Monday, January 7, 2013

Dust 514: More than Guns

Dust is essentially an MMOFPS but we've really all played the FPS part of that equation before, the game is something very different because of the MMO part. MMOs have a social element that goes way beyond shooting guns and shooting swarm launchers at tanks. Many players can't wait to delve into the meat of New Eden and buy salvage from mercs and suddenly become the go-to guy with the best price on Balac-21 Assault Rifles in the galaxy. The anticipation is growing for us as well. We can't wait for the time when we're able to login and watch Empress Jamyl deliver one of her rousing speeches in full third person glory in a social event or visit the Jita Marketplace. We're sure spies are eagerly awaiting the chance to skulk around taverns and space stations in close proximity to strangers, with their ears open for information spilled from the mouths of those without the good sense to make their conversations private. MMOs are more than shooting, more than throwing grenades and more than waiting on the tiny replenishing machines in the nearest nanite injector. They are also about visting another Corp HQ to talk alliance, putting salvage we dont use in our Corp War Chests for corpmates who do, talking strategy with our corpmates in the War Room or training new recruits in the Virtual Reality Trainer. Here are a few other things we're eagerly anticipating.

Corporation HQs - These are made all the more valuable if they contain things like vaults for ISK and even War Chests for salvage made accessible to anyone in the corp. Could we see customizable security options for entrance? Password entry would provide some security but with how biometrics is advancing, maybe only recognized corp members can enter. Visitors? Perhaps only a CEO or Director can grant a person temporary or permanent access to their HQ. A new brand of corporate thief takes shape if players are given the ability to steal.

War Barges - We like the way the Dust 514 PS Home space has several different sections and the War Barge becomes more useful if it isnt just a floating Merc Quarters with War Room that you see for all of two minutes before every battle. Social Areas like cafeterias and endless hallways always add a nice touch. The trophy rooms that we havent heard much of lately could add some variety as well.

Scouts - Taking over the galaxy is hard work, but it can be made easier if we can send personnel to examine future locations for conquest. Sending in a scout to tell a corp how well guarded and equipped a location is, in addition to intel on the landscape and of course, pictures would be excellent. For balance corps might be able to purchase proximity sensors that tell when non-corp ident tags are close or when the planetary atmosphere has been breached. This adds another layer of intrigue and risk as scouting would not only be dangerous, but could give defenders clues to impending attacks as well. Imagine the opportunities for dialogue! Try explaining to The Goons why one of your corp scouts was found collecting data on one of their Tech Moons...TO WAR!

Repair - It might be cool to see the ability to repair major battlefield assets that are damaged, so that Dust isnt so completely KDR driven. Fixing turrets, supply depots and other important equipment could be just the thing to alter the tide of battle.

MCC Commander - Not much has been revealed about the function of the battlefield commanders in Dust 514, but we hope to hear more soon. In addition to placing assets and communicating with all of the soldiers under their command, we hope to see the ability to alter spawns, highlight objectives and outline strategy in the War Room before a conflict.

As always, we'll continue to attempt to help push and publish ideas that help establish and grow the Dust 514 community as much as we can. Have any ideas that need sharing? Be sure to contact us at


  1. im already scouting!

  2. repairing supply would be good. but i say hacking enemy nanos too.

  3. waiting to be an mcc com

  4. letting scouts do that would actually be really cool

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  6. I dont think you know how things work in new eden.