Monday, February 25, 2013

Glimpse: Operation 22.2

"I really hate when marks beg or try to make deals. Bastards always offer to pay twice your contract..disappear or some other bullshit story. Maybe that works with some contractors but i'm trying to complete a contract, not have one taken out on my ass. They'll promise you all sorts of stuff, but will put a round into your head if you turn your back for a second. I never listen though, it just makes me kill them faster, really. Just so I don't have to hear all the Goddamn begging and crying and other stuff. I don't judge these marks actions. But all the same, someone paid good money for them to die. Pleading with me is worthless. You're just a job, deal with it."


 Cometus placed the hypospray syringe at his neck and his eyes fluttered with pleasure as the soft hiss signified the Vitoc was taking effect. It always worked to calm him down before work. He had been cured of the lethal virus the Amarr visited on the Minmatar years ago, but he still enjoyed the narcotic effects. Moments later he heard Brius start to complain over the tacnet, something about 'drugs' and 'weakness' but he just ignored him as he pulled the Scout Suit helmet over his face. The man was a gifted logistics man and skilled planner, but sometimes he whined too Goddamned much.

His back was to the wall of a secured private villa near the downtown area of Caldari Prime. It was dark and late and he had anything but good intentions. Only meters away, people walked the streets of the city and headed to what had to be social functions and nightlife. Cometus took a moment to orient himself as the dropsuits augmented reality interface sprang to life. It displayed everything from how many rounds were in the SMG strapped to his back to target ranges and even monitored his vitals. He grinned as he felt another wave of Vitoc euporia wash over him as he steadied himself. A second later he spoke the words that meant the killing was about to begin. "I'm a Go.", he said. Then he hit the cloak. There was a loud crackling sound and a second later he disappeared from view.

Seconds later he landed in a soundless crouch on the other side of the wall. He looked over the sprawling two building, three story compound before he moved an inch. His eyes darted in search of patrols but he found none. In their planning meeting, Brius had confirmed on-site motion sensors but only on the first floor. As he flashed across the courtyard toward the right rear of the main building he pointed his active scanner at the building. A bright orange augmented reality beacon flashed on his HUD and highlighted an object just ahead behind the near corner.

Inside the pulsing icon was an Ishukone Anti Infantry Proximity Explosive. He froze. The device was just around the corner no more than 10 meters from his position. Cometus chuckled. IPE's were nasty, hateful devices that most soldiers despised. They detonated when unfamiliar dropsuit ident signatures were detected within a 5m range. Had he turned the corner, the resulting explosion would have reduced him to red mist and alerted nearby patrols. Then they would have locked down the compound and forced an abort. While he would have awakened in a clone at a nearby space station, the job would be a failure. Failure was not an option. Earlier, when Brius had informed him some merc outfit known as STB was protecting this mark, he had anticipated a quick evening. Perhaps he had underestimated this group. It didn't matter, before receiving his implant and being cloned, Cometus had been trained as a Kameira, and Kameiras had no equal. He quietly screwed a suppresor onto his SMG, backed away from the IPE, and doubled back into the darkness towards the left side of the building.

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  1. if any devs read this. we need silencers people

  2. and infantry prox explosives!!!

  3. 2 min later he wakes up in a new clone because STB merks him.

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