Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mordu's Tournament: The Sweet 16

Less than an hour ago, officials from Mordu's Legion in cooperation from elements from CONCORD, announced the sixteen corps that have gained entry into the highly publicized contest between some of the best corporations currently training in Morduspace. The participant list is a virtual who's who of early training engagements. From groups like SI, WTF, Zion TCD, SyN, PRO, Shadow Company, ROFL House, OSG and of course The Imperfects, who many consider the front-runner, who have recently added members of Global Conflict to their roster.

The participants appear to be broken into an Alpha and Beta group. While the Alpha group is certainly respectable, few would argue the true power seems to reside in the beta contingent. Most speculate the winner will emerge from the secondary group. What about who's missing? Are we the only ones who are shocked by the absence of Betamax, STB or Tritan Industries? It appears Betamax may still be recovering from recent high profile defections, but we've reached out to STB's leader Quickgloves for an explanation regarding why they chose to sit this one out.

Since we're still in the midst of our Corporation Power Rankings, we've decided to include a small profile on each corp involved.
  • What The French Beta - Tied with Zion TCD as the runner-up in the Alpha Group. Read about them here.
  • Seraphim Initiative - Easily the powerhouse of the alpha group of contestants. They have run adverts with GNN in the past.
  • Grupo de Asalto Chacal - Does this little known group stand a chance?
  • MAPHIA CLAN - Their entry will surely gain them exposure, but could they be outclassed?
  • ON THE BRINK - Another unknown that may not have a shot.
  • Zion TCD - Just below SI in terms of quality. Can they pull the upset? They ranked #9 on our power rankings.
  • The Southern Legion - Little known group that may just be happy to be included.
  • Up 4 Anything - An underdog if there ever was one. 10,000 to 1 shot.

  • SyNergy Gaming - Could these veterans of the MAG Border Skirmishes be overmatched?
  • Imperfects - Many consider this their tournament to lose. The #1 seed. Read about their merger with Global Conflict here.
  • Planetary Response Organisation - Their dropships and leadership are said to be exemplary. Will it matter? We did an interview with their CEO here.
  • SHADOW MERCENARY CORPS INC - We consider them our sleeper of the entire tourney. 
  • ROFL House - A group robust in size, but the quality may not be there to excel in this tourney. Read about them here.
  • OSG Planetary Operations - Another quiet sleeper who could break through.
  • Anonymous Killers Corp - This unknown faces tough odds to advance.
  • Kill 'em Quick - See Synergy Gaming. This veteran group may not be able to compete.   
    • As always, we'll continue to follow the progress of the tourney beginning this weekend. Have any or off the record intel regarding any of the participants or the structure of Mordu's Tourney? Be sure to contact us at


  1. gonna be sum good games.

  2. is virgindestroyer7 in SyN or ROFL thats the group i am choosing

  3. Replies
    1. stb sux big hairy gorilla balls anyhow. SI made them cry in a match b4.

    2. STB is a total CRYBABY-FEST on the forums today, someone get those children a pacifier and put those children to bed. LOLZ

    3. quick you can still have your guys sign up with someone else like SyNergy Gaming. I am sure they could use some help.

  4. i agree with shadow company. big sleeper that may win the whole thing.

  5. I have a feeling we will see some big surprises on this tourny i can't even speculate who will win the grand championship :)

  6. pretty sure i know who will win EU side

  7. This will be a fun little event. Something to do while we wait for the game to release and the real fun to start.

  8. Dont sleep on Anonymous Killers.. they are a good squad and deadly

  9. Erm, you got the wrong people for SMCIn, you got SCHQ, not SMCIn... but please don't tell anybody about us. We request a takedown of the link.

  10. I like how Bruce Harmon is an expert at rating all these groups. Must be a straw poll based on forum posting. Good luck with that.

  11. SI has the number one merc on the boards in their corp and imperfects number 2?