Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why you should LOVE a Companion App

The recent news of the PS Vita providing a Companion App for Dust 514 is simply music to our ears, and it should excite you as well, why? Because it hints at the depth that Dust will offer. As it stands now, the Vita version of the game will start out allowing players access to their loadouts, customization, progress and most importantly: complete transactions and strategize with teammates. This implies a deeper, more intricate preparation-and-planning-is-necessary experience for those who would seek to be successful in New Eden.

In an age where strategy comes in a very distant second to "go out and shoot something" a developer acknowledging that tactics being a necessary part of the game is good news to us. Secondly, the fact that the application allows players access to soldier and vehicle loadouts points to a content-heavy tool that will far exceed web applications like Battlelog, that while somewhat useful, is almost totally lacking in the feature department and is essentially a advertisement/leaderboard where you can interact with other BF3 players.

It seems obvious that the CCP team's intention was to provide players with the ability to interact with the game even during their downtime and this is valuable, we mentioned as much here Web App Article. At this point we hope Vita Users aren't the only ones that get in on all the fun and that a functional web application is also in the works. Hopefully we'll also see a great search tool, the ability to train skills, manage/join corporations, forum access and a number of other user-friendly tools that make the application virtually a necessity.

Companion App Info


  1. until recently i didn't know there was going to be a Vita version of dust or "companion app" cool
    :) know i am even more exited
    tho i don't know if i will get a vita just yet... to expensive!!!

  2. agree that app = depth. i still cant believe this game is free to download and play. hope quality is still high.

  3. We don't think quality will be an issue, remember that the game was initially a cover charge model. Now that F2P is confirmed, our only concerns are a tutorial to give direction to the players who are open to it and dealing with alt accounts.

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