Saturday, September 29, 2012

EON Insider Leaks Secret Transcripts!

A week ago we weren't even aware of the EON alliance, but its been a busy couple of days for the GNN. After being contacted by an unknown member of EON for a short interview early in the week, now intel has started pouring in about the alliance that has been secret until now. Now it seems an inside source has betrayed the group and provided us with secured chat transcripts from inside EON.

Read below for chats between the notorious Hivemind and EON leader Mavado Noriega, hints at an association for a coordinated attack on ROFL, and even discussions about betraying the EV after achieving their goals.

Inside the Mind: Convo with NuMbz & Spankit
Posted 30/5/12NuMbz┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
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FYI: Mavado is me its my DUST merc's name (Mavado V Noriega)
how this convo started: basically saw kush callin ppl out on the beta forums constantly sayin tryhard this tryhards that blah blah sayin how the MAG tryhards only interested in stats and preyed on noobs etc etc etc

Now for those that done know MAG is an uncompetitive game in my eyes, no proper efficient way to setup wars so it was basically a pubstomping game. When u have no way for competitive clans to rate themselves among each other via matches the next best thing ppl will do is compare stats and it kinda irritated me kush callin ppl tryhards when its not really their fault and the ppl hes associating the term to (myself and SyN included along with AIR, G|C) arent tryhards imo. Hell we dont even try in pubs and actually prefer to face organized competition and so does the other ppl he refers to tryhards. These "tryhard" clans have a competitive record that speaks for itself i mean wtf are we suppose to do?? deliberately try to suck at the game? lower our recruitment standards so they can feel better about themselves? fck that.

Now the thing is i HATE hypocrites and Kush is one of em, talks about tryhards preying on noobs on the beta forums but just recently his seasoned ROFL buddies who been playing EVE for a min of 8 months and the vet corps have been playing for years war dec'd some 2 week old EV accounts and talkin shit now isnt that being a tryhard by his own damn definition? So i baited him into an argument on the forums asking his definition exactly and if he answers hes gonna get called out.

ended up on IRC to get the full info from spankit and well.......we ended up having alot more to talk about than just that lol (didnt get the start of the convo saved btw missed like 3-5 lines leading up to the start here but u can get the idea )

i tried to play as dumb as possible when the alliance talk came up but Spankit isnt a dumb guy and since AIR chose them over us no doubt they will inform him of the alliance. This is the risk we face in recruiting top talent that everyone wants, if we dont get them they basically will inform whoever they do go with of us
<Dr_Spankit>: And ROFL was... well...Rofl
23:28 <Dr_Spankit>: I had Entropy Virus a secret for 4-5 months.
23:28 <Dr_Spankit>: I recruited everyone 1 by 1... word of mouth from nothing.
23:29 <Dr_Spankit>: But since most of us are pretty set in our ways... Instead of trying

to get everyone under one banner, which I now see as folly
23:29 <Dr_Spankit>: I tried the next best thing.... make a case that we work together...

secretly, and do some REAL carnage and chaos in Dust
23:30 <Mavado>: kool
23:30 <Dr_Spankit>: We all do our seperate thing... but maybe secretly be in kahoots with

each other... and really make a statement.
23:30 <Mavado>: and how did this all go wrong?
23:30 <Dr_Spankit>: So I go to DarkJudges, and I give up all my secrecy.... and I lay down

everything about the Entropy Virus
23:30 <Dr_Spankit>: And say, lets try and figure some way to work together.
23:31 <Dr_Spankit>: He says cool, goes to their council,
23:31 <Dr_Spankit>: The next Day... ROFL goes public
23:31 <Dr_Spankit>: And I don't ever hear from them again
23:31 <Mavado>: damn
23:31 <Dr_Spankit>: a monthish later... our Eve corp gets attacked randomly by ROFL
23:32 <Dr_Spankit>: Rofl says they are trying to cripple any corp with "dust" in their

name to weaken them
23:32 <Mavado>: well the story they are spreading is that yall were talkin shit and they

just responded
23:32 <Mavado>: LOL @ CRIPPLE
23:32 <Dr_Spankit>: eventually find out that they are targeting us specifically
23:32 <Dr_Spankit>: Now here's the thing
23:32 <Mavado>: they wud need alot better players to do that
23:32 <Dr_Spankit>: We did talk shit about them... that the people I have assembled could

destroy them
23:33 <Dr_Spankit>: but you know what? They probably read old news...
23:33 <Dr_Spankit>: or some random person on the forum who doesn't know what they are

talking about
23:33 <Dr_Spankit>: and interpreted that as a war dec
23:33 <Dr_Spankit>: here's the thing
23:33 <Dr_Spankit>: if you think we were talking shit... why not call me out on it? Talk

to me?
23:33 <Mavado>: kush is goin off about ppl being tryhards and preying on noobs but yet

they do the same damn thing in EVE
23:33 <Mavado>: fuckin hypocrites
23:34 <Dr_Spankit>: And then I try my best to talk to them
23:34 <Dr_Spankit>: they refuse
23:34 <Dr_Spankit>: Then I post on their forums and they berrate me
23:34 <Mavado>: lol since the ZSA fell and they have their little EVE corps with them with

some XP on EVE but have made no mark on EVE btw they think they are invincible
23:34 <Mavado>: yea i saw that
23:34 <Dr_Spankit>: they hold 0 territory
23:34 <Mavado>: lol
23:35 <Dr_Spankit>: So yeah... I mean... I understand... we did talk shit
23:35 <Mavado>: they hold 0 territory and they dont even kill good experienced players
23:35 <Dr_Spankit>: but if I spied on their forums.... they probably talked shit about us

too... saying we're a bunch of random ringers
23:35 <Mavado>: its a bunch of noobs they killin according to their killboards
23:35 <Mavado>: lol they talk shit about everyone
23:35 <Dr_Spankit>: I just wanted to do something cool and big
23:35 <Mavado>: i know for a fact they talk shit about me and my guys
23:36 <Dr_Spankit>: I dont care about shit talking... I ignore it because I want somehting

23:36 <Dr_Spankit>: Even after the attacks, and insults..
23:36 <Dr_Spankit>: I still go to them saying that I will forgive the past if they want to

work together
23:36 <Mavado>: meh ROFL are in for a big awakening
23:37 <Mavado>: u are more generous than me id give u that much
23:37 <Dr_Spankit>: Hate creates hate.
23:37 <Dr_Spankit>: There is only one way to change things.. and that is to play the game

differently than everyone else
23:37 <Dr_Spankit>: do something new
23:37 <Dr_Spankit>: unique
23:37 <Dr_Spankit>: The EV is set, that when we destroy our enemies... they may join us

and be one with us, and its all cool
23:38 <Dr_Spankit>: I am the leader. I will show compassion, understanding, and

sympathy... I know that people in ggames makes mistakes, and I will not corner my enemies
23:38 <Mavado>: lol if ppl who dont know anything about me other than my brief time in

their clan want to paint me as a villian then ill be glad to fill the role of villian, once

i know my members see the truth and know and like the real me idc what others think tbh
23:39 <Dr_Spankit>: Yeah I had you wrong too BTW
23:39 <Dr_Spankit>: Everyone I knew told me you were powerhungry, conceited, self centered
23:39 <Dr_Spankit>: and only wanted to be in a position of power
23:39 <Dr_Spankit>: 5 seconds talking to you, dispelled that
23:39 <Mavado>: i think that idea wont work too well in New Eden btw. the whole destroy ur

enemies and then get them to work with u
23:39 <Dr_Spankit>: The Amarr did it
23:40 <Dr_Spankit>: Well... Eve side will be different
23:40 <Dr_Spankit>: Dust side... trust me... I know what I'm doing. Obviously blatant

sabotage will be kept out
23:41 <Mavado>: lol
23:41 <Dr_Spankit>: But you have to look at the big picture... and how the system I have

23:41 <Dr_Spankit>: That its impossible for anyone to get any power in the EV, without

doing more good then harm
23:42 <Dr_Spankit>: Basically... I am building not an EVE/DUST alliance
23:42 <Dr_Spankit>: I'm building an all inclusive community, that anyone may join and help

23:43 <Dr_Spankit>: I am going against the grain, and prevailing logic, and playing my own

23:44 <Dr_Spankit>: BTW, don't take my compassion as weakness.... The Art of War clearly

supports what I am doing
23:44 <Dr_Spankit>: But people focus too much on the War, and not the Art of War.
23:44 <Mavado>: lol
23:44 <Mavado>: true
23:44 <Mavado>: been studying the art of war alot
23:45 <Mavado>: got schooled in it a couple years ago on MAG
23:45 <Mavado>: been itching for a rematch
23:45 <Dr_Spankit>: rematch?
23:46 <Mavado>: yea that little TTT weekend kush loves to bring up. the way he won the

contracts was basically using deception and never once was actually looking for competition
23:47 <Dr_Spankit>: Oh Yamamoto and I came up with that.
23:47 <Mavado>: yea well kush likes to take alot of credit for it
23:48 <Dr_Spankit>: Kush too... but that was Yamamoto and I's brainstorm.... I was too

busy to actually help push it at that time in my life
23:48 <Dr_Spankit>: Man I can't stand kush.
23:48 <Mavado>: neither can i
23:48 <Dr_Spankit>: Cool dude.... but man... get to the point!
23:48 <Dr_Spankit>: Well, see this is my angle... there is a lot of good people in ROFL...

people I like and respect.
23:49 <Dr_Spankit>: When ROFL doesn't live up to its promises, those people will be

looking for the place that will
23:49 <Dr_Spankit>: Even if they had a lapse of judgement
23:49 <Mavado>: lol everyone in ROFL hates me thanks to my ex clan PHI still having sand

in their vaginas over me leaving peacefully by myself and ppl choosing to follow me
23:50 <Dr_Spankit>: I just love how the only people talking about ROFL is ROFL
23:50 <Dr_Spankit>: and that they have to bump their own threads or else they die
23:50 <Mavado>: gotta love how ppl that dont even know u or get to know u judge u. Im not

even worried about ROFL. The players they got on the beta are garbage
23:50 <Dr_Spankit>: I've wanted to say that on their thread for so long... but I'm still

keeping low profile
23:50 <Mavado>: pretty sure jump alone can take a squad of 6 by himself
23:51 <Dr_Spankit>: Naberius is in the fray
23:51 <Dr_Spankit>: He was worried he would not live up to his mag skill... but he's

already dominating.
23:51 <Mavado>: ppffft u havent seen me call them out on that thread bumpin shit on the site
23:51 <Dr_Spankit>: I think all of us Mag players are going to do about as good as we did

on MAG.
23:51 <Mavado>: na
23:51 <Mavado>: its a different beast
23:52 <Dr_Spankit>: Oh I had a great talk with Mitauchi btw in .org's chat...
23:52 <Dr_Spankit>: oh shit.... I pissed them off hardcore
23:52 <Mavado>: some of the ROFL members were decent on MAG but suck hard on DUST
23:52 <Mavado>: lol
23:52 <Dr_Spankit>: I had ROFL tags... and forgot i put them on. Then I said hello in the

23:52 <Mavado>: looooool
23:52 <Dr_Spankit>: And so happened to have a squad of rofl people
23:53 <Dr_Spankit>: Mitachi was deep in conversation with a CCP, and started acting all

