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Power Rankings: #9 Tactical Combat and Defense

The #9 Corporation on our list is no other than TCD (Tactical Combat and Defense) an organization at the early forefront of the politics between capsuleers and mercs. They have shown themselves an early entity to be reckoned with. The TCD and their CEO ZionShad has also been one of the driving forces behind many of the hi-level closed corp meetings that have taken places outside of space owned by Mordu's Legion.

1. Are you the CEO of TCD? Yes

2. Tell us about the birth of TCD. 
Well I've been running organized teams in video games for over a decade now (including EVE online) and DUST 514 is the FPS I have always wanted, so naturally forming a Corp was a plan of mine from the get go. To be honest thou I wasn't planing on opening a Corp in the beta at all and was going to hold off tell launch. The first thing I started was trying to open a small social club in PSN Home for any beta members to hang out while servers were down (back when servers were only open weekends). This failed due to the fact the Clubs in Home only hold 32 members and I had 200+ people wanting to join (I still get app for the club this day). Now we just use it for Corp gathering like play Poker.

Then I listened to a Podcast and took a statement that was said to heart and when I spoke up against what was said I was then surrounded by numerous amounts of supporters. So I stepped up and formed ZionTCD (Tactical Combat and Defense).

3. You've done some pretty amazing things in the way of getting corps together to converse on a large scale, Why?
When forming TCD I took a look at another Corps recruitment thread to see how they were doing thing's and saw someone make a statement against people trying to form external Corporation to DUST 514. Though I'll leave out the name and the person who made the statement now runs a corp much like what they spoke against, here is what was said:

heh, like anyone who has connections in eve are not considering making a dust corp.

look sweetie, just wait till the game is actually launched then you can actually make a corp, because currently you are in the corp Arkombine not whatever the hell you claim to be in

Now I had just joined this New community of external Corps that people were forming because the MMOFPS that we are testing was missing the major part of the MMO experience, the grouping and socializing. When I read this statement I read it not as an attack against the corp whos thread it was stated in, but that it was a statement against every corp forming around DUST 514 Closed Beta and therefore against me. So I started efforts to banned these corps together, so they would know they weren't alone and that we could benefit from each other and give support to those who were trying to get started as a Corp. We provide likes to Free clan sites like and free chat programs like C3, even lent a hand here and there for there recruitment efforts. If I felt that someone wanting to join ZionTCD would benefit more with another Corp, I would send them that way (noting in return). This in turn sparked my interest in running for a DUST CSM if ever given the opportunity. is still active today and any Corp, Alliance and even individual Players may participate. It's like the UN of DUST. No alliance and anyone can be on any side of the political ring they choose. It is an effort to support the community we now participate in. This has helped my Corp earn the title of "The Good Guy's".

4. You've also seen some of your initiatives take on lives of their own, like the "Burn New Eden" movement. What's your take on that?
Now I hope you provide a link to the story related. (With that said) "The Burn New Eden" movement was sparked out of the same statement that help form the making of ZionTCD. Now this created a "Bandwagon" effect and a "Huge" number of people hoped on the wagon for a number of different reasons. For some it is to challenge the "Big Dog" on the EVE block (Goon swarm), for other's they see a hopeful opportunity to seek revenge against an Alliance that is known for Scamming, Bulling, Exploiting and everything else that has earned them the "Bad Guy" title they now hold. 

For me it was an unintentional challenge and I excepted it. So I set out to show the people who made these accusations about us (The FPS Community) lacking the capability to organizing past the stereo typical Clan number of 30 because we are in a matter of speaking "Dumb". The easiest way to create a Group or Groups is give them a common enemy and in doing so, (no one may see it this way) it brought out and even help form a number of external Corps and let shine the community that until then was quiet and hidden. People started to take their organization serious, that started to provide a voice to the forums and even started to get in to EVE in order to prepare for the coming integration. Most of these corps are anywhere from 50-500 members strong and there are around 40+ of them. 

This also aided in showing CCP that our community would not be content with being forced in to NPC corp or happy with an idea such as "simple Corps". We are large, well organized and we aim to wreck Kitten's... Mission accomplished guys.

Going back to the "Burn New Eden" I had to step up again to calm the flames so that we could once again get back to the task at hand and that is to help CCP make Our FPS. The fire is not dead, it is just dormant. 

