Wednesday, April 25, 2012

IRC Chat Transcript

While many (including ourselves) weren't lucky enough to actually attend, recently CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar P├ętursson and Dust 514 Creative Director Atli Mar were kind enough to take some time away from continuing to refine Dust 514 and do a fan Q&A. Lots of new info was given out and although some answers were a bit vague (we still don't know if we'll have in-depth VR training areas) we now have better clarification on things like various types of orbital bombardments, more details on the capturing/defense mechanics of planets and the initial limitations on crafting.

We were ecstatic to find out they're still focusing on hardening the shooter experience. While the game's depth is its selling point, the shooter experience must at least be average and our impressions from early vids tell us that right now its still obviously a game in beta.

Below is the link to the chat transcript. Enjoy.

IRC Chat


  1. here! here! i'm pretty concerned about the shooting mechanics so far well. it know its early but the constant jumping reminds me too much of halo.

  2. +1 please refine the combat. its not looking the best right now.

    1. are you actually criticizing a game that's in current build from december and that's under NDA? good job man! xD

    2. Well in his defense its good to criticize the game now, better now or never especially if its in beta......... people don't be afraid to criticize the game now. If ccp is as cool as they seam then they embrace the criticizing and hopefully take with the up-most respect!

  3. good read. solid info.

  4. anyone know when the beta goes fully public?