"gentlemen... lets not turn this into a troll fest... and focus on what's important to dust"
23:53 <Mavado>: lol
23:53 <Dr_Spankit>: acting like he's taking the high ground
23:53 <Dr_Spankit>: Then him and them started shit talking me and EV
23:53 <Mavado>: they trying to suck up hard on the forums as well
23:54 <Dr_Spankit>: and all I said was "hi"
23:54 <Mavado>: lol
23:54 <Mavado>: ROFL is a joke tbh
23:54 <Dr_Spankit>: yeah... but well... I want to build them up
23:54 <Dr_Spankit>: I've begged for surrender.
23:55 <Dr_Spankit>: I've asked the mto stop harassing me
23:55 <Dr_Spankit>: I asked "why are you picking on us?"
23:55 <Mavado>: lol
23:55 <Dr_Spankit>: My ultimate goal is to just not fight them at all.
23:55 <Mavado>: lol why?
23:56 <Mavado>: u know thats not gonna happen
23:56 <Dr_Spankit>: Cause, I'll be too busy taking important contracts
23:56 <Dr_Spankit>: while they don't get hired for anything other than velspar planets.
23:57 <Dr_Spankit>: whatever.
23:58 <Dr_Spankit>: I wish them well.
23:58 <Dr_Spankit>: I really hope they like fighting GC / VL$ / AIR / <3
23:58 <Mavado>: ohhh AIR joined u guys as well
23:58 <Mavado>: nice pickup
23:58 <Dr_Spankit>: oh shit.
23:58 <Dr_Spankit>: oops
23:59 <Mavado>: lol isnt <3 gravity now anyway?
23:59 <Dr_Spankit>: yeah...
23:59 <Dr_Spankit>: but Gravity sounds like one clan... when really its .... well... all

of them
23:59 <Mavado>: secret safe with me on AIR, i did tell u guys im open to being allies with

anyone not named ROFL
00:00 <Dr_Spankit>: Well let me ask you... are you a higher up in your alliance?
00:00 <Dr_Spankit>: BTW: My guess is your with WTF
00:00 <Dr_Spankit>: AMIRITE?
00:00 <Mavado>: WTF?
00:00 <Dr_Spankit>: What the French
00:00 <Mavado>: no
00:00 <Dr_Spankit>: Awww.
00:00 <Mavado>: im kool with caz tho
00:01 <Dr_Spankit>: But yeah, are you in a position of executive power?
00:01 <Dr_Spankit>: Because for us to ally... we need to keep that shit on the DL
00:01 <Dr_Spankit>: You don't tell your people we're cool, And me the same
00:01 <Mavado>: lol in what? i represent SyN
00:01 <Dr_Spankit>: I thought you had an alliance
00:02 <Dr_Spankit>: A secret one
00:02 <Mavado>: i have friends, lots of friends
00:02 <Dr_Spankit>: Just dont support the status quo, and we can work together
00:03 <Mavado>: well im down for workin with anyone, just not ROFL. actually cant wait to

square off against them
00:03 <Dr_Spankit>: What is your goals then?
00:04 <Dr_Spankit>: You just want to make a name? Or do you want to be part of whatever

group takes over new eden? or somewhere in between?
00:05 <Mavado>: no goals yet
00:05 <Mavado>: have a general idea but really need to see how stuff gonna play out 1st
00:05 <Mavado>: dont think any dust organisation will take over new eden tbh
00:06 <Mavado>: but hey u set ur bar extremely high
00:06 <Mavado>: kudos to that
00:06 <Dr_Spankit>: Its the letdown of MAG.
00:06 <Dr_Spankit>: Its made me desire the opposite
00:07 <Mavado>: lol
00:07 <Dr_Spankit>: That and I love making people have fun
00:07 <Mavado>: still gotta deal with the EVE players
00:07 <Dr_Spankit>: Mmmmyup.
00:08 <Mavado>: goons pretty much control EVE
00:08 <Dr_Spankit>: They don't have that much territory
00:08 <Mavado>: the CFC cant be beaten by any other coalition on EVE, they just have tooo

much wealth and ppl
00:08 <Dr_Spankit>: Do they mostly attack, and just dont care for territory?
00:09 <Dr_Spankit>: Solar Fleet (I think they are called) are pretty huge
00:10 <Dr_Spankit>: Well... ideas/revolutions start against all odds
00:10 <Dr_Spankit>: EvE needs a shake up... and well... if you know anything about me...

you know I shake things up
00:10 <Mavado>: the area in which the CFC holds currently has this resource called tech

something on the tech moons which all located where they are
00:10 <Mavado>: most valuable resource in EVE
00:10 <Dr_Spankit>: ahh I see.
00:10 <Mavado>: and they control it, they are ridiculously richer than everyone else
00:11 <Dr_Spankit>: yeah, they pay for anyone's lost ship
00:11 <Mavado>: the event Hulkageddon which goons hold
00:11 <Mavado>: which is basically them payin 100mil for every 10 hulks someone blows up
00:11 <Dr_Spankit>: Well here's a goal for you
00:11 <Dr_Spankit>: Lets take them down
00:11 <Mavado>: u need that tech stuff to build hulks in the 1st place
00:12 <Mavado>: so they payin ppl to destroy hulks thus ppl will need to replace hulks and

the resources to replace them come from them
00:12 <Dr_Spankit>: genius
00:12 <Mavado>: it is
00:12 <Mavado>: from what ppl told me Goonswarm has an incredible financial team
00:12 <Mavado>: and organisation
00:13 <Dr_Spankit>: yes they do.
00:13 <Dr_Spankit>: They always have... even before EVE
00:13 <Dr_Spankit>: Something Awful forums is a very old, very organized/influencial

00:14 <Mavado>: CFC controls like 40% of the map , yes they are some other alliances that

control big spaces but the minerals/resources they get arent anything as valuable as the CFC
00:14 <Mavado>: CCP is gonna supposedly redistribute those moons as well as even Mittens

admitted it wasnt fair that all the tech moons are lumped in one spot
00:15 <Dr_Spankit>: Everyone wants to take them down
00:15 <Dr_Spankit>: but no one is willing to do what it takes
00:16 <Dr_Spankit>: Same as everyone wants to rule Dust/EVE... but not willing to do what

they need
00:16 <Mavado>: well its pretty much gonna take all of EVE to band together to take them