5. What goals does your corporation have? 
LOL there a lot of people that would love the answer to this one. For now it's to enter Faction Warfare and begin in Planetary takeover. This will include taking on ally and 3rd party contracts and ether attacking or defending for them as well as owning a few for our personal use. I believe to show you are capable of taking a planet over for another corp it would be beneficial to be holding a planet or two of your own. Will also continue with our community efforts such as supporting and providing Blog's, Podcasts and other media forming around DUST 514 to help keep our game alive. For the long term, you'll have to hit me on a further date.
6. You have been involved in aspects of media in New Eden as well. How does this help you?
So many ways, everything from having not only EVE Corps and Alliances taking me more seriously but DEVs as well. It helps with our Recruitment efforts as well as Contract negotiations. It is a great tool to utilize to help both my personal agendas as well as benefitting the community and raising of awareness of DUST 514 to those who play EVE and may fear our coming. Whether you embrace us or choose to start a war against us, we are here to stay.
7. What kind of operations do you see TCD specializing in?
First is Planetary takeover, there are two vital things to achieve this as a signal Corporation Numbers and Organization. We are specializing in being a one stop corp for 3rd party's who are seeking such a services. We can even provide (for a fee) training assistance for EVE corps wanting a DUST division and doesn't know where to start or how to organize their ground forces. 

We are also specializing in providing our members the gaming experiences that they all truly seek out from this game. I tell my guys all the time that it's not them working for me, but that I am working for them. I'm a husband and father of twins, so I don't get out of the house like I use to, so I look to gaming as my way to "Hang with the Guys"(and Girls ;) but my enjoyment of such is more then just a hop on and play around. So it is establish that though you may only get a round here and there in on DUST, you still get that satisfaction that your are contribution to something greater by providing that time to aid us.

8. Are you part of an alliance or will TCD stand on its own? 
We stand alone (for now). I started out with the idea of laying the foundation for an alliance within Beta, but my corp means a lot to me so I diverted my efforts to them and the Community. The support to form our own Alliance is still their, people are just waiting for the word. Until then everyone should just focus on organizing their corporations. Some of these early ventures to form alliances are bringing to much unwanted drama to the community and with it bring hindrance to their growth. How can you plan for your future if your busy fighting about the past. 

9. How important is employing capsuleer pilots and infantry to the future of a corp?
That depends on your goals as a Corp. If you just want to Merc on planets or just participate in E-sport events and make your funding by doing so, then you do not need to hire Capsuleer's. But if you have higher ambitions and goals of being self sustaining then you will want to seek the hiring of Capsuleer's. ZionTCD is and will be seeking the hiring of Capsuleer's, we are fortunate in gaining some very experience Capsuleers from multiple aspects of New Eden such as PVP, PVE and Manufacturing as well as Corp and Alliance management. 

If you are a DUST corp that wants to seek System SOV as well as Planetary take over, then you will need Capsuleers.
10. What do you see being the biggest challenge for your corp in New Eden?
Null Sec... I recommend people take the time to listen to a few Podcast's and get familiar with New Eden politics. Check out Lost in EVE and Podside on iTunes and check out the on going story of Jade (Host of Lost in EVE and Alliance leader of LI3) Here's a man who's main goal is to own SOV for his alliance of 400 members, but the beast that is Null Sec keeps denying his effort's. Unfortunately the Alliances and Coalitions already established in Null Sec are like "grandfathered in" and are not kind to outsiders. Goon Swarm is even known for their scams of taking Corps hard earned ISK that they give in hopes of joining them, only to be stolen and denied access. 

We will try a diplomatic approach of course to gaining SOV, but to quote The Legend of Zelda II on NES "When all else fails, use Fire!" Become informed and pass that knowledge to your Corp, because this is not a challenge for just ZionTCD but for every aspiring Corp in DUST 514.
11. Like countless others, people recently accused you of actually being the driving force behind the GNN, what was your response to that?
LOL I haven't heard that for sometime, not since "Burn New Eden". Is it still truly being said? 
I'm not but I support the efforts because it's a community outlet for DUST 514. And to be truthful if I was I would have done my best to make sure that "BAD FURRY" story was never released on DUSTERs Blog.

I think he was almost banned from the rest of the closed beta. He hangs in our chat (But is not a TCD member) and today not a peep and all his posts on the forms were locked (including his response to the story). 

12. Where do you see hi-level corp meetings with CEOs and other power brokers taking place in the future?
Not sure I understand the question fully, but to give an answer, the same way they always have through chat programs such as Skype, TeamSpeak, Mumble, in game, ect...
13. We'll close by giving you the floor. Anything you want to discuss is fine with us.
First I'll like to address the players of DUST 514 who are or will be "Job Hunting" in New Eden. Take your time and do research on the Corps you're thinking of joining. See which one's not only fit what you seek in your gaming experience,but check out the potential of its longevity. If it doesn't seem to be much on its own, ask yourself if you feel like you can contribute to its growth and structuring. If not then best to seek another then to have to leave a failed Corp. 

Don't be pressured or bullied in to joining a corp. You will not enjoy your game time. If you are currently in a Corp and another attempt's to recruit you by only belittling your current Corp, then this means they believe their own corp is inferior to yours and they should not be allowed to waist your time. A truly great Corp will present itself through its action and the example in which it presents. A corp that speaks ill of another through false statements is truly only project their own flaws. 

