Monday, May 7, 2012

Glimpse: Operation 22.1

 “The thing about a gun, is that it doesn't care who owns it, who it's pointed at or who presses its trigger. It exists for only one purpose: To do the job it was created for. The similarities a gun shares with Cometus sometimes frighten me,” --Brius Revalik

My name is Brius Revalik and I am in the employ of a Drug Addict and Murderer. That's right, I work for him. Outside of the death and destruction its really a job like any other, and one that pays embarassingly well. For more than seven years I have provided the logistics, planning and preparation for the contract killings that he performs. We Are Assassins.

Actually he is an assassin. I am what is commonly referred to as a Thinker. I plan the arranged deaths of others as easily and efficiently as the physician treats his patient or the barrister argues the merits of his case.

He employs me because he has need of the gifts I was given by my creator. Give me a problem, situation or otherwise difficult circumstance that needs planning and I can develop a plan of action that gives you an extremely high success rate. His gifts are different. His gifts are in the realm of the physical where he can walk into a room of men skilled at hurting people and emerge as the only one alive. His natural ability to hurt others was cultivated early by the right forces and training. His natural aptitude was refined and cultured, and now he is one of the most dangerous men in the galaxy. Men will pay enormous amounts of money for people who can solve problems as quickly, efficiently and absolutely as the man known simply as Cometus.

This is our twenty-second operation together and we are exceedingly efficient at what we do. (To Be continued)