Monday, November 26, 2012

Images of Things to Come

The tournament is over, but just hours ago the last of the 5 tournament unlock image was revealed; it is the plasma cannon. Here are all the upcoming weapons to expect in Dust 514. The 5 images as well as others can be seen on the wallpapers section of the official Dust 514 website.

The Gallente plasma cannon.

The Minmatar flaylock pistol.

The Amarr scrambler rifle.
As the Testers Tournament progresses, the community unlocks brand new wallpapers every week! This week we are featuring Amarr Scrabmelr Rifle.

Aside from weapons, 2 of the unlocked images were of the anterior and exterior of what looked like a new environment. Large crates are being lowered into slots by what looks like a rapid deployment vehicle (RDV) into slots inside the building. Both of these images had the word "matrix" in their file name. Matrix could be a new map, or a new game mode.

Matrix exterior

Matrix interior
Testers Tournament Unlock 2/5



  1. What do you think the plasma cannon is for? Purely an av weapon or it could be used on infantry?
    New pistol looks badass

  2. I think the plasma cannon will be like portable artillery