Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CCP Reveals Dust 514 Prelaunch Bundle

Yesterday David Reid revealed the Prelaunch Bundle that was recently made available for Dust 514. It creates a value based option to get more from the game at launch despite the fact that the game is a F2P title. As it stands, the bundle allows for a more enhanced starter arsenal in addition to access to all private and public beta events.

So what's your opinion of the Pre-Launch Bundle? Is it an asset worth investing in or something you will pass on?



  1. how many of those fits do we get? need moar info!

  2. so when does the open beta start?

  3. Probably not worth getting,considering that when the official release comes out,everything get's reset back to zero.Good thing is that if you purchased AUR,it will get totally refunded to the full purchase value of that account.

    Supposedly the open beta hits in a couple of days,on the 29th.

  4. dont you keep the dropsuits and all the other perks through the wipes tho?

  5. Apparently not.

    From what I've been hearing so far,it's a fresh wipe.Don't know if you are on Dust514.com,the new site,but no one can log on anymore because all of the profiles have been deleted.It won't let you log onto the forums unless it has a valid account on the actual game.

    Looks like they are gearing up for the 29th.

  6. Ok,so here are the details in what they are calling the Mercenary Pack,


    Looks like there are some goodies that might be worth getting.

    I couldn't care less about a shotgun,and honestly don't understand why in every single shooter,if they want to give you a free weapon,it's always a shotgun.

    The 30 day skill booster seem pretty good as well as the 4k AUR.I also like the hacked drop uplink as well,but the other stuff,they can keep.

    I really don't know if all of this is worth 20 bucks though.