00:16 <Dr_Spankit>: Goon is effective, not because they are superbly organized... which

they are... but they are bonded together, united more than anyone else
00:17 <Dr_Spankit>: Well sir... I am up for the task
00:17 <Mavado>: true
00:18 <Dr_Spankit>: I know what makes gamers tick
00:18 <Dr_Spankit>: I know what motivates them,
00:18 <Mavado>: lol oh do u?
00:18 <Dr_Spankit>: yeah. Play.
00:18 <Dr_Spankit>: A sense of play.
00:19 <Mavado>: a sense of play?
00:19 <Dr_Spankit>: My milk and cookie speaches... get laughed at by people who take

leadership too seriously
00:19 <Mavado>: lol
00:20 <Dr_Spankit>: but what they don't realise... is the reason people follow what I say

in MAG, and do it so effectively, is because the guards of overthinking, and caring abotu

what others think, or "how your supposed to play this game" are taken down
00:21 <Dr_Spankit>: Once you start having fun, and you start instilling in people that

we're all human here, and we all like being silly and being nerdy
00:21 <Dr_Spankit>: then you unlock everyone's true potential
00:21 <Mavado>: hmm
00:21 <Dr_Spankit>: Its like... put a baby in a room, and all of a sudden people start

talking to each other
00:22 <Dr_Spankit>: anyhoo... sorry if im preachy or going on... I just get passionate

about games/psychology
00:22 <Mavado>: lol
00:22 <Dr_Spankit>: And just... possibilities
00:23 <Mavado>: na its not preachy, i get passionate as well with the games that really

got potential
00:23 <Mavado>: i just see endless possibilities with this game
00:24 <Dr_Spankit>: Yup... but that's why I keep asking you... when you think of DUST and

what it promises... what do you forsee yourself doing? What would be the most wicked, fun,

satisfying thing you could be doing in it?
00:24 <Dr_Spankit>: Because, this game will be full of possibilities... and even though

there will be limits....
00:25 <Dr_Spankit>: it will be open enough, that you can mold the game to your dreams...

and not fit your dreams into the game
00:25 <Dr_Spankit>: I think the former is what you should strive for... and not settle.
00:26 <Dr_Spankit>: some compromise, and bending... or having a variation of your dream
00:26 <Dr_Spankit>: but never settling
00:26 <Mavado>: most satisfying thing i could do? being #1 but doin it the hard way, all

while takin a shit in ROFL back yard
00:26 <Dr_Spankit>: What is #1?
00:27 <Dr_Spankit>: rofl doesn't have a backyard... they are only renting an apartment.
00:27 <Mavado>: idk comes in 2 flavours i guess, #1 from the sandbox standpoint being the

most successful DUST corp/alliance and #2 Winning the DUST alliance tournament
00:29 <Dr_Spankit>: Well, for that you need no alliance
00:30 <Dr_Spankit>: and it is a much easier road.
00:31 <Mavado>: which one?
00:31 <Mavado>: #2 i assume
00:32 <Dr_Spankit>: both
00:33 <Dr_Spankit>: oh wait
00:33 <Dr_Spankit>: sorry I missed a word
00:33 <Dr_Spankit>: the alliance word
00:33 <Dr_Spankit>: haha
00:34 <Dr_Spankit>: Well, for us working together, there is but 2 options. Join us. Or

pretend to have nothing to do with us, and work together to manipulate things
00:34 <Dr_Spankit>: anything in between is silly... and only half heated.
00:34 <Dr_Spankit>: hearted*
00:35 <Dr_Spankit>: If you end up in an alliance, it would be ideal
00:35 <Dr_Spankit>: as then split up, we can cover more ground in assembling like minded

00:36 <Dr_Spankit>: that want to see the powers that be get what's coming to them
00:36 <Dr_Spankit>: We are both people with a large network, and in positions to get an

even larger network.
00:39 <Mavado>: lol option 2 is better, deception is always nice
00:40 <Dr_Spankit>: I would prefer your support, but it looks like I'm drawing in more

elites than I know what to do with.
00:40 <Dr_Spankit>: yeah... it will have to be timed right.
00:40 <Dr_Spankit>: Anyhoo... so a pact then. An agreement (that never happened).
00:41 <Dr_Spankit>: For eve to be fun for all, and not just goon...
00:41 <Dr_Spankit>: we need to start uniting as many people as we can
<Dr_Spankit>: One bit of advice, is I would not wait too long to choose an alliance, or make

one... though I still suspect you have one in the works
00:42 <Mavado>: lol gettin them united is the problem
00:42 <Dr_Spankit>: Dude... I have BHD in the EV
00:42 <Dr_Spankit>: If I can get people to join with BHD in the EV... I can do anything
00:43 <Dr_Spankit>: When I was more secret.... I asked people about alliances, what they

00:44 <Dr_Spankit>: and nearly everyone in the EV said: "FUCK clans like KEQ/BHD.... i

want my personal mission to destroy those fucks"
00:44 <Dr_Spankit>: haha.... but then they get sold on an idea.
00:44 <Dr_Spankit>: And then BHD doesn't bother them anymore.
00:46 <Mavado>: lol yea
00:46 <Mavado>: was surprised u managed to get BHD and G|C workin together
00:47 <Dr_Spankit>: Every alliance talks about "were not a clan... we're a community"
00:47 <Dr_Spankit>: EV is an idea.
00:48 <Dr_Spankit>: Its really weird, and most people feel akward joining us
00:48 <Dr_Spankit>: but... like I said earlier... us humans just have a lot of fences we

put up... walls that block us from acting natural
00:49 <Dr_Spankit>: Anyhoo. I've probably said waaaaayyy too much, but I trust you
00:49 <Dr_Spankit>: Obolisk trusts you too.
00:50 <Dr_Spankit>: If you want to shit on ROFL, the EV is a good place to do it, because

whether I want to or not... they seem to want to fight
00:52 <Dr_Spankit>: He;s a weird dude.
00:52 <Dr_Spankit>: I was expecting Sithis type mentality when I met him
00:52 <Dr_Spankit>: but I got... basically a black NaberiusX
00:53 <Dr_Spankit>: well... trust is maybe not the correct word.
00:53 <Dr_Spankit>: But he seems to think that regardless of our positions, or

