Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Interview: virgindestroyer7

After some time, we finally get to sit down with virgindestroyer7 of Onslaught, Inc. In this interview she talks about the structure of Onslaught, why they chose an alliance and how important the social aspect will be in Dust 514.
1.virgindestroyer7, explain it.

The name? Ahh.. if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me anyway ;)

2. How was it you became the leader of Onslaught?  www.onslaughtinc.com

Onslaught Inc is run by a board of Generals. I am one of the 7
Generals who make up the board. I was brought in as a General because
of my dedication to the clan’s ideas, the hard work I put in for it
and my loyalty to it and our members.

3. Recently we were told your corp is now a member of ROFL, how did
this come about?

We were contacted by a couple alliances in the making to join them.
Our founder D_efcon is friends with some of the founding corp leaders.
When we met with ROFL it was instantly apparent where we belonged.
We’re dedicated to ROFL and are looking forward to the future this
holds for ONS.


4. It amazes us how some players have embraced the social aspect of
gaming and have quite the following. How do people like you,
ContraBanjoe, Sithis and Jumpman do it?

To be honest I don’t know where this attention came from.
If you want to hear more from me then you can just send me a message on
PSN or on my enjin account -
http://www.onslaughtinc.com/profile/215555  I'm open to talking to anyone.

5. Apparently you had the respect of your corpmates through
performance before they realized you were female. Was that by design?

When I joined Onslaught Inc I played regularly with the same people so some
knew I was a woman. My KDR was good and I did network a lot on the
forums so those who hadn’t played a game with me didn’t know I was a
female until they ran into me in game or on vent. Introductions or
discovery that I was in fact a woman usually were accompanied by
laughter as the name is usually one you’d seen for overly confident
teenage boys.

6. Members of Onslaught swear by ability to recruit along with your
leadership, exactly what makes you a good leader?

I can’t speak for my members. I work hard for my clan and I don’t
toot my own horn. I’m flattered they would say this about me and
thank them in turn. 

7. Why an alliance and why ROFL?

We haven’t seen the last of what DUST will offer us as gamers, as well
as in EVE. I’m confident DUST will be more game changing than we
realize and having a strong alliance supports my thoughts. People can
QQ all they want but my confidence in the leadership in ROFL is solid.
That’s as far into it as I’ll get.

8. Onslaught's rival, who is it?

We keep a low profile and as far as I know we don’t have a rival per
se. We get pretty competitive but it’s all in fun.

9. What is the key to recruiting good players?

If I tell you my secrets, everyone will start recruiting the good
players I’m about to. ;)

10. We've heard whispers of a coordinated attack on ROFL when the game
launches, respond.

With the launch of the game I will be ready with my brothers on the
battlefield and in space. I’m already stocking caffeine drinks and
candy haha! Bring it.

the last statement being mine:

i'm gaming for charity with some friends everyone is welcome to pledge me and Onslaught Inc or donate.


  1. finally that one guy can hush!!

  2. Great to see a solid interview from a great soldier! VD is a testament to what all gamers should strive to be! Thanks for all you do for the community and all you do for gaming in general.

  3. Finally someone get some napkins so that Virgin's jerk off squad can clean up after themselves. ROFLin it UP YO

  4. why didn't you do a voice interview with her???

    1. the fapocity of this article would go off the richter scale

    2. we should start trolling this blog for a voice interview with her now :D

    3. http://i.qkme.me/3osf4i.jpg <---- img url

  5. I love virgindestroyer7. She's so down to earth but cute as fuck. There is nothing like hearing that woman giggle.

  6. played with them on mag. ONS was good.

  7. Virgin has been with ONS from the beginning and we are so proud of the accomplishments she has made over the years.

  8. virgindestroyer7 used to rape me with her knife on mag all the time, nice to hear she is in DUST.

  9. VD's the glue that holds us together. Without you Onslaught would be but a shadow of what it is now.

  10. My favorite thing about virgindestroyer7 is that she's not a bitch or attention whore like Phoenix Archer or other girl gamers who use their tits or bitchiness to get ahead. You can game with her, chill out with her, she's really helpful and knows her shit.

    1. She really is a cool person to chill with. I have had some good times with her and other people in ROFL just hanging out, and having a good time.

    2. PA isn't exactly the type to seek attention because she's a girl.

      In fact, she doesn't particularly like gender based jokes, especially if they're aimed at her.

      If you don't like someone, at least provide something that makes sense. :/

    3. there was a thread on the DUST forums where Phoenix was talking about girl gamers. she's forgetting the shit she says doesn't exclude herself from her own words. whenever someone says something about girl gamers, Phoenix is always the first one in there giving them a bad name. thanks, PA, for making yourself look ridiculous amongst girl gamers.

    4. Yarg, I haven't visited the Dust forums because I never had anything to say (PS3 not being available and all [Yes, Kirby, QQ moar!]), so I almost never go there. I probably should so I'm not out of the loop. I'd like a link so I could judge for myself on this, but I'm way off point right now.

  11. Solid interview, for commie raggedy easy moder ;) :P

  12. v.destroyer was SVER? boooo!

  13. virgindestroyer7 gets my vote for president! XD

  14. I just love VirginDestroyer for the simple fact that she's as awesome as me and she loves me back for it, also she is the glue that holds ONSINC together! Without her we'd be in shambles and dead... Just love her ;D

  15. Thank god this is finally done. All the VD7 fanboys can shut the hell up. Now let's move on to something actually interesting.

  16. funny how no one from ROFL bothered to comment on this article. There might be some truth to the rumors that VD is going to EV.

    1. VD to EV! news at 11!!

    2. No VD is not going to EV so no news in 45 minutes.

    3. lolwut?

      ROFL members who posted before this post^^^:
      Me (CptKirby)

      Again, you're going to say something, make sure it makes sense!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I too came in support of my alliance sister! [)B(]-RofL, FTW! Good interview, VirginDestroyer7! Keep it up!

  17. 10/10 would bang

  18. virgindestroyer7 \o/

  19. Seems legit.....wait what? Mentions SVER....fail

  20. what i would give to meet this girl

  21. can we get a live interview with her?

  22. I love virgindestroyer7! I hope to hear more about her.

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