Thursday, April 19, 2012

5000 Closed beta keys sent received word from CmdrWang reguarding the closed beta, and the keys. This was posted:

"Update 1: CCP CmdrWang Just confirmed that Sony is sending out 5000 closed beta keys to their testers which have access to the current beta build.

Update 2: Current state of the beta is pre-fanfest build which is rather old and is used for stress-testing mostly. Sony needs to approve another big patch for DUST 514 and once they do Fanfest attendees and others will be able to get into the beta and start playing newest build of the game. This will happen during the next week or so.

Update 3: Currently the server is only available between 11:30 UTC Fridays and 11:00 UTC Mondays, with daily downtime betweeen 11 and 11:30."

If you received a beta for Dust 514, remember to give feedback to the devs on the official forums: