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A Game of Thrones (Part 1)

Game of Thrones

When DUST 514 releases in the fall the player count will out number EVE online active subscriptions of 400k by at the lest 3/1 (if not more). Now how many of those players stick around after week one is yet to be seen. One thing that is for sure is that some where in the millions of those players there will be Mercs waking in to a gameverse that has politics of which are years in the making and they will have no idea what the hell is going on. Well, anything outside of what’s in front of their cross hairs that is.

EVE has become a Game of Thrones in its many years of running. It's home of a huge power struggle involving around 130 Alliance, of which have constructed coalitions and cartels within Null Sec (or 0.0 Space). If you take a look at a EVE SOV map, [LINK] it will look like a round rainbow with a huge hole in the middle. That void is known as High Sec (NPC Space) and when DUST launches that is where we will land first and like an erupting bomb we will travel outwards. Will be hitting Lo sec and getting in to Between now and when this bomb sets off, there is a good chance these thrones may change. And the cause of that maybe a current war going on that some will say is the North vs. the South (also known as the Delve War). It involves tens of thousands of players and it is over what most wars are, pride and land (or space). The main players in this War right now are the TEST Alliance [LINK] and Nulli Secunda [LINK] and just as the civil war was in American history, it would seem the south (Nulli) is losing this one as well (it’s a shame, I love under dog’s).

The latest episode of PODSIDE (which 80% of the people of this Blogger round table is CFC) talks a lot about the war in their 13 episode and to them they believe it to be almost over.

SOV is a huge part of the "Thrones" in EVE due to the resources involved. Unfortunately the Delve war would seem to be more manufactured and over pride then over anything of worth. Will Nulli be fully gone from Delve? Will someone else be taking Delve as home? As we move in to part 2 of "Game of Thrones" I will be talking about the "Game of Shadows" that is played and how you as a DUST Merc will be affected in the future.
Related info and Notes:

CFC (The Clusterfuck Coalition) lead by Flag Alliance Goonswarm:

  • Goonswarm Federation (CONDI)
  • Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST)
  • RAZOR Alliance (-RZR-)
  • Fatal Ascension (-FA-)
  • Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT)
  • Fidelas Constans (FCON)
  • SpaceMonkey’s Alliance (SMA)
  • Executive Outcomes (.EXE)
  • Gentlemen's Agreement (GENTS)
  • Get Off My Lawn (LAWN)
  • Mordus Angels (MOA)
  • Test Friends Please Ignore (DAWWW)
  • Burning Ambition (SIZZL)

  • Dreddit (the corp that runs the DUST part of TEST Alliance) is actively recruiting. It is said that as of this point they have around 300 members. Now it will be seen if their Mercs will ever be able to launch any kind of planetary takeover's outside of their own SOV or if they will forever be pinned into defending it from the rest of DUST.
    I found this interesting when posted by ZionShad of ZionTCD on the Closed Beta forums and believe it to be a good tie-in for Part 2 of the article
    "In a pretty recent Q&A (6/25) found at David Reid had this to say about DUST Interactions with EVE

    GB: As the Fanfest video shows, calling down orbital bombardments represents one type of cross-platform interaction between Eve and Dust players. What other kinds of interaction can we expect?

    Reid: We’ll have cross-platform chat between PS3 and PC players, and we can’t wait to see how those two groups behave while communicating with each other. [Laughs] Dust soldiers can also take control of surface “orbital artillery” emplacements to strike back at ships dropping payloads on the battlefield. Also, there’s almost an infinite number of smaller ways for interactivity within the shared, persistent economy. Objects in Dust can be sold in Eve markets, and vice versa.

    The same kind of resource funneling and financial shrewdness some players exhibit in Eve is totally possible in Dust through controlling planetary districts and conducting trade embargoes on certain resources. You can just imagine the scenarios where certain Dust clans emerge as the best team for fighting on terrestrial planets, for example, or securing gas giants. As Eve players seek more and more control for their corporations, they’ll look to Dust mercenaries to hit dirt and do the grunt work of securing planets via user-crafted contracts.

    It’s more than an amalgamation of single transactions and encounters between these groups. The focus is on the metagaming side of things, and the story and the drama surrounding the bonds between Eve and Dust players.

    More Interactions can be found on the DEV Blogs here on (Now this info may change see Link)

    In EVE, the cornerstone of all serious space operations is the corporation. It allows players to manage funds, organize long-term activities and have a persistent venue to communicate with your fellow members. We are working hard on making EVE corporations completely seamless between EVE and DUST 514. This means that from the point of view of all corporation functionality, it shouldn’t matter whether a corporation member is a DUST player or an EVE player. There are of course certain functions that only make sense for EVE players and others that only make sense for DUST players, but for everything else there should be no difference. The idea is that a corporation staffed with members from both EVE and DUST 514 should be able to access all available functions. Common functionality includes creating corporations, managing membership, managing finances, and joining alliances. For some of these functionalities, we will be providing a native UI on the console client, while others that are deemed to be less immediately critical will be available on EVE Gate to start with. Currently, the biggest limitation will be inventories, as EVE items don’t really have any functions on the DUST client and reciprocally, but this is something that might change in the future when we will observe even more convergence between EVE and DUST.
    CCP LeKjart, Principal Game Designer
    CCP Remnant, Game Designer "


    ***Part 2 soon to come
    2 things every DUST Corp CEO should have bookmarked
    ***Full list of Alliances updated daily at
    For info on TCD goto


    1. those are some interesting numbers.

    2. outnumber us they may. overthrow us they will not.

    3. Always wanted to know what CFC stood for

    4. TIL , 1.2million = millions's

    5. i wonder what the steady numbers will be in Dust as far as population.

    6. That depends on both us and CCP. We can't rely on just CCP to keep players around, It will be the way we interact with them. Making sure there is both enough friendship and drama to keep them hooked.

    7. Forget about cannons that fire into orbit - just give me a jet pack and I'll fly up there myself and shoot them in their pod!

      It really irks me when I hear EVE players go on about how DUST wont make a difference and they couldn't care less about it. We're really going to have to go out of our way to make their lives miserable, I don't think we'll have time to sit around on thrones. Let's hope we get crowns instead.

    8. Though this was a good qoute

      "SOV will be affected in a since that we as DUST Mercs can have Capsuleers join our corps and that means we to can set up POS and stations to own System SOV and we will also be the only ones to own and conquer Planet SOV. So even if the mechanic is not there, it won't matter. Already have a plan."

      More on this in my blog and this Blog SoonTM

    9. oh wow something on zion didnt see that coming.