allegiences, that were on the same page somewhere.
00:54 <Mavado>: lol sithis
00:55 <Mavado>: him and spade been wanting to talk to me for a while now
00:55 <Mavado>: just havent been able to set anything up yet
00:55 <Dr_Spankit>: Sithis.. I dont think is in GC
00:56 <Dr_Spankit>: Spade is
00:57 <Dr_Spankit>: Well... there's a reason for it I bet.
00:58 <Dr_Spankit>: I gotta tell you
00:58 <Dr_Spankit>: I was paranoid when I first talked to 3C
00:58 <Dr_Spankit>: i mean GC
00:58 <Mavado>: lol why paranoid
00:58 <Dr_Spankit>: because... here is obolisk, who threw me for a compelete loop, cause I

was not expecting such rational attitude
00:58 <Mavado>: and yea its spade i was referring to not sithis
00:58 <Dr_Spankit>: and second, cause here is a clan full of people that I shit talked a

00:59 <Dr_Spankit>: who are all better players than me
00:59 <Mavado>: yea Obo is a kool dude
00:59 <Dr_Spankit>: and now I'm trying to get them to follow me
00:59 <Dr_Spankit>: And naberius... fucker that he is... never talks in any meeting ever
00:59 <Mavado>: we saw eye to eye on alot of things during our brief stay in the ZSA
01:00 <Dr_Spankit>: Is that your only connection?
01:00 <Dr_Spankit>: you meet there?
01:02 <Mavado>: yea it was still 3C at the time then spade decided to merge 3C into G|C
01:02 <Mavado>: and thats how i met Obo
01:03 <Dr_Spankit>: You should have a chat with him
01:04 <Mavado>: gotta find the time
01:04 <Mavado>: DUST is addictive
01:04 <Mavado>: and when server is down its back to running the clan lol
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Reading up on this it seems spankit is aiming big, and he's hiding something as well, hitting on "AIR" wasn't a mistake on his part, wonder what he's up to, either he's still trying to influence you to jump ship, hoping your not a higher up in your "Alliance" I think he does know about us, playing mind games with the whole "Thinking your with WTF" Yeah, no. He knows about us just playing dumb, I think personally that was with the whole "AIR" and the "Your with WTF" trying to act like he's stupid, when in all reality trying to make the convo more casual and open, hoping that your ego will get in the way and you release some info, his EVE knowledge is way off, yeah he knows about CFC but anyone with half a brain in EVE knows the CFC is an integral part of EVE, just like ganking in highsec and full blob wars in Null, either he's playing stupid (My guess) or he's obviously not deep into EVE just yet, still something's telling me he's hiding something, something big.

Going off of the "AIR" Comment, that's probably saying thinking about it now "We know about you, your secret is out" he's hiding something more from the convo you had with him, he's dying in anticipation to say it, trying to beat around the bush is the vibe I'm getting, I personally think he's got a big clan, someone we would have a hard time going up against, someone good has jumped aboard his little virus wagon personally, we should dig deeper if we have anyone and see what we can dig up, just the way he's saying stuff he's wanting to spill the beans, just what I've taken out of this convo.
Posted 30/5/12NuMbz┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
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its not a secret that they are still trying to convince us to join
both Obo and Spade have gone out their way to contact me

i do agree spankit isnt dumb and probably let that AIR thing leak on purpose, i mean its not like a voice convo he had time to review that and then press enter

its also no secret that Ive been trying to get AIR on board since the old ZSA, im sure AIR has informed spankit of us.

At this point dont think anyone will be surprised when we do go public the surprise will come based on how organised we seem and the amount of corps we have onboard.
Posted 30/5/12corbear007
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Still think he's hiding something bigger, the AIR thing wasn't a mistake, bringing up the whole "I play EVE" wasn't a mistake either, playing down CFC like they're just a small corp easy to take down again, wasn't a mistake, everyone who plays EVE and isn't a noob knows about the CFC, he's showing off a lot of his strengths, which points to "JOIN US" but he's still being conservative over it,, understandable yes, but he also points to a flaw or two within some of his recruits, it's just an overall vibe that he's got something he's giddy about, I know it's a hunch and I'm basing it off of nothing, but yeah take it how it seems.
Posted 30/5/12NuMbz┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
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he hasnt kept that he plays EVE a secret lol thats all over the fb grp
he ambitious but dont think he knows about the actual CFC or big hitters that well

i agree with u tho the AIR thing isnt a slip, like i said if it was a voice convo i might have understood a spur of the moment lapse but not typing sorry.

That being said i was being honest with him when i said we are always open to allies, all depends on what they can do for us

i will say this tho he knows im a competitive person with high standards so naming off those clans is an attempt to possibly "woo" me into thinking "man that list of elites sure is nice, possibly better than what i got currently"

that being said i stated from day 1 that im Eon always, if as a collective grp we decide to go EV kool, if not then no worries.
Im confident we have something special here and even if we might not have the "elites" i believe we have something that will make us last longer and thats trust and not letting egos cloud our judgement.

And like i told him it wont be much fun for me if i go the easy route to achieve goals. Main reason i stuck with Raven on MAG and never went SVER, prefer to do things the hard way that way u know u earned it which is why i never wanted to have all the MAG clans under 1 banner because that takes away the competition and i like competition.

Now if by some chance when we get into 0.0 and there proves to be a bigger more dangerous threat than EV and ROFL in position to wipe us all out then yes im very much open to go back and make a "MAG Coalition" in the same vein as the CFC , competition wont drop and the odds wouldnt be impossible.

IF the game turns out well im already prepared to see this MAG coalition become a reality when 0.0 hits and with possible backing from S2N and most likely the other SoCo alliance members we can possibly turn EVE on its head and put the south in power position
Posted 30/5/12bDevZ_PREDA
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I think they're thinking the same thing as what you said numbz, but the way spankit talks about HIM not wanting to fight, i think he see's ROFL as the guys that will be at the top

I personally think he wants to see how high you are, because as cor said he wants to see if you'll except what he thinks is the better offer or if your high up within the alliance you can persuade the rest of us to work with them agaist ROFL.

