Friday, October 12, 2012

A Look Inside the Betamax Transcripts!

It seems that on top of leadership not informing membership as a whole regarding the "restructuring" there have been other concerns not addressed by leadership that have brought [BETAMAX] to this point. An inside source gave us a look inside their forum for some of the details.

From their forum:

The Dark Cloud

a fluctuating corp allready. i dont know if im up for bullcrap. And the worst thing is i got the news about it from a outsider and not from a betamax member. Long story short: ive got told that the good players leaving and that the corp is stuck with leftovers.


Things did not transition smoothly, because the trigger was pulled prematurely. However the competitive group needed a new name if it every wanted sponsorship. Betamax will continue with it's mission of good people having a good time.

Interesting. I thought the purpose behind betamax was to be the best. Not to be the trial corp. Also if the core founding members (not sure who and how many left) leave, then how can the mission of the corp still be the same as before?

You mention trigger prematurely. Was this always the plan? Or has there already been dissent in the corp? Also if the competitive guys feel like there's too many average players in the corp, isn't it kind of their fault? Since from the offset betamax was supposed to be a very exclusive corp and it's numbers just skyrocketed in between the last 2 builds.


My humble opinion from a regular member.

I will post this in here since not much clarity has been given to the issue and while I won't speculate on others, I will give my own thoughts on the matter.

One reason I left Betamax is because of a breakdown in leadership responsibilities. We had a decent, but being tweaked recruitment policy that was being used, this "way of doing things" was tossed out over the last few weeks for open recruitment. At the moment I think the numbers are between 135-150 Betamax members, more than 60+ of these have been added in the past 3 weeks due to OPEN recruitment. There were at least 3 posts I know of asking leadership to please stop open recruitment for many various reasons. The issue remained unaddressed for some time.

This wasn't my only reason for leaving but it was a large part of it and apparently some others felt the same way. I left a few days ago and I didn't mention it or really want to get into specifics, was just ready to move on. ie. no drama

I can't offer an opinion on anyone else, they control their own actions, this is just my viewpoint. If I'm the bad guy for voicing my opinion then so be it. But alot of opinions have been voiced recently and none were heard.

In the end this is a video game we play to have fun, that wasnt the case recently for me so I wanted to change it.

Seems much of the upper tier leet players were not happy with the influx of noobs and losing their potential to get a "sponsorship".

Later in the thread:


As membership swelled it was clear focus had been lost. It went from "a corp that houses the best players" to a corp that aspired to be the best corp led by exceptional players. Name change was on the backburner for a long time, but when people snap from personality conflicts while others break from the realization that we couldn't meet both goals, especially since a purge of the magnitude we were contemplating would be unfair to those on the receiving end, the only way forward was to put a rebrand into action now, without the proper groundwork such a move would normally require.

However, Betamax is still going to be an excellent corp. They will do well, and will have an easy time grouping with many who no longer wear the tag. Being an excellent player means you will be in good company here. The people in the new corp will continue the original charter, while Betamax will thrive under some excellent leadership, including Jenza and Otosan, whom I have nothing but respect for. From my understanding though, it will definitely be more about being with good people (both gun game and personality) than KDR>>2.0 or GTFO. For many people that is better anyway. For those who are of the more competitive bent, you may be asked to move, but are under no obligation.

Hopefully this helps clear some things up, if you have any more questions feel free to PM me. I'm not going to lie to you, but I'm also not going to post individuals' reasons on the forums where they are guaranteed to recirculate without the proper context.

The new corp is not Betamax 2.0, but I personally feel it is the spiritual successor of the founding principals. I call it a rebrand and a restructure, but those who choose to call it a split are entitled to that opinion; there is a lot of fact in it, even if it is the points I have chosen not to emphasize.


So let me just add this.

If you are reading this, you were not the problem. I'm sorry, you deserve better than how this went down.

The vast majority of the people on the forums are known good and great players.

This is mostly about the huge member inflation that occurred to the in-game Betamax Beta corp just since the last build.

Going forward Betamax needs people to step up and begin working through the member list to do assessments and training. There are people trying to do that now but they really need your help.

As leaders and members try to run damage control it may fall on the deaf ears of players feeling left out in the cold by leadership.

Tal Yamin

It's more than a restructure and rebrand, this is a division and breakaway, planned or otherwise.
It's damaging and disappointing, lets not pretend otherwise.

The sooner we can get clear information on how many are leaving or will be asked to, when they're going, and which of the steamrollers are staying on the better.

I hope this is cleared up really quickly. The longer this interim mess lasts the more damage it'll cause us.

UPDATE: At press time it seems that some of the former Betamax members had formed a group called 'The Imperfects'. As always, we'll continue to provide more on this story when it becomes available. Have tips or other information and want to be anonymous? Send them to


  1. how it went down. jenza too powerhungry and too worried about being a dust celebrity posting stupid scores on forums neglected nuts and bones of the corporation. many are leaving bcuz of her. average chairwoman at best.

  2. coming apart at the seems. they're fucked if the two zitros leave.

  3. Replies
    1. loudmouth girl trying to be CEO.

  4. Betamax is now The Imperfects. For sure

  5. yes jenza show off attitude caused this. posting scores of matches is bad form.

    1. I didn't see anything wrong with the posting of the scores from our game with them. The only thing is the backstory of the game. Had 4 first timers wanting to get their feet wet in corp battles and we had the pleasure of putting the against some great players of the game. Now when we have a Top against Top player match then will make sure the scores are posted on that match as well. Was It intended to brag? Don't think so in the fact I sent her a mail in game and told her we did not have our top players on, but we still had a good fight.

  6. where is virgindestroyer7 live interview??

  7. Ah so the try-hard mentality destroys yet another clan. Good luck to the 5-12 guys who think dust is just going to be an 8 vs 8 leaderboard circle jerk. Have fun in High Sec you friggin self centered care bears.

  8. did they cut the fat or focus too much on KDR?

  9. They split on purpose and goals. Not everyone wants to lead a zerg rush.

  10. Oi! What are you doing leaking from inside the forums? No-one trusts a spy ya-know :P

  11. Betamax has a future in Dust if the remnants pull together. The Imperfects, as good of gamers they are, won't be able to amount to much in the long haul. Why? Because Dust is a 23/7 world, set in New Eden. I'm sorry, but if you can't put numbers on the field at any time I might need your services, you are only screwing yourself. I can just turn around and hire the corporation that CAN provide what I need.