Now for the Corps... Good luck.

If you need more advice then that, my e-mail is and me twitter is @Zion_Shad. 


  1. good article when are we going to hear from virgindestroyer7?????????????

    1. hehehe. just email us at, we'd love to hear what you have to say.

    2. v. destroyer is a leader of onslaught and is kick ass

      and oooohh lordy you need to hear this girl talk

    3. ya man shes awesome!!!

    4. I played W@W zombies with her and she would carry us through rounds by herself. It was dope bro.

  2. interesting to know that zionshad didnt really mean to start the anarchist movement. kinda spun out of control.

    1. TBH if you sat and looked at the events, its more by design then just an accident. Goons to this day haven't organized any true official Dust front (though a Member of theirs Is trying to open GooNFeet) and with the death of VR they prob won't anytime soon. I've beEn working on a blog to this and in "Templar 1" (The CCP novel about DUST) 514 is the mark of the Beast, The beginning of the End.

  3. "They have shown themselves an early entity to be reckoned with." 100% accurate. with pretty much none of their members sporting a positive KD in any matches anyone sees them in i buy this sales pitch in a heartbeat. zion for csm? better save your vote for someone who understands the game instead of having his head up his ass

    1. Outside of ZionShad and Jesse Jayne I don't believe you are capable of naming 10 other members of TCD

      FACT: Jesse Jayne is in the top 15 K/D and has been in top 10 and NEVER once called in a tank

      FACT: ZionShad holds a 2.45 K/D %

      FACT: ZionTCD enjin site holds over 160 members (and this is just the members that hold beta access) and they hold an avrg 2.63 K/D % and win 82% of the games they partake in

      FACT: Check out episode #34 of Podside (out later today or Tmrrw) on iTunes and listen to ZionShad give advice to a man who has ran for CSM and get schooled in the ways of DUST

      ZionShad is far more capable then Jenza of Betamax who has stated she would run and I know the statement above in question #3 was from her. She dose not beleive in the Community of DUST 514 so my money and Vote is on Shad

    2. huh dude you don't know what your talking about jesse ain't the only top gun i am currently ranked number 57 in the kill boards and have a k/d ratio for 2.70.On top of the i still put people down with a messed up right hand!


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    4. I heard that this jesse jayne guy is extremely good looking. Just a rumor though

    5. I heard that this jesse jayne guy is a fag.

  4. Replies
    1. i'm still laughing at the part where they mention zionshad as being in rofl/behind the blog. no worries bro, they pick someone new every week. every time I want to give these lil clowns credit they open their mouths and I remember how stupid they are allll over again.

  5. Id highly recommend ZTCD and im actually no longer with them. Respect from Furr33. You'll have my vote brother.

  6. I seriously still don't understand power rankings in a game that doesn't support groups larger than 4 at once, has no clan battles atm, and doesn't even have low sec open.

    As Rolyat said in the last post, are you just going off forum posts!?
    How can you judge whose even out there when half of the clans aren't showing their faces until we can get proper tags and corps?
    I detect a circlejerk, and its a big one.

    If you think that people like the past two corps mentioned are going to be more than a drop in the bucket or pawns to the larger nullsec alliances, your delusional.

    1. What this person said. Stop this retarded Corp Rankings until a full corp can actually play together against another. Honestly this is such a joke.

    2. @J gotta admit tho...the comments are the best part of this blog :P
      so if STB and TCD are 10 and 9 we know betamax will be in there i wonder what the other 7 corps this blog gonna name and who gonna get the so called "#1" spot trolololo

    3. whoever ends up being #1 is going to be accused of running this blog lol

  7. Well I gotta say duster blog thanks for showing TCD love but y'all are way of i would say we are number 1 if not number 2. but hey thanks for the spot light anyway i guess.

  8. Maybe they are just going by their own opinions. I don't really care, Ill just keep reading...

    That said ZionShad did a good interview. I like seeing other groups out there gathering a community that wants a great game and wants to help CCP develop that for us. I wish him the best of luck in his efforts.


    Respectable interview, hope to see you around.

  10. To clarify: I like TCD and Zion. I am just curious how or what you would say a metric to make these opinions are.

    But yes, I did enjoy reading this interview. Nice post.

  11. Although I am part of a Corp who will be in direct competition with ZionTCD, I am still impressed with their recruitment drive, their values in Dust and Eve, and their reputation as a Corp and as individuals.

    It will be an honour to battle with the members of ZionTCD

  12. Havent regurarly checked up anything Dust for like 2-3 months (but will try upcoming phase again), good to see this blog is still doing nonsensical rankings/entries. In this case you should just stick with interviews (but I guess it would mean less attention? heh), STB one was mental midgetry level interview, to put it mildly, but this one was actually really good read. Kudos to this Zion guy with regards to his enthusiasm and determination for anything Dust.