Friday, March 23, 2012

New Info, and New Screenshots Released

On CCP released new information regarding the game; this includes character role information, a suggestion of raising the player cap, and new information about the PVE (player vs enemy AI) mode.

This is copied and pasted straight from the source:

Eino and Atli joined us for "DUST Role on the Battlefield" panel which was extremely interesting with a lot of information on roles and vehicles and more! Let's just start, there is a lot of things to talk about!
  • For a typical FPS gamer DUST roles are very different than traditional FPS game where you have pre-defined classes
  • DUST 514 players can decide what they want to do in the game
  • Skills will be expanding as game moves forward
  • You are given some initial skills to train and basic "Militia" fit (gear), and you pretty much work from that
  • Once you start playing the game you can discover how you can go forward - deciding if you want to be in MCC, Squad Leader, Sniper, Vehicle Operations etc...
  • Once you train more skills you will be able to react to different situations faster during the battle
  • Initial dropsuit consists of Assault Dropsuit, Assault Rifle and Locus Grenade. Afterwards he can add Scrambler Pistol, Nanohive and Shield Recharger should he choose. Then again you add different things and choose different dropsuit like Scout - with Shotgun, Kinetic Catalyzer (speed enhancer), Drop Uplink (mobile spawn point) etc.
  • There is fog of war which is being revealed by Active Scanners and MCC can drop various things on the battlefield as it is revealed
  • There are various skills for vehicles and those vehicles have many other roles you can specialize in so for example you can pick first initial type of dropship but afterwards you can go for Prototype type of dropship and be a lot more effective and also with guns
  • Matches are not all about you - your role is significant but you have to focus on your team win and therefore get rewarded if you want to progress in active skilling
  • Combined roles are essential so you should decide to specialize deeply into one role since your corporation will have various specialized people all around
  • Players can have Web Generators that slow down flyers and Forge Guns can bring down ships a lot easier then - also for HAV's (Heavy Assault Vehicles) they can be repaired by Dropships and also Dropships can repair themselves as well
  • There is loot! It comes in two different types but that's about as far as CCP went mentioning also special materials for crafting special things
  • In the beginning equipment will be given by NPC's but afterwards players will progress by themselves and upgrading from basic gear
  • There is way for informatuon to be broadcasted by scouts and snipers that can see more of a battlefield so your team ans a lot more insight on all the things happening
  • You can restock your fittings during the battlefield and spend ISK so you can't be completely broke through the entire match
  • Same Voice Chat as EVE and also Chat System
  • MCC will be fittable and perhaps even Warbarge from the very beginning. More about that later!
  • Cloaking modules are in the game as we already know - covert ops gameplay
  • There are 3 main classes of vehicles and then for example 6 more roles for LAV's (Light Assault Vehicles) so you get the idea how huge variation of roles are for vehicles as well
  • There are "Ancient Missions" that are PvE missions against drones etc that can be later on salvaged for extra loot
  • Game is tested for more than 24v24 and it works well - so expect even more
  • Players in beta may keep their skill points after game launches and their names but details on that are still being discussed by CCP
  • Warbarges will be at first limited at first but then expanded as actual spaceships in EVE space probably!

From the same site, a batch of 10 new screenshots have been released. These images are now in our site's images archive.