Monday, September 24, 2012

Power Rankings: #7 Tritan Industries

 The #7 Corporation on our list is one that makes it their mission is to provide the best in planetary management services.  To accomplish that mission, Tritan Industries is made up of specialists from all walks of life that can shoot, communicate, and move.  They shun mindless drones and only recruit motivated and dedicated personalities. We took a minute with a group from their membership to highlight some of their core beliefs and motivations.

Tell us about the birth of Tritan Industries.
1.       Jaw cloud –“Five months ago I was playing mass effect 3 with RH_BluEyeDevil, my lifelong friend,  when he brought up the subject of Dust 514. We began to form ideas about a corporation that would be different from any other corporation this game has yet to see.  We started with simple idea: base our corporation off of a business model and not a military model.  Tritan moved slowly for some time until we got a few exceptional guys who joined the corp with some good ideas. SyrupCakeEater, Undeadsoldier90, Sake Monster, and Wagnius helped formed the corp into a well-oiled machine that to this day continues to grow into something exceptional.

Does your corp have a motto?
2.       Undeadsoldier90 - “When the dust settles…….. The few left standing shall bear the mark of Tritan upon their chest.”

Describe your organization.
3.       Jaw Cloud - “Tritan Industries is a serious and dedicated Corporation, but we always manage to have fun.  We are not just a group of randoms, we are friends who excel at having a good time.”

Who is the CEO of Tritan Industries?
4.       Jaw Cloud – “I am the CEO, but we are a business model so we do have a board of directors.  The final decision is on me, because if I make a bad decision it will fall one me and I will take full responsibility.  I trust everyone on the board, and I always take anything they say seriously and with great consideration. This also applies to our members.  Although decisions are finalized by me and the board, all Tritan members have a say in what we do.”

What goals does your corporation have?
5.       Jaw Cloud - “Here at Tritan Industries our number one goal is to make enough ISK to give all Tritan members enough money to complete and compete in all of our planetary management contracts.” 

Are there any longtime or potential rivals you can see at this point? Maybe there are organizations that clash with your corporate beliefs early.
 6.       Sake Monster- “ It is our policy here at Tritan industries to not make enemies based on forum or in game non-combat interactions, We will let our weapons do the talking and eventually enemies will emerge. Currently we have open and civil relations with all other corps.”

What type of contracts do you specialize in?
 7.       Undeadsoldier90 - “ We specialize in contracts that make us ISK”

Are you part of an alliance or does Tritan Industries stand on its own?
 8.       Sake Monster - “ Tritan stands Apart from all alliances at this point,  we have friendly relations with most of the mega corps but feel not enough is known about the alliances, how they will form, what they will represent, and what will happen until the full game client is released. “

Do you employ pilots in addition to infantry elements?
 9.       Jaw Cloud - “Yes, but we are not discussing it at this point.”

What do you see being the biggest challenge for your corp in New Eden?
10.   Undeadsoldier90 - “Sheer numbers will be the downfall of many corporations, whether it be the massive influx of new members or new enemy’s.  We are prepared for either outcome.”

We'll close by allowing you to share whatever you'd like, the floor is yours.
Sake Monster - “Anyone who is interested in knowing more about Tritan or joining us can find us at
I would also like to extend an open invitation to any corporation leaders and or representatives to contact me to discuss any potential contracts, alliances, or general information about Tritan.  My contact info:  PSN- Sake_Monster   In game- Sake Monster
On a side note Tritan Industries is an active participant in Dust UNICON we encourage all other corps and mercs to check it out.
I am looking forward to the future and you will be seeing and hearing much more from me.”
 Jaw Cloud - “As a CEO I have vision of how powerful Tritan Industries can become. I don’t run Tritan Industries as dictator and I don’t use this corporation as my personal step ladder or bank. I am here to make sure everyone who plays with or joins Tritan has the best gaming experience possible.  I feel like the success of Tritan and its member’s rests on my shoulders and I will do everything in my power to have that success become reality. “

Undeadsoldier90 -“This Corporation is no longer a group of people I play video games with. These guys that I have gotten to know over the last few months have become my friends and people I can rely on. I can say that I have never played with a better group of people in my entire gaming career.” 
Watch for us New Eden…


  1. good choice. saw mofacekilla this weekend several times. he's notorious with the mass driver.

  2. you guys are such EV fanboys its ridiculous.

    1. lolwut?

      Where in this article was EV even mentioned? Let me quote something for you.
      "Tritan stands Apart from all alliances at this point...."

  3. How many more times do we have to scream for virgindestroyer7? Let's stop with the 'ranked corp' bullshicaca.

    1. you'll be excited to know the interview has already been completed. we are simply waiting for her responses at this point.

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    3. It would be nice if you guys would chill the fuck out regarding our female membership. VD has earned everything she has not because she is a woman, but because she is a solid gamer and a good person. The Jr. high school "look boobies" bullshit is played out. You either need to go get laid or spank it privately so you do not come off as a stalker.

    4. I support this. statement. you'll be happy to know we highlighted her as such and didn't portray her as anything less. We asked her the same questions we would ask anyone in leadership.

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  5. well deserved, Tritan.

  6. Just interview Jumpman/Protoman...we need someone to stir this pot up.

  7. they already interviewed that clown, twice. don't post crap like that when they're highlighting us. those MAG corps had their chance to shine and botched it.

  8. Here's some ideas, rename this to corporation interviews. Bother with groups other than the EVs and ROFLs of the game. Sure Tritan is their own little group but still, it seems really biased that you only look into the groups that run around making asses of themselves.

    1. Tactical Combat and Defense [TCD] isn't in an alliance either you know.

      So far they showed:
      1 EV
      1 ROFL
      2 Independents

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    3. a little from column a and a little from column b

  9. This is a great post. TRItan inDUSTries.

    maNy Are My Eyes, Lips, EarS and Shadow. We ARe not a hIveMind but Many wIll igNite and ENTer our cuase.