Friday, April 13, 2012


After some consideration, it has become more apparent that the divide between the "casual" game and the "hardcore" game seems to fall in the area of logistics in a way that overshadows gameplay.

The casual game tends to have a streamlined series of choices that usually don't add up to more then 10 at any given point in time in terms of weapon, side arm, add-ons and perks. The depth of these assets usually goes no further then very basic stats that in general are designed to coincide closely to assets in the same category. That's why most SMGs/BRs/LMGs tend to be very similar with only slight differences in fire rate, damage, distance.

The hardcore game tends to have many more in depth choices that include an even deeper level of stats to go with them. If there is some incredible combination of gear, usually it can be countered with an even more exotic combination. Advantage goes to the innovator, not the brute. This is more of a "thinking mans" game. The stat counters love this type of game because balance is derived not only from in game ability but also from offline logistics and the creativity in managing them. With a little effort and some note taking, you can create a long term game plan that helps you define something as simple as your ultimate kill-stick or as grand as a successful corp.

How this relates to 514: For all the clan leaders out there who haven't considered it yet, you should probably look into recruiting a Logistics Officer to go along with the rest of the players you are looking for. In fact, the more successful your corp gets, the more likely you will need different L.O.s to help manage players, planets, new recruits, economy, tactical research, etc. The numbers may get a little overwhelming when dealing with a 100+ friendslist while adding alliances as well.
More likely that the smart delegation of these things ahead of time might help clan leaders keep organized so that they don't spend all their time trying put out fires with little or no time left to play because that kind of frustration leads to a breakdown in morale from the top down.

Some roles to consider:
1. Weapons L.O. : Should have knowledge of all handheld and in-game weapons. Studies stats to know what counters what.
2. Vehicles L.O.: Should have knowledge of all vehicles. Could be broken down further to Air L.O. and Ground L.O.
3. Economy L.O.: Should have knowledge of current market values. Tries to get best price for all clan purchases. Should work to protect and increase the value of the clan bank over long term.
4. Armor L.O.: Should have knowledge of all in-game armors for both clones and vehicles.
5. Maps L.O.: Should have better then average knowledge for all in-game maps and the nature and hazards for each.

Just something to think about for those who haven't done so yet...


  1. this game's depth will be amazing.

  2. A "Maps L.O." would be near impossible with the ever expanding number of maps and the variation each one entails. Maybe for defending your own planets, sure but otherwise it's impractical. People should learn quickly about hazards on their own.

  3. actually word work if we could buy blueprints of planets. i'd gladly pay ISK for something like that.

  4. Works very similar as EVE logistics. Topic closed.