Thursday, November 22, 2012

Trouble in "ONS"

Note: Propaganda

In a recent Corp/Clan wide mail sent to all members of Onslaught inc. (a gaming community of 500+ members with ties to Dust and home of CEO Virgin Destroyer) abandonment and drama is reviled from within the ROFL member corp


 It is with a heavy heart that I sit down to write this message. Onslaught Inc has lost a few members over the last couple of days. Members whom we all viewed as friends and as family. But there comes a time when people -- even those we consider family -- must take their leave and move on in a new direction that better suits them and their needs. This was the case yesterday as a few members decided to part ways and remove the "ONS" from in front of their gamertags.

They each had their own reasons for leaving. Some weren't happy with all of the drama that has been cropping up as of late. Some didn't feel that the clan fit them as comfortably as it once did. Some left because they had close friends who were leaving and they decided to choose loyalty to their friends over loyalty to the clan. And some left simply because they were upset that the clan and it's leaders wouldn't bend to their will, no matter how large of a tantrum they threw.

These are all valid reasons to leave and I ask that everyone please respect those that chose to do so. All but one member left cordially and on good terms. Those that choose to attack the now former members should know that they will be punished. We have long prided ourselves on making sure that we as a clan are well respected in the community and that has not and will not change now. Revenge is not in our hearts, and it shouldn't be in yours.

During this incident, a lot of rumors, assumptions and even blatant pieces of misinformation were put out into the open via member posts on our Facebook page and our official website. I ask that you not take everything you see or hear at face value, and go to those who were involved and ask the appropriate questions so as to get the truth. I personally will make myself available most of this upcoming weekend to truthfully answer any questions that any of you might have as to what happened, why it happened and where we go from here.

Make no mistake, this is not the end of Onslaught Inc. We were thriving before any of those former members had even heard of us, and we'll thrive again. We plan to change a few things in the upcoming weeks to not only prevent this sort of situation from arising again, but also to help refocus the clan and point it back in the direction of success. Keep an eye out for announcement of these changes as they come, and please feel free to comment on them and give us your feedback via the official Onslaught Inc forums.

Now what do you say we all put this behind us, learn from our mistakes and get back to killing noobs. Because killing is our business. And business is good!

Yours in Service,

Aquatik Justice


  1. what happened vd7?

  2. Ahhhh, gross incompetence at its finest.

  3. and we care about his, why ?

  4. who cares every corp will lose players its no big deal

  5. An another one done an another one down an another one bites the DUST!


  6. i dont see what any of this has to do with dust yeah a corp is having issues but so the fuck what?

    thats their own business and it doesnt need to be blasted on a dust site especially since this has nothing to do with dust.
    vd7 and ons are still apart of rofl just because a few members left doesnt mean jack players come and go in every clan/corp/community whatever the hell you want to call it.

    do more of the stories that you have been doing recently like the plasma cannon and training rooms because those are things that are pertinent to the dust player.