Friday, February 22, 2013

Dust Fiction: Colossus' Deceit

Region: Paragon Soul
System: G-M4GK
Planet VI, Moon II
Litatia Immortalis Headquarters

Dust Fiction by Ner'Zul Nexhawk
Original Link:

“Commander, wake up.”

Drake Fallax reluctantly opened his eyes and gazed at the soldier that disturbed his sleep. “Is it time?” he asked.

“Yes, Commander. The forces of Colossus Rapax are gathering in the system H8-ZTO of Paragon Soul. Specifically, they are targeting planet V, where our offices and factories are stationed,” the soldier quickly replied.

“Yeah, I know that. What presence do we have there now?”

“The fleets of Litatia Immortalis are rapidly mobilizing, sir. The war barge will be heavily guarded along the entire journey to the system. Your MCC is ready and is currently en route to the station as we speak.”

“Thank you, soldier. That will be all,” Drake dismissed the recruit. He checked his datapad for the announcements and made his way to the quarters’ exit.

In the hallway, he met the CEO of Litatia Immortalis, Mishitsu Omikro. Both men shook hands, and then Omikro spoke, “You know this to be extremely important, Fallax. Our corporation’s fate lies on that planet alone. Do not fail me, lest we all will crumble in dust.”

Drake grinned. “Tell me about it. I’ve paid tons of ISK for the MCC and installations, certainly there is no desire to lose any of it. Don’t worry, we’ll be fine there. I will guide the troops to victory.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Drake. Good luck,” Mishitsu said and headed in the direction of his ship.

Drake stood for a moment, looked at leaving Omikro, and then headed to the airlock connecting the station and the MCC.

Region: Paragon Soul
System: H8-ZTO
Planet V
District XIII
Time after deployment: 02:23:49

From MCC “Sicarius”, Fallax overlooked the battle raging below. Both armies appeared to be in a deadlock over one crucial position, where Litatia Immortalis troops managed to hole up. Neither side could gain advantage and drive the enemies back, and Drake’s comms were busting with requests for support. One of the squad leaders finally managed to break through the incessant noise, “Where are our reinforcements? We need two blaster installations in sectors D-4 and E-2, immediately! Without support we’ll be stuck here for hours!”

Drake replied calmly, “Noted.” And support you will get. His hands hovered over the MCC console before pressing several buttons.


On the ground, the captain of Colossus Rapax forces looked up. He smiled upon seeing that the enemy MCC started to slowly tilt forward.


Fallax waited until the tip of the Sicarius was perfectly leveled with the position of Litatia Immortalis soldiers. Once he was sure the MCC was tilted to the necessary extent, he ran a sequence of commands on the control panel. The alarm systems immediately sprang to life.

“Thirty seconds till impact.”

Colossus Rapax troops were ordered to retreat. They hastily abandoned their positions and headed to the district boundary.

“Twenty seconds till impact.”

Defenders from Litatia Immortalis started celebrating, seeing how the enemy forces began to retreat.

“Ten seconds till impact.”

Retreating forces were quickly extracted from the battlefront by the newly arrived dropships. At the same time, mercenaries from Litatia Immortalis noticed the MCC quickly accelerating toward their position. Panic ensued on the ground. Drake frowned as comm channels exploded with enraged questions, orders, and swearing.

“Seven seconds till impact.”

Up in space, capsuleers from both corporations were fighting for the system space as well. Mishsitsu Omikro could not believe what he saw on the feeds from his ship’s cameras, aimed at the place of battle. Mishitsu quickly ran the calculations necessary to determine estimated ISK losses from this battle, and pod fluid he was ensconsed in almost shivered with his anger.

“Four seconds till impact.”

On the nearby station, the CEO of Colossus Rapax was smiling and nodding rhythmically as he watched through the camfeeds the events that unfolded at the battle for district XIII.

“One second till impact”

Just before the MCC’s tip touched the ground, Drake grinned with a sense of grim satisfaction.


The MCC drove itself into the planet, momentarily engulfing the entire district in a tremendous fireball. Cries of Litatia troops were quickly suffocated by the lack of oxygen, just as their armor and skin were seared immediately by the inferno. When the explosion died out, the entire district was burning. The Colossus dropships, which already were a safe distance away from the ill-fated district, turned around and carried their troops back to the battlefield. The fate of district XIII was determined.


Drake Fallax woke inside his clone vat with a cruel smile on his face. He looked around and saw the CEO of Colossus Rapax, standing next to the vat and smiling as well. The latter extended his hand in a warm greeting.

“Welcome back, Drake.”


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