $0.00, not spending until launch

    22) Only kind of important, but I would still like. For it to be important it has to be a place where all skills are equalized, and you're giving weapon standard items only (so no one has any advantage besides player skill and talent).

    23) Very, but depends on what I'm customizing. The customization I truly wanted is already in the game (fitting system).

    24) There isn't any special mechanics that make gameplay special.

    1. 25) MCC commander broadcast is important. Plantoon leaders aren't needed, at least not for the 48 player count we'll see at launch.

      26) Points for mobile CRU spawns, for transporting other players safely.

      27) 5: 1_Skirmish, 2_a multi-stage attack/defend mode, 3_Ambush (I don't count OMS as a separate mode), 4_PVE drone infestation mode, 5_a surprise.

      28) Nova knives

      29) YES

      30) depth, fun gameplay.

      31) YAY

      32) So far its around average for all 3 aspects.

      33) I'm not concerned much about player count, but about player density (amount of players per battlefield size). Just has to be enough to keep things fun.

      34) Yes, losers should get only like a 80k-100k base payment.

      35) Both teams share the same red line.

      36) Wouldn't really make sense to have a bounty system, stuff we carry isn't that expensive, and we're immortal. Killing someone a few times doesn't accomplish much.

      37) One free respec, but you lose 20% of your total SP as a penalty. New players don't have the info they need to make informed smart decision with their skills. AUR resets should also be available, but with the same penalty.

      38) Enough to make a full team, but should be a system separate from squads, and shouldn't be able to deploy in public regular matchmaking battles.

      39) Yes, I believe CCP intends to let us since they said so in an interview last year.

      40) Maybe, not really.

      41) Testing all weapons, all variants, all tiers, unlimited skill points to test the effects of skills within the training sim.

      42) Should track ALL THE THINGS! Assists, destructions, destruction assists, hacks, etc.

      43) YAY

      44) Yes

      45) No, but you shouldn't be able to get in the driver's seat it if you don't have the skill for it.

    2. lose 20% of my points to respec? ur crazy!!

    3. we actually support this. its pretty obvious an 'any time you like' respec system wouldnt work. maybe players can remap once in the first 500K SP for free and one time per year after that with a 20% loss of SP. remapping must be extremely limited.

    4. 19) in the old build mcc campers blow up and died whene the mcc blow up

    5. i am tierd of losing battles from 4/5 campers doing nothing in the mcc when the slots can be used by people who want to play the game

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  9. yes 2 proximity, yes 2 diff scopes and when you lose u get 80k with no salvage.

  10. My name is ReGnUM, and I read Dusters Blog!

  11. 1. Don't care
    2. Suppression is dumb. One of the reasons why I don't like BF3. Destructible environments aren't necessary.
    3. No prone!
    4. ....why?
    5. It's better than MAG's, but still needs to be improved.
    6. Why not?
    7. I don't know, as often as EVE.
    8. It's be nice. I thought about the idea of weapons having their own CPU in order to add attachments.
    9. I'm pretty sure more gamemodes are in the works.
    10. No....
    11. They need to be stated. I need to learn how to destroy tanks.
    12. No. It's dumb in the recent Battlefield games.
    13. It will nerf mass-drivers and orbital strikes. Of course I want it!
    14. ______________
    15. ______________
    16. ______________
    17. I'd say around 5 WP.
    18. Bad business decisions. I cannot foresee it
    19. If you're character doesn't move a certain time (three minutes?) you'll be removed from the battle, no further penalty
    20. I'm about to spend $20
    21. ______________Don't understand question
    22. ______________What?
    23. ______________
    24. Framerate, graphics (a gamers first impression is always the graphics), mostly basic presentation
    25. Yes. Make it like MAG's chain of command.
    26. ______________
    27. At least three or four. The two ambush gamemodes count as only one gamemode to me. I also expect more gamemodes later.
    28. Friendly fire aside, the HMG's damage is too high. I also heard about an idea of making the nova knife ignoring shields. That doesn't sound too bad.
    29. Not really, you can choice your spawn. Maybe make the CRU and objective letter spawn like MAG. Won't be too bad that way. This shouldn't apply to uplinks however.
    30. The game being good?
    31. Yay, it should work at least between friendlies. Red-dot proxy chat is just a bonus.
    32. It works. No compaints. I'm not giving numbers
    33. At least 24 vs 24. AT LEAST!
    34. Doesn't it already? I'm pretty sure it does.
    35. You don't. If anything, we needs maps with less canyons. This is allows too many snipers.
    36. Sure, why not? I've entertained the idea of getting a bonus for every time I kill a particular enemy combatant.
    37. No
    38. At least six. Eight would be nice.
    39. Yes
    40. No. Why?
    41. _______________Were getting this?
    42. Yes
    43. _______________
    44. I don't see why not, but it's fine how it is. Much better than the MAG compass
    45. _______________

    1. Just to be clear on a few numbers:
      On 10, I meant yes. It's a prototype gun.
      On 29, I mean MAG's bunker spawns (choose*)
      On 41, (we're*)

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