If this is the case, and he asked us for a truce to fight against ROFL, we would still need spies to make sure they wouldn't back stab us as soon as ROFL died out.

I suspect their spy network isn't very strong because he says "but IF I spied on their forums" now if you had spies you'd want them to be watching ROFL imo. but he may of said this on purpose just so we dont up our secruity or something along those lines.
Posted 30/5/12NuMbz┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
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i can tell u now NO ONE thinks ROFL is gonna be the guys at the top, not from what ive seen in the beta lol
The good thing about goons and what makes them successful is that they never forget their friends.

so if Spankit actually wants to complete this elaborate goal of his hes gonna need alot of powerful friends so while obv i wont let my guard down it makes no sense to back stab us when we are actually helping u achieve ur goal

Remember karma is a bitch, so u must weigh the risk vs reward long term for backstabbing anyone. Up to u to decide if dancing with the devil is worth it lol
Posted 31/5/12ezrelthemerciful
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i personal believe this is a ploy to remove rofl from the ev equation if he is thinking long term a false war declaration would make it seem as if they are enemies,this would to help them roll other clans/alliances by blind siding their "allied" clan during a fight with rofl only to be shot in the back by ev. this is my opinion of the situation at the moment.
Posted 31/5/12NuMbz┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
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think ppl over thinking the convo a bit too much lol
they did get war dec'd btw hitman confirmed that
Posted 31/5/12bDevZ_PREDA
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NuMbz┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ wrote:
i can tell u now NO ONE thinks ROFL is gonna be the guys at the top, not from what ive seen in the beta lol
The good thing about goons and what makes them successful is that they never forget their friends.

so if Spankit actually wants to complete this elaborate goal of his hes gonna need alot of powerful friends so while obv i wont let my guard down it makes no sense to back stab us when we are actually helping u achieve ur goal.

Because if we allied with EV to take out ROFL we would then be the main threat to EV. With the known powerful alliances atm. Then they would be the big guys till someone else comes up.

News is rolling in very quickly at this stage. As always, we'll continue to follow this story and provide updates when available. Have tips or any intel you'd like to share with the GNN? Email us at


  1. lol! will these clowns ever learn?

  2. mavado and hivemind = two pitiful wannabe Mittani and Napoleon wannabes.

  3. uh oh. someone has to serious explaining to do. still loling at how paranoid that idiot numbz is at the end.

  4. is it just me or are these guys obsessed with ROFL? get out of the basement geez!

  5. These idiots have more leaks than anything.

  6. when reached for comment, EON leader Mavado Noriega had this to say "you know what news FPS players really care for? battles...try reporting on them and not high school gossip."

    1. I believe that would be the difference between STAR WEEKLY and CNN, Bruce. Maybe you should listen to him.

  7. hehe wait till kush sees this

    1. INDEED. Am I the only one that gets tired of dumb people referring to the art of war trying to sound all smart and tactical?

      Hivemind/Spankit? just cut it out dude. Virus? Infect? Unless you plan on winning wars by making people laugh its time for a new gimmick. Numberz? sir are an IDIOT of the highest order.

      reading through this fail thread just makes me smile. baiting me? you lack the IQ necessary. calling us out? SURE. hypocrites? WHATEVER HELPS YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT.

      I find it hilarious you two jokers spend every waking moment thinking about ROFL when we gave you all of 5 minutes like 6 months ago. PITIFUL is the only word I can think of. Now the whole world gets to see your lil napoleonistic fantasies in black and white? please just go and find a hole in the sand somewhere and stick your heads it in, STAT.

      here's a news flash, TTT wasnt some higher order strategy that rivaled the likes of Patton, Hannibal or Sun Tzu. you lost because you're DUMB and thats the beginning, middle and end of it. God help the people more dumb than you who follow your wacky plans.

      coordinated attack? WE CAN'T WAIT. what I find funniest? you're open to being allies with anyone but ROFL? did we really hurt your lil feelings that bad, Numberz? WOW. I profiled you early on as someone who quits if he doesn't achieve the success he craves. AND BOY DO I LOVE QUITTERS. you quit PHI and the ZSA and one thing I know for sure is leopards don't change their spots. ONCE A QUITTER ALWAYS A QUITTER. Just so we're clear? "this game sucks" IS QUITTING. "the fps mechanics are bad yo" yup, thats quitting too. when u get your butt handed to you, u can try to rationalize it any way you like...but in the end its gonna be a damn RAGE QUIT.

      almost forgot...get a life.

    2. pretty obv ur being pitted vs each other

  8. fail cascade incoming!

  9. hivemind and numbz both idiots. both just waiting to betray each other. messages between TEST and spankit show he was planning the same thing.

  10. my favorite part is where this Hivemind talks about doing something never before done in EVE. noob talk if i've ever heard it. EVE has been here longer than you, idiot.

  11. nummmies has a serious hard on for ROFL.

  12. "I am going against the grain, and prevailing logic, and playing my own game." is this guy bonkers?

  13. hah thx for the laugh

  14. still loling at the part where spankit says he's up to the task 2 take down the goons.

  15. I heard virgindestroyer7 is leaving ROFL and going to EV.

    1. it doesnt matter where she goes im still gonna wanna hear her

    2. Non-Anonymous virgin stalkerSeptember 29, 2012 at 9:27 AM

      i heard that EV members have small p-nus, virgin likes them big O.O

    3. If you're a "Non-Anonymous virgin stalker" then why didn't you post your name you insignificant prick??? Our VD shouldn't be talked about like that. Grow some hair on your balls. All of you Anonymous jerkoffs need to man up.

