Monday, February 18, 2013

Glimpse: Good Morning Feythabolis.1

"Most mercenary groups specialize in a certain type of contract. Ours is escort and protection detail and make no mistake, we are the best at it. Now don't take my word for it, feel free to check our fucking Employment History and you'll see why our rates are the highest in New Eden. We don't lose packages, PERIOD. When people that intend you harm, pirates, corporate thieves and saboteurs see our logos they turn tail. That's a fact. We get your valuables from point A to point B with no foolishness in between. So let's talk business. When can we expect your ISK transfer?"

- Titan Protection Corporation CEO, Javan Golin

He shouldn't have come. He fucking knew it. Antras Mattas looked at the supply APC's instrument panel and cursed silently to himself. The blaring of constant warning alarms was going to drive him crazy if he was still alive in five minutes. Crossing a wide open section of a planet like this in null security space was known to be dangerous, but he had been assured by the employer that steps had been taken to conceal the contents he was transporting. He winced at the reddish sun as the wheels of the APC kicked up orange sand in his wake. Only hours ago, he had felt confident about this run, but the amount of ISK his employer was paying for a simple delivery should have been a warning sign. Then they had specified no security or escorts? He should have known better. What the hell was he carrying? Five minutes earlier, a fighter had streaked overhead towards his destination. Apparently the fast mover had confirmed his location to unfriendlies, because now three LAVs were tearing across the desert sand and closing on his position from the rear. Antras hit the alarm device on the APC's instrument panel and floored it.

The minutes were crawling slowly by at the desk of Jivas Trache. It was looking like it was going to be a very slow week. He appreciated his view from the top floor of the Titan Towers HQ, but right now he was scouring available corporate contracts for work. As he fingered through the touch-sensitive virtual viewscreen on his desk all he saw was garbage. Apparently they were running a charity. There were jobs escorting parts to a mining facility for 50K, next someone thought 1M was a good price to protect a merchant for 2 days in Jita, One employer wanted protection for a VIP at his residence for 100K ISK? Good luck with that. Jivas was a director in Titan Protection Corporation. They were probably the preeminent protection detail and escort corporation in New Eden. Many corps had mercs for hire. TPC employed specialists.

As Jivas casually scrolled down, the screen updated with a priority indicator. Wait, had he read that right? 100M ISK!?! A priority contract had updated only seconds ago but it wasn't the usual escort and convoy stuff they were used to. Someone needed a hot extract from one of the planets in the Feythabolis section of null space. Who had been careless enough to be in a place like that without escort? Stupid, stupid, stupid. It didn't matter at this point. Jivas was already multitasking and in 'go' mode. He simultaneously accepted the contract on one screen and on another hit a code sequence that alerted 32 of his best operatives that downtime in the housing section was rescinded immediately. They would be partaking in high order violence in very short order. In ten seconds a TPC war barge would be done undocking from a station just outside the planet's orbit and would take an extraction team with a full complement of assets to go save someone's ass. It wasn't going to be such a boring day after all..


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