Monday, November 5, 2012

Mordu's Tourney: The Final Four

 The smoke has cleared and the final group of contestants has emerged from the virtual reality training environments in Mordu Space. Each of the following corps has already earned a prize, all that remains now is which of them will be crowned the grand champion. Eliminated this weekend were The Southern Legion, SyNergy Gaming, WTF Beta and KEQ. We've decided to do a short profile on each of the remaining contestants with their odds of victory.

1. The Imperfects - Still the obvious favorite although it seems public perception has turned on them. A well publicized incident inside one of the popular post-battle mercenary hangouts between Quickgloves and the infamous Protoman and Regnum DEI of The Imperfects/Global Conflict seems to have turned everyone against this group. Still our choice to emerge victorious, its accepted that they have more elite players than the remaining groups.

2. Seraphim Initiative - Widely accepted as the second-best group remaining, if there is a group that can upset the Imperfects it is SI. Already considered the top corporation in their region this group could be two wins away from one of the biggest upsets in New Eden history.

3. Zion TCD - One of the more organized teams left, few would argue TCDs assertion as an elite level corporation. Their CEO, Zion Shad may be among the best strategists and leaders remaining in the competition.

4. ROFL House - Its obvious this group is a lot better than many gave them credit for. The controversy surrounding this group seems to be the fact that they've twice played members of their alliance to advance. Are they a group of elite mercenaries like the top three? Or simply benefiting from an easy bracket?

As always, we'll continue to follow the progress of the tourney through the weekend. Have any on or off the record intel regarding any of the participants or the structure of Mordu's Tourney? Be sure to contact us at


  1. lolCCP for putting ROFL and KEQ in the same bracket and then having to play each other in the Quarter Finals. ROFL=Garbage.
    I hope SI wins just because Imperfects are arrogant bastards.

    1. Angry loser much QQ

      It's not a conspiracy.

      The bottom line is that the corps with the highest SP players and most organized groups remain. Get over it.

    2. i have no beef with rofl. its obvious rofl isnt garbage but even rofl fanboys have to admit them being in the same bracket as keq is flat out wrong.

    3. For the record, KEQ didn't lose because they (I'm saying "they" because I wasn't there) gave up the win. In fact, I was told that KEQ was the hardest competition of all the corps ROFL faced. Although, I don't know every detail of the battle(s).

      With that being said, if two EV or EON corps were in the same situation, I would not be happy either.

    4. The way I look at it if KEQ and ROFL House were in different brackets, everyone would say it is unfair because ROFL Allaince is stacking the deck giving itself multiple changes to win the tourney. Since ROFL had 2 of its corporations in the same bracket everyone is QQin because they played other players in their same alliance.

      A couple things that the rest of Dust is missing is this:

      #1 This is a corp level tourney. ROFL Alliance has over 10 different corporations in it. Each with their own CEOs, own officer core and player base.

      #2 If this were an alliance tournament then ROFL would most likely be forced to field one team, just has the updated tournament rules of Eve Online require. As it stands each corporation has the right to field their own team, it would be inappropriate for ROFL to tell its member corporations that they can not take part in an tournament that it hosted at a corporation level.

      #3 Its still just a beta...Loosen up and have some fun.

  2. Said no one ever.

  3. am looking forward to Imperfects vs Seraphim Initiative they both deserve to be the grand champions.

  4. Is ROFL House PFB's or a mix of ROFL's?

  5. Its going to be SI vs Imp in the end, no doubt.

  6. It has been fun. I hope others have also had fun. I think the best part of the whole tournament is being able to get 16 of your own people together in a match together. It makes me think about what it will be like on release.

  7. every body in the semifinals got there due to individual skill they all belong there and the best matches are about to start i just hope someones recording them.

  8. I don't know about biggest upsets in New Eden history. You'd have to go some way to top Star Fraction's defeat of 3-time defending champion Band of Brothers in Alliance Tournament 4 or Darkside.'s victory over 3-time defending champion Pandemic Legion in AT9.

  9. Virgindestroyer voice interview?