    4. yeah virgindestroyer7! she sounds so hot

    5. When we hear from her for real, it will be a force to be reckoned with.

  16. Check the dates on this. A LOT has changed in 4 months. As usual, dustmercs, reporting yesterdays headlines, but making you think it happened today!
    I'm sure your mom, rofl, and both your fans think your doing a great job here with your imaginary journalism.

    1. Nah man this is legit. Shit doesn't change over 4 months... LOL

  17. nothing's changed, Hivemind. ur just mad everyone gets to see how much of a loon you really are!!

    1. Sarah is a dude who lets his blow up doll do the talking

  18. Had a laugh on the "Veldspar planet".
    Anyway....the headline says, this messages are from 30/05/2012.
    Why do you post such old information?

    1. couldn't be helped. we post the information as it comes to us. this piece was sent by a source from inside EON last night. OAN, is three months old?

    2. Ok, didn't know....was just something I noticed while reading.
      Anyway, I really love the politics that are already going on at this early point.
      I've already choosen a corporation I will support and luckily it was neither EON, EV or ROFL....

      At this point as an EVE player you are better of with Dust Corporations, which can keep their heads cool and focused.
      Starting with world domination right away didn't work ever.

    3. all of this is bullshit, tbh. no one is talking about 'dominating' the universe from the get-go. the only statement(s) that CAN b questioned are the ones saying theyre gonna take on the goons, and those things are said in passing.

      from my exp, everyone in EV, 'EON', and ROFL keep cool heads. except for STB.

  19. When a ship has leaks, is it sinking?

    1. couldnt have said it better myself.

    2. Who says the ship existed in the first place?

    3. Sometimes I like to stand in the shower with the drain plugged and pretend I am in a sub thats going down

  20. WHY!?!?!

    why do e-peen strokers from mag thing they are good at every game.

    stats in mag dont mean shit in dust and wont make you the greatest player.

  21. These posts are unbelievable. The amount of paranoia is beyond comprehension. It is absolutely hilarious to any ROFL reader how much of a hardon they have for us. The entire conversation was just a circle jerk until they actually believed each others crazy theories...

    Oh my... And then the specific calling out of KEQ. That was the icing on the cake. Its just hilarious. I guess KEQ sends its love back... <3 <3 <3

    Yeah... Wheew-eee. I LOL'd pretty hard there... And then the continued calling of our corps trash in the beta? Right after they said there was no way to judge that in MAG? So what do they do... Base it off forums... -_-

    While I definetly respect EV's and EON's potential, it honestly does make me a little less likely to take their words seriously...
    So many accusations flying around of this and that and noobishness and hypocrisy... I just shake my head. XD

  22. numbz=Numberz=Mavado

    He was on cast 514 #5 on iTunes

  23. 23:50 : I just love how the only people talking about ROFL is ROFL

    How ironic LOL

    1. Could have confused me. EV can't shut up about us. It makes it hard to ignore them. Even in their private conversations apparently.

  24. Dr_Spankit: I just love how the only people talking about ROFL is ROFL

    How ironic LOL

    1. lolspankithivemindfail

    2. lol. proceeds to talk about rofl for two hours.

  25. its funny how rofl is always the highlight in any of the posts.

  26. Only people talking about rofl is everyone but rofl

    1. But we are the hypocrites lol

    2. right.. all we can do is wait for the game and their is going to be so much space in game so we might all be seperated and everyone thinks that they can attack at will.. no i am sorry my friend but wars cost money the one with the most money lasts the longest...

  27. so u u use annoymous tags to post about these articles an expect no one to see that you are all fakes an scarred to own up to your own faliures. i pitty mitucahi, he is AWSOME an has a good idea but he choose the wrong guys to bring with him.

    1. JJordawg, is confused by commentSeptember 29, 2012 at 1:55 PM


    2. Really? You are going to put all the anonymous posters in one group? lol

    3. Tbh, you're non accounts can be faked by anyone with the knowledge of your name.

      For anyones comment to be taken seriously by me, it has to be a blogger account so you have the B like Sam above me or you have a custom image.

      :) just word of advice for everyone.

    4. well, im in luck then, because no one will pretend to b me. even to fuck with me. u cant stoop any lower :D

  28. silent come on we both know the truth look at the annouymous respones over 2/3 claim o ROFL so awsome... an guess wat why not rep ur crew then? other third rip EV sam i think u me anroyal an many other ROFL could be the BFF's of BFF's but game dont allow it. dont get mad get glad i said this .. people reading will agree or disagree picking a side with out voluntarliy trying to .. ps dusters your boy nameless pm me im on skype now waiting for your responses

    1. Dont think so bra. When rofl members post they put their name (most the time) there are maybe 5 comments from rofl members. The rest of New eden really thinks your crew is that big of a joke. You and spanky have zero fucking clues when it comes to how these games operate. Your flood of blood is going to hit a downey paper towel and get thrown away like the trash you are. lmao@bff's.....

    2. bullshit

      u clowns post as much as anyone else, and leave your name 'anonymous' as much as anyone else.

      as for throwing paper towels away.....u have fun with that

  29. lol thats why STB makes top 10 in power rankings but im sure ur ind death dealers or another scrub crew lik eKEQ but ffel obligated to psot casue u think ur good.. bro u got raped in MAG an i have only perfected my technique wat i sahll do to you is beyond comparsion . the world knows nothing of ROLF besides you are trying to get some shine.. as i said b4 i like mitchai hes epicly awsome but he choose to take the short bus squads ferom MAg... if EON an EV work out where will u hide KEQ or DD.. or DBD or PHI who STB beat or myb u think tdf will save u... heres a piece of advice if TDF sees u all fail they will bail ship not because there scarrred but there smart enough to save face. they should leave now b4 your all embarced .. have fun in EVE war decking our shadopw crops my frineds in a known swarm crew got somthong special waiting for you an i know i personally have a loaded clip waiting for you scrubs get at me any day u sdont compare. i pity the good folks you have wqith you all 25 of them casue they are truly awsome like royal an sam an mit an afew others darkjusdge bbut the rest act like somtihn goyur not an thats acting lik eyour good .. i said god luck but im too busy face raping you !

    1. What the hell is this wall of spelling mistakes trying to say?

    2. I seem to remember V-C vs STB in a clan battle not so long ago. How'd that turn out anyway? oh thats right...quickest clan battle EVER. my advice? SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Yes this ''scrubby crew'' KEQ are so bad yet we beat ''uber elite'' STB

      So what does that make STB if you lost to us LOL

  30. kushmir really thats ur voice u refernce one CB where V-Cwrecked us.. i have countlesss messages from me to my firnds in V-C stating hey guys V-C will roll us were here for fun hence the rocket an knives only battle we had .. ps u arent even in V-C an Znig is V-C .. n he isnt rofl ur aids induced refernce = fail kush get your welfare check buy some aur an let me kill u some more are we clear .. you clal me daddy no excuses since u failed to make officer in STB an decided to try an work against us.. o r u sad now that i called you out on not bieng good enough to make officer in STB.. wow u must suck... well for mits sake i hope you swallow casue in dust thats all youll b good for ..

    ps want me to post the match vs v-c or Keq or DBD or DD or GUN or 3C or RND or TDF or <3 or MIB or PHI or any of the actuial matches 32 v 32 STB played in .. kush ur a scrub riding a real man glad u found ur place... to bad its the recieinv gend.. so sorry for you



  31. hahah quickgloves i didnt even know you could think deep like that kudos man

  32. u know kush is so mad right now!! LOL im gonna go to temaspeak an hear him rage .. hwy quick not all rofl are bad my man some of us still wish we were with you....

  33. letas see if kush can prove a point about this site or not .. heed my warning.. this is a chess match amongst god an a pawn.. baby jesus refernce there

  34. I remember guys like you who talked shit when we were shutting them out in football. their "game" was quiet as they had to run their lil' mouths. we just pointed at the scoreboard.

    here you go. for posterity

    whats this nonsense about wanting to be an STB officer? errr...are you high? God i hate idiots.

  35. LOL really bro quick just as he said face fucked u... n im EXE for refernce.... lol u got owned

    1. Ummm...whatever makes you feel better "Quick." BTW, *whispers* we kinda still know its still you commenting when we see all the misspelled words. STUPID is STUPID any way you slice it.

      welfare check? *chuckle* stop telling on yourself. you're a punchline.

      this make believe you guys do with message boards alts is sad, really. FACT: its pitiful when you try to "big up" yourself, DUMMY. Hivemind wearing off on you I suppose...poor thing. Well I've got important things to do...but I bet its probably time for you to go play with your imaginary friends anyway. Have fun ok?

    2. tbh, i see u compensating for something with YOUR big words, 'kush'.

      just an observation

      and quick....please learn how to fuckin spell. u drive me nuts with that shit.

  36. sorry super iapologize for upsedtting you oi love you my lad lol

    kush is the hellen keller fo rofl lol

  37. Why was i left out of this circle jerk?

  38. It gets better and better!
    Why so many KEQ references by the way? We aren't even participating in these comments, I am the only one commenting here essentially.

    When people say "We beat KEQ so hard" I just laugh. Oh my! Once upon a time, we lost to someone! That is indicative of our total lack of l33tness! QQ! QQ!

    Yeah... We lost to nearly everyone... But we also WON against nearly everyone at some point. Trying to use a clan match or a series of clan matches in a game like lolMAG is fail. Everyone wins and loses.

    So when you rage on about KEQ, I think its because you recognize how effective we are for amclan with no KDR standards or any standards besides medkit/mic. It shatters dreams of l33tness when "scrubs" kill you, doesn't it?

    So, ask yourself, why is KEQ never seen cheat thumping? Even now, responding to your claims, there is no where a claim of us being better. Is it because we know what we are and don't need to toot our own horn? I would say so. For all the ranting about how crap KEQ is, you never see us inciting argument.

    Remember this. Everytime you try to state how garbage KEQ is, all you are giving us is free advertising. Maybe you should get over your hate and admit we are just as good as you. We know our enemies are good and admit that. Can you so the same? Will you face reality and own up to the facts?


    From now on; every time I see "KEQ is trash", I will Just laugh. My reply will simply be "lol".

    /end rant, you won't see me bringing up KEQ again. I don't want to fan the flames even more.

  39. JJordawg dropped an ether

  40. I commented to say that I have nothing to add to this nonsense. And I'm not referring to the article.

  41. you never see " " chest thumping prolly casue they can never beat anyone an are too stupid to know exactly how it works.. just sayin if there was a bad clan in mag it was them...

    1. Then why does anyone who claims to be good compare themselves to KEQ? I hav to wonder why people do not consider themselves the best unless they can say they have beat KEQ...

  42. Numbz,

    PHI was mad at you not for leaving, and taking your friends. The reason members held ill-will was that you kept recruiting (using dirty recruiting) the majority of good players from the clan to come join you behind the scenes, while maintaining publicly that you were doing nothing of the sort. And everywhere you went, PHI was on the tip of your tongue, every time you spoke.. You couldn't stop bashing us. It did hurt a lot of feelings, especially those that cared for you and those that left.

    It won't set well with you, but we've been over that (and you) for a long time. You obviously are not.

    The only thing that has been said within the ROFL ranks about you, is how devious and good a gamer you and your members are. You are a Propaganda king and live for this type of game. That you are not to be taken likely, especially considering the ill-will you obviously still hold.

    Good Luck to you, and hopefully we can have some fun on the battlefield together.

  43. "dont let your left hand know what your right hand is doing"
    If you think ROFL speaks no ill of him, then you are only hearing what your leadership wants to hear. :D

  44. Information is old as shit by the read of it. However comments are better then the article. I am just ready to actually play for real and see where all of this organizing and planning will actually pay off. Good Luck to EVERYONE AND WHEN THE DUST SETTLES WE WILL SEE....

  45. virgindestroyer7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Please interview this Chick so that these lame ass dude can shut the fuck up and go jack off some where else

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.